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Horses bring out the best in people, and the below quotes prove that!  These are sure to bring a smile to you as they did for us.   “I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gift

Horse Quotes
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Learn the different types of clips you can do for your horse

Horse Clipping
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wow! thats a horse model collection! know anyone with one like this ?
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In stores now across Australia and New Zealand!
Always useful to have handy hints from an expert in horses.

4 Handy Horse Hints
We are certainly experiencing a long extended period of hot weather all over Australia (except Tasmania).  At least we can escape to the air-condition but what about our poor animals?  Hopefully, your

Sunburn treatments for your horse
How true!!
Some great ideas here as we are having sweltering weather.

Sunburn in Horses
Topline - Train your Eye

A horse correctly connected looks and feels as if he's carrying himself with ease. Then, at least for a short period of time, he feels as if he can do his job without a significant amount of physical help or pressure from me.

When the bridge is missing, the tube of muscle on top of the neck stops bulging from the base of the neck to about a foot in front of the...
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Who agrees with this?
interesting boredom buster idea for the stable!
A fun great idea for a gate latch!
Last days to order this issue to be posted to your door! :)
Yep.. and add a big paddock for the ponies ;) who else agree's with this!?
haha.. how would your horses selfie look like? I think mine would be more like Fabio with a wind machine on his mane LOL
Good humour or too much ?