gonna be fuckin' Claaaasssssssssss.
What should you do to thon Litterizers chucking rubbish out the car windee? Let’s keep our wee country clean #LiveHereLoveHere
Get entering ya bawstids! This is gonna be a belter!!
Here lads, Lavery's Comedy Club is tonight! We 're trying something a bit different, We have a pile of Comedians swapping their material for hilarious drunken tales! Doors 8.30pm, get on it.
Wan of the worst kinds of Litterizer…people who spit their chewing gum out! Let’s keep our wee country clean #LiveHereLoveHere
Not gonna lie bais... I've had a bit of a nightmare today! What can I say, don't be trustin' them Tinder birds. #CharcoalfacemaskFail
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Once again everyone is keekin' their pampers over this storm. Put a fuckin' coat on. #StormDoris
Yeeooo what do you think of thon Litterizers? Let’s keep our wee country clean #LiveHereLoveHere
Essential knowledge for all you survivalists....
Check out this we collabo with We Are Vertigo. #StrictlyForMyNinjas
Check out these hallions. This better win a fucking VMA #GrannyFightClub