People before possums. There's 21,000 forestry families who will lose their jobs because of Victorian Labor. We have a plan to save these jobs, if only Premier Andrews will listen, support and act.

Federal move to save Heyfield mill
On Sky News with Patricia Karvelas talking tax reform to create jobs; decentralisation to build the regions and resolving 18c.
Farmers battling drought are set to be  among the big winners in the 2017 budget, with the Coalition poised to announce a $4.5 billion regional investment corporation in May.

Nationals to announce budget's $4.5 billion regional investment fund for the bush
The Coalition is committed to building on our record prices and record volume of trade with China. We won’t ever rest on our laurels in pursuit of expanding Australia’s trading partnerships.
I am proud to sign this Joint Statement with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi today to deliver a valuable and mutually beneficial agreement that will support our relationship with one of our most important...
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Saddlery is an iconic Australian trade, a specialised skill. This is inside our local D L Saddlery - Dan Lawrence workshop with the talented craftsman Dan, who is right now, making me a new belt. #Australianmade
Enjoyed a good chat with His Excellency Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China about how to improve agricultural trade. We signed an agreement today to give more meat and live animal exporters access to China - which could mean $400 million a year to our meat industry, more jobs in regional areas and significantly higher returns at the farm gate.
Meet Jill Davis - absolutely relishing in our new Country of Origin labelling laws.
The only threatened species that Labor aren't worried about are the hardworking men and women in the Heyfield timber mills - they are putting possums before people.
The world is such a small place that an attack on democracy in England, the home of the oldest parliament, is a threat to democracy in Australia. We can’t take anything for granted. The biggest threat to our democracy is to change our action by reason of fear of these criminals. Our greatest protection is our egalitarian ethos. Our greatest act of defiance is to not change the way we live....
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I believe in decentralisation, otherwise we will end up with just two big cities, one called Sydney and one called Melbourne.

Barnaby: Decentralisation is core business, and there will be more of it
Without water you have nothing. You have a dry, dead planet. As we search other planets, the first question asked on the vital component of life is: Does it have water?
Fresh, drinkable water represents only three per cent of the globe's water - and most of it is frozen.
The trick to any economy is manage water and you will feed your people, clothe your people and create wealth.
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We want to keep Australian manufacturing workers in jobs but we are losing Australian manufacturing workers. Because of the extreme policies of the Greens and Labor in various states, the price of power has become ridiculous.

Australian jobs are going overseas because the Labor Party will not deal with the power crisis. It is only the Coalition Government that says that we are brave enough to...
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Discussing global agriculture with Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti and agreeing there is much at stake in a traceability system for our beef industry.
Rural Australians deserve world class health care - whether that’s nursing, dental, pharmacy, midwifery, physical or occupational therapy, and this Government will investigate how to best meet the health needs of our rural and remote communities. This means service delivery models must be adapted to overcome the challenges of geography. Thanks to the hard work of Dr David Gillespie MP the...
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Get a tie.... and other important issues like royalties for farmers.With ABC News 24 #lateline

Lateline - 20/03/2017: Interview: Barnaby Joyce
My good mate Senator John Williams has just told us he has Parkinson's, a degenerative neurological disease. Wacka is a fighter and looks forward to a few big years at the Parliament of Australia. He wasn't expecting to be diagnosed with this, but about 32 Australians are each day and he is calling on us all not to ignore symptoms, but to go to the doctor and get a check up, because it affects...
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Farmers and landholders across Australia should be able to benefit from a greater share in the gas and oil resources extracted from under their land.
While I’m critical of the South Australian Labor government’s failed energy policies that have plunged that state into darkness, I do praise their initiative to start talking about giving landholders a better return from gas development.
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Joining Australian Cotton Awards Grower of the Year Ian, Marilyn and Harry Carter at their 'Connamara' property. The Carter family farmed sorghum for five generations in Quirindi before they began farming dryland cotton using an innovative approach to conserve water moisture by injecting water into the soil at the time of planting - boosting yields and profitability. Congratulations!
Four weeks ago, the village of Uarbry in Central West NSW was tragically destroyed by the Sir Ivan bushfire. The fire destroyed 35 homes, a church and community hall and left a path of destruction through tens of thousands of hectares of farming land. Today, we are making grants of up to $15,000 available to help farmers clean up, salvage crops and repair damaged equipment.

Small town of Uarbry 'all but wiped out' as bushfires ravage NSW
A major upgrade of Armidale Airport, almost tripling the size of the existing terminal, is a step closer today.
Four new check-in areas, office space for air carriers, an upgrade of the restrooms, café, baggage handling area, small business space and screening facilities will all be built.
Today, we executed the Deed of Agreement for Coalition Government's $1.1 million in funds for Stage Two...
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