My day off.
It's a little, bumpy, dirt road now but one day this will be a ring road for a big city called Tamworth.
Work has started to seal Appleby Lane to take heavy vehicle movements out of the city centre for a faster freight route and a safer drive with Kevin Anderson MP and Tamworth Regional Council
Sugar cane growers have travelled up to 400km, from Mareeba and Mackay to speak with me in Ayr today, united in their demand for a fair deal and shocked that the Queensland Labor Government is sacrificing the sugar towns of the north. I heard from more than 1000 people over the last two days in North Queensland calling for resolution well before the crush kicks off in June. Nothing is off the...
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It's not all sweet here. Sugar cane growers and their families want a resolution to the Wilmar issue. This is not just a cane farmer problem - it impacts jobs and economies across whole towns and that's why more than 400 people have accepted an invitation from me and Andrew Cripps MP to talk sugar on a Saturday afternoon.
Heidi and her dad Bevan lost their farm to Panama Disease Tropical Race 4 - a destructive disease that threatened the North Queensland banana industry. Containment was the only option, we assisted growers to buy the farm and will keep it quarantined for 30 years. It means the Robson's have lost their home but we have a huge NQ industry with a chance - with Australian Banana Growers' Council
Whenever I'm acting PM, I like to take the centre of Government to regional Australia.
In the mango sheds at Giovanni Gambino's Marlin Mangoes farm. At 13-years-old, he would string tobacco for two pennies a stick, now at 74, he has two properties and packs about 40,000 trays of mangoes a year. About to hear from farmers about what's working for them and why innovative North Queensland is a major agricultural growth area.
Where's the best steak in the world from? Australia. That doesn't happen by accident. That happens because universities like the University of New England, work with geneticists, with the Meat and Livestock Association in Armidale, with the DPI. Today Niall Blair and I announced $45 million in joint funding to invest in Livestock Productivity Research and the National Livestock Genetics...
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Announcing the Commonwealth and NSW Government five year investment in two research and development programs - Livestock Productivity Research and the National Livestock Genetics Consortium with Niall Blair MLC and Adam Marshall MP and University of New England, Armidale
Three levels of government are working together to turn little Appleby Lane into a city ring road. We have to build the city of 2090 now - with Kevin Anderson MP and Tamworth Regional Council
Announcing a 10 year $130 million commitment into grains research, securing jobs from Tamworth to Wagga Wagga, Condoblin to Trangie. Underpinning research in a $3.6 billion industry for NSW with Niall Blair MLC
Our first year as a team home and hosed - that's 12 months of driving the agenda for the communities The Nationals represent. People doing it tough, people living on the edges, in towns, villages, and regional communities who just care about real results on the ground.
Marking the 12 month anniversary of the new Federal Nationals leadership team. Saturday, February 18 marks 365 days of solid hard work and delivery for every Australian living beyond capital city boundaries.

Achievements include Country of Origin Labelling laws so families can see what products are made in Australia and how much of that product is made from Australian ingredients,...
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Australian sugar growers deserve their fair share. They know I have been a tireless advocate for them and I want to see a resolution to a long battle.
Thank you George Christensen and the Burdekin District Cane Growers for keeping both me and the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull informed on the details of your situation with Wilmar. I’m strongly backing the LNP, which are proposing changes to...
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Thankfully, there was no life lost but our bush-fire ravaged communities are now facing the difficult task of returning to rebuild their homes and communities.

Disaster assistance is now open to our Upper Hunter communities, with help for those who have lost their homes, support for councils to help with the costs of cleaning up and repairing damaged public assets, freight subsidies for...
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Small town of Uarbry 'all but wiped out' as bushfires ravage NSW
Labor believes decentralisation is "nothing but spin" and Armidale doesn't deserve an Agricultural Centre of Excellence. That's why they want to hold a Senate Inquiry against spreading jobs across the country and why you must have your say.

Email or by March 9.
Supporting our farmers has become easier with the passage of Country of Origin labelling laws.

You will be able to see what products are made in Australia and how much of that product is made from Australian ingredients.

Successive governments have failed to deliver clear labelling that meets the demands of entire population to know where their food comes from.
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Cassilis and surrounds. The people of New England are resilient but bushfires have devastating consequence which test even the strongest of characters. Please stay safe and thank you to the NSW Rural Fire Service for your bravery in catastrophic conditions.

β€˜The flames came over the hill and went mad’
These little beauties from the Classic Ladies Foundation raise money for bowel cancer selling raffle tickets and merchandise. They raised $40,000 at last year’s Landmark Classic and are on track to top that this year! What troopers ..
We are calling on regional Australians to make your views clear on why areas outside big cities deserve jobs after a new inquiry into decentralisation of Commonwealth agencies passed with Coalition support in the Senate.
Every Council, Chamber of Commerce, CWA and community association in every regional town is invited to make a submission to this inquiry, to tell Canberra and the Labor Party,...
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