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Tip on keeping how to keep those feather clean in this wet and muddy weather.
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Now this is how you get attention :)

Colorful Manes and Tails
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Supplements to help Sensitive Dressage Horses
Kohnke’s Own Ambassador and Sponsored Grand Prix rider and trainer Susan Elekessy recently competed at the Canberra Classic. Susan shared this lovely message with us about a talented young mare who thrives on Kohnke’s Own supplements, including Gastro-Coat and Mag-E.

“Absolutely delighted with how the gorgeous Callum Park Grenadine went this...
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what a great Spanish walk :)
wow.. now who would like to be able to do this!?
1st Lesson with Master Luis Valença Equestrian Art
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oh my.. this is different ! who would like to see a pic like this of your horse!? or would you be happy with one like this one your wall ?
A fun great idea for a gate latch!
interesting boredom buster idea for the stable!
Who agrees with this?
P O P U L A R  H A N D Y H I N T S  A N D  P R A C T I C A L  A D V I C E   F R O M  K O H N K E ’ S  O W N -  D R.  J…

4 Handy Horse Hints
1. TOE ANGLE One big problem that many novice riders can have is the toe angle. In many beginners, they often point outwards. And if you try to turn your foot at your knee and ankle this just doesn’t

7 Dressage Tips
We are certainly experiencing a long extended period of hot weather all over Australia (except Tasmania).  At least we can escape to the air-condition but what about our poor animals?  Hopefully, your

Sunburn treatments for your horse
Caring for your horses Article by Luisa Wood (Nutritional Advisor KER) Autumn March: Horses in high workloads and regularly competing at this time of the year may experience muscle soreness or stiffne

Seasonal Tips
Horses bring out the best in people, and the below quotes prove that!  These are sure to bring a smile to you as they did for us.   “I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gift

Horse Quotes
Learn the different types of clips you can do for your horse

Horse Clipping
wow! thats a horse model collection! know anyone with one like this ?