Barkha Dutt
03/26/2017 at 04:32. Facebook
The Ascent of Adityanath. The embrace of a hardline Hindutva mascot and the risks it brings for the Modi government. (or depending on your point of view- the advantages). I also argue that his rise has been made possible by the hollowing out of secularism as a political slogan. When Secularism becomes an instrument for electoral management and in the absence of any genuinely liberal or secular...
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Yogi Adityanath’s rise a challenge for both BJP, Opposition: Barkha Dutt | Opinion
With the wonderful Sakshi Malik at the launch of Rahul Bose's movie Poorna the real story of an amazing 13 year old adivasi girl who scaled Everest
The rise of Narendra Modi & the failure and fall of Liberal Politics- in India and globally. My latest column for the Washington Post [ Link ]

Opinion | Narendra Modi’s rise and the failure of liberal politics in India
Nationalism is the new Hindutva. Where I argue-What Hindutva was to the 90s, Nationalism is to 2017. And pushed on the defensive the opposition cant decide whether to play me-too patriots or unpopular liberals. I also call for Rahul Gandhi to step down and aside and let the historic idea of the Congress revive minus the baggage of the Gandhis and their entitled political royalty. Do read and...
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Nationalism the new hindutva
"The era of pedigreed princes is over"- Amar Singh tells me on the UP wipe out. I think he is bang on - since 2014- there has been a political push-back against the Old Elites. [ Link ]

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“Fmr SP leader @Iam_amarsingh speaks to #NewsX #Decision2017”

As the BJP takes six of ten seats in Gandhi bastions of Amethi & Rae Bareli Smriti Irani tells me not just the brother; the myth of the sister too now fully busted. I agree. [ Link ]

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“#Decision2017 — @smritiirani speaks to #NewsX on #UPElection2017.”

Will be live all day on News X joining a special panel of analysts as the results come in. join me there !
"Izzat Ko Be-Izzat Mat Karo"- On women's day a look outside of our urban bubble- to what matters to millions of women- the lack of privacy to go to the loo because neither villages nor homes have toilets. What Women What- I find out #OnTheRoad for The Quint [ Link ]

‘Izzat Ko Beizzat Mat Karo’: Women Demand Toilets This UP Election
The little known journey of GurMehar Kaur from Muslim-hating child ("I conflated all things Islam with Pakistan") to romantic Peacenik. You have all debated and opined on the young twenty year old this week but in my piece for The Week I speak to her mother Rajvinder Kaur, a strong determined Single Mother with the strength of steel. "Kill us if you want, do anything- but to call us...
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Wounded by a thousand words
"Je Huyee Na Baat" is the song to which RG and Akhilesh begin their roadshow #OnTheRoad #Banaras #RallyVsRally
The song at the Akhilesh-RG roadshow is a desi version of Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire' #OnTheRoad #RallyVsRally
Waiting for Akhilesh at Ambedkar Chowk in #Banaras #OnTheRoad #RallyVsRally
Rally Hopping in #Banaras. Auto ride to catch the Akhilesh-RG roadshow #OnTheRoad #RoadshowVsRoadshow
And a burst of flowers as Modi Road Show crosses Assi Ghat area #OnTheRoad #Banaras
And now 'Hanuman' with the promise of 255 seats for the BJP. Waiting for Modi Road Show #Banaras #OnTheRoad
A 'Duplicate' Modi brought out to entertain the crowds as they wait for the PM #Banaras #OnTheRoad
Waiting for the Modi Road Show. #Banaras #OnTheRoad