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Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd dined with us last week and committed to become a patron of our college. Thank you for believing in our team, our method, and our cause.
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Jagriti Yatra is a unique train journey across the length and breath of India making stops in the most productive social projects building India today. This year was no different, we welcomed the group with open arms and they left us enabled and thrilled to be participating in the sustainable future we all know is possible for our planet.
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As co-curriculum to the Solar Program, we also conduct a series of #BarefootEnriche sessions, where aspects of Micro-Enterprise are discussed in ways that identify what skills and interests Solar Mamas may have.

Solar Mamas Host Bazaar In Solar Section!
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Last week, 4 students of Barefoot's pilot Residential Vocational Training Program visited the heads of Bosch India. The purpose of the visit was to expose industry standard concepts of management and company safety practices.

In turn, we extended an invitation to the Bosch management to visit Barefoot College, so they may see how we do work in a village campus.
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Breaking down stereotypes through public displays of knitting.
Solar staff and Enriche Coordinators sit together during a meeting to discuss how the Enriche co-curriculum will be co-scheduled into their day-to-day programming.
Rameshwar, Rural Youth Education Coordinator, visits a remote hamlet in Ajmer to head hunt a potential student who may want to join a 10 month, residential vocational training at Barefoot College.
Find out how our Health Team Employed a Traditional Recipe To Treat Anemia in rural villages: [ Link ]
Respect the old when you are young, help the weak when you are strong, confess the fault when you are wrong...because one day you may be old, weak or wrong.
From its humble beginnings in Tilonia to today, the College calls on a network of supporters near and far to help carry our work forward. There are many ways to go Barefoot. Whether you work with us shoulder-to-shoulder on campus or you spread awareness from wherever you are in the world—you’re with us.
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Are you ready for the next big chapter in your life? Head down to Costa Rica for a 5-day immersive leadership retreat and celebration on a permaculture farm. Limited tickets available: [ Link ]
A Solar Power Station so big it can be seen from space, what do you think?
Recently, solar mamas hosted an Enriche Bazaar; a practical session of the 'Micro-Enterprise Skills' module under the Enriche program. They used their skills such as crochets, making earrings, popcorn, and momos to learn how to engage with customers, determine their pricing strategies, sell their products, calculate and tabulate items sold. #BarefootEnriche
“We have created a toll-free number on which the villagers can call to hear stories ...We have designed the platform in such a way that after the stories are told, listeners are also asked questions, which increases their awareness about the social issues,”

Toll-free Hotline Number Teaches Thousands About Gender Equality
"Once the team accounted for all this, they found that solar panels made today are responsible, on average, for around 20 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour of energy they produce over their lifetime..."

How clean is solar power?
A new chapter in your life is waiting to be written. Have a blessed 2017.
Love today. Do today. Live today.
From the remote and campus team: we're wishing the entire universe and everyone in it a very fulfilling and peaceful 2017.
While African Development Bank has targeted 75 million decentralized renewable connections in its plan to achieve universal energy access by 2025, India has its sights on 40 GW of rooftop solar and 10,000 mini-grids to achieve “24/7 Power for All” by 2019.

X Learning: A 2017 Game Changer