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It's Gift Time With Two Irish Classics!

It's Gift Time With Two Irish Classics!
Barry's Tea
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Happy St. Patrick's Day tea lovers. Why not celebrate by making our St. Patrick's Day inspired Green Tea mocktail?
A ritual as old as time... Be Our Guest.
Our Loose Leaf tea is created by a time-honoured process that provides a rich, full-bodied taste experience unlike any other...
Treat your Mum on Mother's Day

Treat your Mum on Mother's Day
Living abroad on St Patrick's Day? Wake up with a taste of home.
What do you listen to while relaxing and drinking a cup of tea?
Nothing beats a cup of Barry's Tea to start off the weekend.
Enjoy 25% off Barry's Tea Multipacks for St. Patricks Day.

Enjoy 25% off our Signature Blend Multipacks
Proving difficult to find that perfect Valentine's date? We've got the solution...
Now that January is over we're officially ready to indulge... Have you tried making our tea-inspired chocolate truffles yet? Why not give them a go! [ Link ]
Tickle your tastebuds with our Organic Green Tea, made from 100% organic tea leaves.
The stuff dreams are made of. An everlasting supply of tea.
Make sure you take some time off for yourself each day. A cup of green tea is the perfect way to unwind.
Barry's Tea
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Fancy turning over a new leaf this year? There's a money off coupon in our Gold Blend tea bag boxes for the fulll range of our loose leaf teas right now.
Why not start your year on a good leaf with one of our delicious green teas. Which one is your favourite?
Happy New Year! Here's to a happy and healthy 2017.