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This school in Korrapadu village is dedicated to serve children from the most marginalized tribal communities residing in the very interiors of Andhra Pradesh. This has been the first school ever opened here and is now providing education along with digital comprehension to kids. School teachers have been trained to use iPads and our solar projector in order to make learning more interactive...
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7 Reasons to go #Decentralized.
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An activity to demonstrate food contamination and the right way of washing vegetables in running water and utensils.
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Located deep in the forested areas of Andhra Pradesh A Solar Digital Night School was installed in Korrapadu village, Koyyuru Mandalam. Two teachers were chosen to be trained at our sister organization, Mani Amma Chaitanya Shravanthi so they may learn how to provide education and technology where it has never before existed.
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How connected do you feel to our planet?
"Going to school was not meant to be compromised. Despite the conditions we lived in, my father never gave up on our education. We used to eat 1-2 meals a day, but all of us went to school. We were made to realise it very early in life that the only road out of our condition was through education."

How education pulled this son of a farmer out of poverty to work with UN, NASA against Climate Change
Our solar trainees were very keen to check if all the germs are killed after they washed their hands properly for at least 30 secs. #BarefootEnriche
Jump into our world. Read the journal of a Barefoot volunteer who travels into the Belize jungle to monitor and evaluate the community solar electrification installed by Solar Engineer Florentina Choc.

From Tilonia to Santa Teresa: One Woman’s Journey of bringing Solar Energy to her Village
Using iPads we are training our Gujarati Night School Teachers to create new teaching resources. It may take some time to adopt the technology completely, however; seeing some of the immediate results make us very hopeful!

Digitizing Gujarati Night School Teachers
From a dream that began in the middle of the desert, to today, being the 13th best performing NGO out of 500 in the world. Since our inception the local staff of humble villagers, their hard work, their dedication to the job at hand, and their determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand is how we have affected the lives of so many around...
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"When you take a detour of 7470 kilometers for just a journey of 540 kilometers, you're ought to be acquainted with plush experiences. And when you take this detour with 481 yatris from across the globe, you just say Yaaron Chalon!"
Our Barefoot Solar Digital Night School Program has been included in a report released today by Central Square Foundation.

Recently, this model has been developed and implemented largely through our collaboration with SBI-Youth for India Fellowship-Barefoot Chapter who have brought a 35 year old successful model to 21st century impact.

Oral Rehydration solutions are the first line of treatment in diarrheal diseases and can be easily made at home. Here we are training Solar Mamas to make the remedy if ever needed.
From momos to jewellery, the mamas turned the solar section into an amalgamation of cultures and commerce.

Solar Mamas Host Bazaar To Build Enterprise Skills : Barefoot College
Gujarat elementary school attendance for disadvantaged groups is at 50%. This month we are training Night School Teachers to use iPads and Solar Projectors to create new engaging resources for their students.

Digitizing the Night Schools of Gujarat
Volunteers and staff eating thali at Singla Residential School
Night school teachers in Gujarat are being trained to create content and digital books using iPads as a new tool for teaching.
When kids were shown one of the digital books made by the teacher, via our solar projector, the class got excited and students became increasingly engaged with the topics of their first digital book.
Mamas recording our Hygiene Sessions so that they can show these videos in their communities. Digital training put to one of the best possible uses.
Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd dined with us last week and committed to become a patron of our college. Thank you for believing in our team, our method, and our cause.
Jagriti Yatra is a unique train journey across the length and breath of India making stops in the most productive social projects building India today. This year was no different, we welcomed the group with open arms and they left us enabled and thrilled to be participating in the sustainable future we all know is possible for our planet.