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We <3 our cover dog Clementine! Check her out featured on this week's Pet Travel Photo Challenge by

Weekly Pet Travel Photo Challenge |
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Has your dog peed on his own leash or on one of your other dogs?

Peeing on the Leash or on Other Dogs
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A recent study uses fMRI brain scans to help organizations train and evaluate potential pups to help people.

Improving How We Evaluate Service Dogs
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Losing a dog is often every bit as intense as losing a family member or close friend, but I’m confident I don’t have to convince anyone reading this of that fact. Instead, I’d like to discuss two of the reasons why that is so.

Why Losing a Dog is So Hard
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Tallahassee Hotel Aloft partners with Leon County Humane Society to foster homeless dogs.

Florida Hotel Fosters Shelter Pups
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Some tips to keep your dog (and cat!) feeling safe and in high spirits, around the house.

6 Design Ideas for Happy and Healthy Pets
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Important note: 2017 is on trend to be a particularly risky year for disease carrying ticks.

Lyme Disease on the Rise
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The first day of spring 2017 has arrived! Read up on four important tips for dog-friendly prepping around your house.

Dog-Friendly Prepping for Spring
Are you including your dog in your St. Paddy's day celebration activities? We share the legends surrounding St. Patrick and his dogs.

St Pat’s Dogs
Do you select your dog’s accessories because of gender?

Pink and Blue Accessories
How do dogs react to optical illusions compared to humans? Studies finds that dogs might not fooled.

Fooling People But Not Dogs
Meet Steve, our #SmilingDog of the week!

Smiling Dog: Steve
One after school program works with students to prepare pups to be service dogs for veterans.

Colorado Kids Train Service Dogs
Take a look at the top 10 questions professional dog trainers are asking and how these answers might update their recommendations.

The Top 10 Talking Points for Trainers
DIY: Make some doggy yogurt at home with this super easy heating pad method.

Making Yogurt for You and Your Dog
We love these stories! An abandoned Pit Bull named Ash finds her forever home at a New York City firehouse.

From Abandoned Pup to Firedog
Should dogs be allowed on the furniture? Karen London takes on this debate. What are your rules (if any) about having dogs on the furniture?

The Great Furniture Debate
Try this! Make peanut butter at home with this simple recipe. We love homemade food ideas, share yours!

The Basics: Homemade Peanut Butter
Our upcoming, Spring 2017 Issue!
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