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Barefoot Investor
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Tick. Tick. Tick.

That’s the sound of the inner-city apartment market...
Tick Tick Tick

Thats the sound of the innercity apartment market

If you want to buy a cheap inner city apartment … read this - Barefoot Investor
Kate Sassenach
Juliet Dashwood
Simon Mouatt
Barefoot Investor
Barefoot Investor
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Sound familiar?
"As I pulled my bank card out of my wallet and scanned the PayPass the cashier gave me a knowing smile.
“You’re one of them,” she said. “Barefoot". [ Link ]
Sound familiar As I pulled my bank card out of my wallet

Why thousands of Australians have the same bank card, labelled "Splurge".
Linda Charlton
Sharon Lee
Sez Mack
Barefoot Investor
Barefoot Investor
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We've had a few people ask if we could post Scott's ABC interview from this morning. ICYMI - three tips for parents with teens.
Weve had a few people ask if we could post Scotts ABC

Financial boot camp for parents with teenagers
Trina Klempel
Kelly Davis
Jenny Holak
Barefoot Investor
Barefoot Investor
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For those readers wanting to know what happened to Alberto and Pedro, I can confirm they're very much alive and spitting!
For those readers wanting to know what happened to Alberto and Pedro
Melissa McLeod
Amanda Brookes
Rhonda Ann Howard
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Barefoot Investor
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Amanda Brookes
Doreen Mei Shiang Cristiano
Leanne Klotz
Love it!
Love it
Katrina Birkett
Sally Fennessy
Dan-Kylie Watson
When I was a kid, all I wanted for my birthday was a pair of Air Jordans -- Mum and Dad got my hopes up. Then on the big day, they presented me with …
Barefoot Investor 05/17/2017

How to get into your home 30% quicker - Barefoot Investor
Dave Ziemann
Victoria Marie Hunt
Cassie Parker
I’ve spoken to a lot of amazing people over the 12 years I’ve written this column, but the two hours I spent with legendary ABC broadcaster and garden guru
Barefoot Investor 05/16/2017

What a 90-year-old gardener taught me about real wealth - Barefoot Investor
Steve Herczeg
Louise Clare
Ange WE
“Waaaah!” wailed my son. Tragedy had struck: our golden retriever had used his favourite toy tractor as a makeshift bone. “Dad … can you fix it?”
Barefoot Investor 04/26/2017

The Government’s Plans to Fix Housing Affordability
Sharon Smith
Greg Willmott
Michael Habner
hundreds of emails from people in their 50s and 60s - some admitting they were in tears as they typed - thanking me for taking away their fear of retirement
Barefoot Investor 04/26/2017

The Revenge of the Oldies - Barefoot Investor
Matthew Ross
Liliana Lees
Joanne Hiscock
“I wish I could be like you ... and own my own business”, said a friend to me this week.
Barefoot Investor 04/04/2017

I'm So Worried I Can't Sleep - Barefoot Investor
Linda Falcke
Jessica Joan
Steven Clarke
Let me give you a window into my Wednesdays …. Every Wednesday, I’m just one of the girls. That’s because I do the pick-up for my son at kindy. All the mothers come in wearing Lorna Jane activewear with their hair pulled back in ponytails. “Are you in between jobs?”...
Barefoot Investor 03/14/2017

Schools sell out their kids for cash - Barefoot Investor
Karen Beale Jamieson
Kyle Schuant
Olivia Barber-Hays
I froze. Live on television. The sweat welled up my back, and in my ears, making the voice coming from my plastic earpiece crackle. “Scott … What do you have to say to the caller?” Thankfully this moment happened at the start of my career. And thankfully it happened on...
Barefoot Investor 03/10/2017

Here’s a Shout Out to All the Renters - Barefoot Investor
Rachel Macreadie
Sally Loftus
Ashley Sherry
I’m not proud of what I did this week. I used my position in the media to blackmail a man. (And it worked.) What follows is the true story of how I made a single mother $17,000 in 24 hours. Let’s begin … Pop! That’s the sound my brain made...
Barefoot Investor 02/27/2017

How a Single Mother Made $17,000 in 7 days - Barefoot Investor
Matthew Austin
Millie Jane
Grant Millar
We're Hiring!

We’re looking for an Online Community Manager at the Barefoot Investor.

The position is remote (work from anywhere), and full-time (we’re flexible, most of us have young kids!).

We're looking for someone who has the chops to help us turn our online community into a world class resource for our paying members.

If you'd like to apply, click here:

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Were Hiring Were looking for an Online Community Manager at the Barefoot

Careers - Barefoot Investor
Joanne Blayney
Jackie Draxler
Claire Morgan
Recently, I received the following email: “Hello Scott, We’re a PR firm representing a toothpaste company. We’ve commissioned some research on how much Aussie kids get from the Tooth Fairy. Can we pay you to comment on the research for our press release?” “No” was my firm answer. I mean,...
Barefoot Investor 02/21/2017

How Not to Raise a Spoilt Brat - Barefoot Investor
Carol Morgan
Ian Tweedie
John Kirkland
If you see a Millennial — a person aged between 18 and 34 — go up and give them a great big hug.

They need it.
Barefoot Investor 02/13/2017

Why it sucks to be a young person in Australia - Barefoot Investor
Mandy Lawrence
Susan Mcguire
Adam Freeman
Three years ago today.

While we lost animals in horrific circumstances, and lost personal treasures we'll never be able to replace -- I gained the inspiration to write a book that will keep families financially fireproof. That book is (still) the #1 bestselling book across the country. Thank-you.
Three years ago today While we lost animals in horrific circumstances and
Janet Marshall
Natalie Palm
Robert Crick
Grab some popcorn. Dim the lights. Settle back in your easy chair. Today we’re going to watch one of the world’s top actors, Johnny Depp, in his most challenging role yet. The story starts in 2010 when Depp reportedly walked off the set of the movie Black Mass when the...
Barefoot Investor 02/06/2017

Johnny Depp Did a Bad, Bad Thing - Barefoot Investor
Kate Richards
Lynne McDonald
Chris Howard-Bath
Just got this message from my publisher, the Barefoot Investor is officially the #1 book in the country!
Just got this message from my publisher the Barefoot Investor is officially
Isis Amelia
Wendy Ingram
Simmone Fuller