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The bow and arrow tribe of Santal is located in the hilly & remote areas of Orissa. They are among the poorest, most unguarded and exploited groups in all of India. This is why we chose to provide their night school teachers with with iPads so they may demystify the application of technology to their community and become, by their own measure, into agents of sustainable change.
Big thank-you...
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Two weeks ago, more than 150 girls from Bumbwini village in Zanzibar learned about what happens to their bodies when they menstruate and received hygienic & eco-friendly B.Pad kits made by Barefoot College Zanzibar tailors!
Their beautiful smiles show how relevant knowledge and practical solutions can create the confidence and freedom every girl and woman deserve.
Big thanks to Flickprojektet...
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Thank you.
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Footage taken from our Graduation Ceremony, followed by words from Barefoot's Visionary Mama, Meagan Fallone, whom in large part was responsible for strategizing the accomplishments made by our college in the last decade.

Social Innovation Partnership for Impact
Flip through this issue of Peppermint Magazine and you will see a full spread feature of our college!
A Graduation Mela for the pilot batch of Vocational Trainers was hosted in our atrium. These students were hand picked among rural communities around Rajasthan whom for one reason or another were unable to complete secondary education.
The mela started at noon, afterwards; all the products, which were built by the students during their training journey, were showcased and sold to guests! The...
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Graduating #SolarMama class of March 2017! Support the next class of Mamas by becoming a community supporter: [ Link ]
Shots from our amazing Morning Holi Celebration on campus.
Happy Holi - From the Solar Mama Engineering Class of March 2017
होली मुबारक
A Farewell & Convocation:-
we need to say good bye to International &National SOLAR MAMAs who spent 6months in the barefoot college and learnt to make solar light for their non electrified villages.
sharing some pictures of celebration of the event.
Tell us what was the most powerful experience you've had today.
In addition to securing charitable status in the UK and U.S., Hogan Lovells successfully advised Barefoot many more projects.
#InternationalWomensDay #HoganLovellsHelps

International Women’s Day Marks Partnership Milestone for Hogan Lovells and Barefoot College
Our staff visited the #Womensday Mela in Harmada Village.
Stalls provided food, clothes, handicrafts, solar products and many discussions were facilitated on the problems faced by women in their villages related to pension, minimum wages, mahatma gandhi national rural employment act and women's health.
There was even a register where they could write their complaints.
Diya Mirza has primarily worked in Bollywood and is known in media for her social work. She's recently visited Barefoot College here are some pictures of her visit :)

"So the times we’re living in are …challenging. They’re risky. They demand daring,
boldness, authenticity, honesty, truth. We can’t hide from our problems any longer.
There’s no safe place any longer from the environmental disasters that are being
heaped upon us. So we’re in an all-in time, and that’s exquisite." - Lynn Twist

Today marks the completion of phase-1 of...
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International Women's Day
Handwashing with soap is among the most effective and inexpensive
ways to prevent diarrheal diseases and pneumonia, one of the major contributor to deaths in children in low and middle income countries. With the interactive Glo germ activity our women from Madagascar, Mexico, Senegal, Cape Verde are taught the presence of invisible germs and effective way of hand- washing. #BarefootEnriche
Because the poor and rural population of India should not be excluded from technology they should be incorporated and given access to the vast knowledge held on the web.

iPad Training in Gujarati Night Schools
Perhaps the biggest sacrifice we need to make is of our lifestyles?