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Let's start the week with some #DIY. Learn how to make homemade yogurt for you and your pup.

Alternative Methods for Making Yogurt for Your Dog
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Does your dog have a BFF? Researches look at the benefits of doggy friendships.

Does Your Dog Need a BFF?
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Alison Pace shares a endearing list of things she loves about her dog, including her snorts.

Things I Love About My Dog
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We love dog-friendly companies. Just announced BrewDog offers a week off—fully paid when a new dog joins the family. Do you work for a place that offers Pawternity leave?

Pawternity and Mutternity Leave
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Update on a previous story: On 2/22, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with Ehlena Fry, the disabled Michigan girl whose school refused to let her bring her service dog Wonder to class. Learn more about Ehlena and Wonder.

Parents Take On School Districts Refusing Service Dogs
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#SmilingDog Spooky Boo, read more about this amazing dog's story [ Link ]

Smiling Dog: Spooky Boo
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Viggo Mortensen (yes, that Viggo) contributes a stirring tribute to his dog, Brigit. Are you surprised that this gifted actor is also a fine writer, talented photographer and dog lover? We weren’t. #TBT Bark 2006

Letter to Brigit
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Last week we featured #SmilingDog Harley, his owner shared a touching tribute to his friend.

Smiling Dog: Tribute to Harley
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Do you have a dog who reacts differently to various species (like cats, dogs, or people) in your home when they approach his toys, food, etc?

Resource Guarding Toward Different Species
Owners able to secure last minute DNA testing in court case, saving dog from euthanasia.

DNA Testing Saves a Dog from Death Row
Study finds dogs exhibit resting behavior when listening to books on tape. Try playing an audiobook for your pup!

The Calming Effect of Audiobooks
Have you had the experience of realizing that your old dog’s behavior wasn’t just due to the passing years?

Old Dogs’ Illnesses Can Go Unnoticed
Free puppy kisses day! Jamie A. sent us this adorable portrait of her dog Violet for Valentine's Day — Share photos of your own Valentine.
Learn how human empathy, personality and experience play a role in interpreting facial expressions in dogs.

Interpreting Facial Expressions of Dogs
Researchers have identified the origin of countless animals. But the genesis of the domestic dog, our oldest companion and the most varied, numerous and widely distributed domestic animal on the globe? We’re still trying to figure out that one.

The Debate on Canine Domestication
How can you train your dog, if your dog doesn’t pay attention to you? Here are three simple and fun exercises designed to help get your dog’s attention, making training your dog a little easier.

How To Get Your Dog’s Attention
For unique, personalized, wearable art, there’s nothing like these DIY Dog-Themed Bangles. [ Link ]
After two months on the run, a young girl is the only one to earn a lost dog's trust. Watch the video to see Meghan work her magic!

Six Year Old Rescues Stray Dog
We each have our own particular way of grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Lee Harrington writes about volunteering at her local animal shelter, saying this was the best thing she did to help ease herself through the grieving process.

Shelter Visits Help With Healing In Between Dogs
Meet Addie, a pup who loves to help her owner on the job. It’s not all work; Addie has plenty of fun.

Smiling Dogs: Addie the Workday Companion