The trophy came home ! Images from the Asian Television Award for my show Buck Stops Here which was recognised as the Best News Programme in Singapore for the work my team and I did while ground reporting on the Pathankot terror attacks. It remains extremely satisfying that our most high profile international awards have been not for jibber-jabber but for old fashioned Journalism and...
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Could anyone in India have run for the highest political office using the kind of language Donald Trump did in his campaign? My answer is- No, Absolutely Not. Where does that leave American claims of Exceptionalism? Are some things about America still exceptional ( it's press freedom is, I argue). I write for the Washington Post. Feedback welcome as ever- [ Link ]

Is this the end of American exceptionalism?
Big News. Big Exclusive. Will Demonetization Derail GST? Bengal's Finance Minister and GST council member Amit Mitra says State Finance Ministers will have to revisit support for GST as they cannot afford a "double whammy". My interview [ Link ]

On Notes Ban, Firm Warning From West Bengal To Centre: GST Now At Risk
I asked Amartya Sen whether his opposition to Narendra Modi was driving his opposition to the Notebandi. "Would applaud him if I thought this would tackle Black Money, but it is Neither intelligent nor humane" is his verdict on the Demonetization. Very different from "my good friend Nandan Nilekani." "Disaster for the Economy of Trust," he says. And wraps it up with :"The BJP cant decide that...
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PM Narendra Modi's Notes Ban Neither Intelligent Nor Humane: Amartya Sen To NDTV
UPA tenure's Aadhar Architect is Batting for Narendra Modi's Demonetization Notebandi - my interview [ Link ]

Note Ban Shock Is Good For India: Nandan Nilekani To NDTV
Security escorts from airport to hotel reminder of shadow of terror over Dhaka. Congrats to Dhaka Lit Fest team for showing courage and determination and proceeding with just as much optimism and passion. Very happy to be here to discuss my book -This Unquiet Land
The SBI Chief in an Exclusive with me. "Stop hoarding your 100 rupee notes; please spend them" Watch: [ Link ]

Exclusive: Panic Will Stop When ATMs Stop Running Dry, Says SBI Chief
Hillary election night. Will she trump misogyny
In a few hours this is the exact spot where Hillary will emerge, aptly under an 840, 000 square glass ceiling which (hopefully) she will shatter once in for all. Thrilled to be witnessing a moment in history up close-right where it's all happening.
And the official announcement from Washington Post is out- on me joining their Global Opinions section as a Contributing Columnist. Thanks for all your good wishes everyone! [ Link ]

Barkha Dutt joins Global Opinions
Very happy to share that I start officially as a Contributing Columnist for the Washington Post from today. I will be writing for their Global Opinions Pages on a variety of issues. My first column is why the India-Pakistan equation made even Donald Trump say something accurate in the U.S Presidential Campaign- and also why India is counting on some of Hillary Clinton's "famed hawkishness.". I...
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Why India-Pakistan could be a big headache for the next U.S. president
Mistry removal was because his values "incompatible with those of Tatas" says Ratan Tata's personal friend and legal adviser Harish Salve in this exclusive interview to me where he elaborates on how Mistry "ditching assets" was a key irritant along with others like the Docomo litigation. In the end says "Tata not fighting for a piece of land but to save the Tata legacy and his own formidable...
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Ratan Tata Is Not Fighting For Piece Of Land, Says Adviser Harish Salve
"Cyrus Mistry wanted to sell Family Jewels.. Throw Ratan Tata under the Bus"- my Exclusive on why Ratan Tata and the Tata Group removed Mistry. Dramatic Quotes from sources close to RNT [ Link ]

Exclusive: On Cyrus Mistry's Watch, 'Family Jewels' Were At Risk, Say Sources Close To Ratan Tata
"How does banning Pakistani talent help counter terrorism?" Karan Johar breaks his silence on threats from the Shiv Sena & MNS on the Townhall. Watch tonight at 8 [ Link ]

Exclusive: 'Will Banning Pakistani Talent Stop Terrorism?' Asks Karan Johar
Like many others i have been angsting about the state of television news in our country- and at this juncture in our history- Seems to me to be increasingly getting 'Trumpified'. For many of us who are first generation TV journalists and dont relate to current models of shouting studios, dumbed down discourse and playing only to the dominant/populist narrative, this has felt like a bit of an...
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60 Days Of Nights: Decoding The Kashmir Crisis From Ground Zero