Once again everyone is keekin' their pampers over this storm. Put a fuckin' coat on. #StormDoris
Yeeooo what do you think of thon Litterizers? Let’s keep our wee country clean #LiveHereLoveHere
Essential knowledge for all you survivalists....
Check out this we collabo with We Are Vertigo. #StrictlyForMyNinjas
Check out these hallions. This better win a fucking VMA #GrannyFightClub
Keep your eyes peeled for this wan!
Get to Tescos, get your loved one a gift for Valentimez day.
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Tuesday 31st January 2017

A bit of sunday viewing for you guys... Colin Geddis, Tom Bear O'Mahony, axes, camo, arrows, wilderness, WildFoot, the apocalypse and a wee drop of The Bonnevilles. GIVE IT A LIKE AND A SHARE YA MAD BAWSTIDS!
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Back wi' another #DailyBlender. In today's vidya I discuss some of the fannies you see out rioting in America because Trump is their new king. Share it ta fuck.
Colin Geddis and Shane Todd are playing The Museum of Comedy in London this coming St Paddy's Day! ☘☘ let's shut this shit down! Tell your London friends to get a ticket. - [ Museumofcomedy.com Link ]
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Wednesday 18th January 2017

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen....ever. #BuckyToBeAlive
Public Service Announcement: It's Chilly as fuck out there lads, here are some tips on dealing with the Snowpocalypse in Northern Ireland. Also watch till the end - The Lads from General Banter are having a surprise gig in The Fly Belfast tonight in aid of Simon Community Northern Ireland. Β£3 at the door, Doors 8pm! Tag you mates in Belfast!! Respect.
This is some bold shit here folks! The lads and I have decided to do a last minute charity gig tonight in The Fly Belfast!! Β£3 in in aid of Simon Community!! Show some love Belfast! I'll be Vlogging like fuck! IF YOU CAN'T BE THERE, BE SOUND AS F*CK AND SHARE THIS POST!! MUCH LOVE!
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