Just got this message from my publisher, the Barefoot Investor is officially the #1 book in the country!
Fake News. Real Money.
“I understand why everyone hates you.” I was at a booksellers’ conference a few weeks ago, about to give a speech, when a suave, tanned bloke with silver hair walked up to me and delivered that opening line with a smug chuckle. Twelve years ago, when I was a virgin...

Now I know why everyone hates me - Barefoot Investor

Weekend Book Signing!

I’ll be at Dymocks Chadstone Store tomorrow at 11:30am.

If you’d like to get a copy signed, please stop by and say g’day!

[ Dymocks.com.au Link ]

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My book launch is on tonight at 6pm at Dymocks Collins Street Melbourne. I'm super excited to meeting you, sign some books, and celebrate ... it's currently the #2 best selling book in the country ... pipped at the post by some fly-by-nighter called JK Rowling.
About four years ago, my wife entered our living room waving a pregnancy stick above her head like she was Mitchell Johnson triumphantly screaming HOWZAT! at the umpire. “We’re pregnant!” she cheered. I was like a defiant Indian batsman disputing the inside edge. “Give me a look.” We both stared...

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby? - Barefoot Investor

My wife is a television producer so you’d expect her to have a refined viewing pallette. Not so. She watches The Bachelorette, the Real Housewives of Bendigo, and any program where everyday Aussies commentate on their own cooking: “I just knew I’d be going home when my caramel soufflé refused...

What Donald Trump means for your money - Barefoot Investor

A couple of years ago my wife dragged me along to the opening of an art exhibition. Dutifully, I stood there with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a quizzical look in the other. I felt as out of place as a sober dude on a dancefloor. Worse,...

The Power of a Simple Plan - Barefoot Investor

I often write about investments that sound too good to be true. There’s a reason for this: people continually ask me about investments that sound too good to be true. So this week, just for kicks, I thought I’d revisit a couple of stories … a sort of financial catastrophe...

Would you invest in ... whisky? - Barefoot Investor

“Former Domino’s pizza delivery boy who earned $10 an hour owns 14 renovated properties and is now semi-retired at the age of 28 (and he says you can do it too)” read the headline this week. And all the renters groaned. Okay, so paint me purple and call me Dorothy...

Meet the pizza boy with 14 properties - Barefoot Investor

If you were a drug dealer, how do you think you’d want to be paid? PayPal? No. PayWave? Well, no. You’d want to be paid in cold, hard cash. And if you were ‘Breaking Bad’ big, you’d only want to deal in $100 notes — anything smaller would be too...

If you were a drug dealer, how would you want to be paid? - Barefoot Investor

Donald Trump reminds me of the bullies who teased me at school. Anyone who stands up to him gets a put-down: ‘Crooked Hillary’, ‘Little Marco’, ‘Low Energy Ted’. His aim is to get everyone laughing at them, just like in a classroom. And like all bullies, he only wins by...

When will the housing market crash? - Barefoot Investor

My column last week — why engagement rings are a scam (and why you’ll buy one anyway) — went off like a drunk uncle on the dance floor. I was flooded with emails. Perhaps it’s because we’re in the peak season for weddings. Or maybe it’s because it coincided with...

Barefoot, should I call off my wedding?

This column is dedicated to all the brothers out there who are buying an engagement ring this weekend. And there’s a lot of you. According to the ABS, 120,000 people get hitched each year. That’s 60,000 blokes, and 60,000 rocks. It’s stressful (you know her taste … right?) and bloody...

How much should you spend on a wedding ring? - Barefoot Investor

Saturday at our house is father-and-son day. Usually that means running around chasing chooks, manhandling the sheepdog, and getting as dirty as possible. However, when our house burned down (a couple of years ago) we found ourselves holed up temporarily in the city — so I was forced to improvise......

Do this for your Dad - Barefoot Investor

Right now I’m on holidays with my family in Bali. The last time Liz and I were here, we were newlyweds without a care in the world. I’d romantically feed her strawberries and we’d laze by the pool, armed only with our bathers, towels and a frosty beer. “Tapas?” Liz...

Who taught you about money? - Barefoot Investor

It looks increasingly like the Government doesn’t have the ticker to beat the banks. Well, bugger it, let’s have our own Royal Commission into banking misconduct. Let me grab my gavel and my girly wig. The Court is in session, the dishonourable Judge Barefoot presiding. Order, Order, Order… Best Eve...

Barefoot's Best Banking Deals - Barefoot Investor

Do you know the biggest lesson I’ve learned from answering thousands of people’s questions? Most people ask the wrong question. They frame it like it’s black or white. Cut and dried. A hopeless situation with no way out. (Whether it’s true is beside the point — it’s true for them.)...

The Real Secrets of Success - Barefoot Investor

Malcolm, I feel for you, brother. On Wednesday, after the banks behaved like brats by not passing on all of the Reserve Bank’s rate cut, the Prime Minister held a press conference. He said — essentially word for word — the same things I say to my toddler each night...

Why Your Bank is Lying to You - Barefoot Investor