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The man with the world’s longest penis has rejected the possibility of having a reduction - even if it means abandoning any hope of a normal sex life or having children. Doctors have also been able to offer some insight into just how Roberto’s penis became quite so large - they say he has been stretching his penis with weights since his teens.
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ONCE the largest saltwater lake in the Middle East, and sixth largest in the world, Lake Urmia in Iran has now shrunk to less than ten percent of its former size 20 years ago

The Lake Vanishing From Climate Change
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3-year-old Harmonie WILL make your day! Watch how the happy and bubbly toddler does everything a normal child does - only without limbs.
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FOR hundreds of years these farmers have competed in one of the world’s most oddest races in the hopes of showing off their cattle

Cash cow: Farmers compete in traditional plough race
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A father of five suffered from OCD so extreme he convinced himself he was going to murder people. Owner of a multi-million pound company, father to five children and husband to a loving wife, Adam Shaw looked like he had it all. And yet standing on a Sheffield bridge, tears streaming down his face, he was ready to jump and end his life. The Shaw Mind Foundation
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David Parker Ray was a textbook psychopathic sexual sadist

The Sex Chamber
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A PHOTOGRAPHER captured one of the oldest rivalries in the animal kingdom as a pair of lions went head to head with a pack of hungry hyenas

Lions face off with pack of hungry hyenas
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A secret community of real-life mermaids are donning silicone tails and taking to the waters of Seattle. With their own MerNetwork - a forum where merfolk can connect and organise conventions - and social media profiles of ‘professional’ mermaids generating hundreds of thousands of followers, the mer-community seems to be a a growing one!
SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘living Ken doll’ Jonny Dylan says nothing will stand in the way of him achieving his dream of looking completely fake - even health warnings from doctors. "Nothing will stop me from getting to my goal of looking like a Ken doll - I will do anything to get there."
TOURISTS in Iran flock to the country’s historic cities, filled with intricate monuments, mosques and beautiful gardens but one photographer has explored the unknown villages

Off The Beaten Track: The Hidden Villages of Iran