Bas Rutten
Bas Rutten
06/24/2017 at 16:42. Facebook
If you want to jumpstart your workouts--it's very important for you to start your day with Receptra CBD Oil! Just watch- you won't regret it Visit
Kyle Zenitram
Riley Cote
Bas Rutten
Bas Rutten
06/23/2017 at 21:18. Facebook
The Bas Rutten MMA workout
For years many people have been asking me to make new workouts.
I finally finished this about 8 months ago, I posted it but not many know about it?

What is the Bas Rutten MMA workout?

It's an audio workout, my voice giving you instructions. You ARE required to know boxing combinations, if you know normal boxing strikes/combo's, this workout is really easy to...
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The Bas Rutten MMA workout For years many people have been asking

Products Archive - Body Action System
Jani Distomo
Jani Distomo
Derek Schindler
Bas Rutten
Bas Rutten
06/21/2017 at 21:11. Facebook
The new Rutten and Ranallo is out!
The Podcast of Positivity flips the script, as Bas Rutten asks Mauro Ranallo WHAT’S UP after a very eventful week!

Between Bellator and Mayweather vs McGregor, if good things happen in 3’s, what’s next?!
#HASHTAG with WHAT’S UP, BAS? (01:01:48)
FEEL GOOD FIVE (01:38:15)

Rutten & Ranallo
BJJ Lifestyle
Bas Rutten
Bas Rutten
06/19/2017 at 21:31. Facebook
OK, the latest video, keep watching till the very end, funny out take!

Dario Esquivel Mares
Mark Anthony Rivas
Mitra Salsicha
And I just talked to my dad, but here he is, Happy Fathersday Pa!
My dad were both wearing bandanas at about the same age, this is what he looked like, crazy close he? Same as the other pic. And the middle pic is with my brother on the right.

And I just talked to my dad but here he is Happy Fathersday Pa
Mikey P Harris
Craig Jenkins
Erich Weiss
Happy Fathers Day fathers!
May all of you enjoy this day with your family/friends and make it a good one, we sure will, it's beach time!
Happy Fathers Day fathers May all of you enjoy this day with
Jozef Bauer
Manolis Mastichidis
Jon Ressler
Nick Mizell
Bernadette Teeuwen
Bill Valle
Greg Emery
Allan Jiricka
Brent Rogers
My familia over at @RootsofFight is having a #FathersDay sale and you can get 30-50% off my collection! Head over to
My familia over at RootsofFight is having a FathersDay sale and you
Samm Smith
Manolis Mastichidis
Art Macias
BJJ at our gym Elite MMA in Westlake Village, our instructor Rodrigo Carvalho, kids, teens and grown ups!
If you live in the Thousand Oaks area, please come and check it out!
880 Hampshire road, suite , Thousand Oaks, CA, 91362
Eli Shalmiev
Marina Dacic
Darius Bozorg-zadeh

The new one is out, please check it out!
I am is missing the Mauro Ranallo glue, but producer Vicky Pezza fills in to talk Funeral Home Chili and ask
-WHAT’S UP, BAS? (00:06:35)
-COMBAT SPORTS CAROUSEL (00:17:29) Includes UFC Fight Night 110, UFC Fight Night 111, Glory 42 in Paris, Demetrious Johnson and Daniel Franco
-#HASHTAG (00:39:11) Includes Get Shorty, Twin Peaks, Orange is the New...
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Rutten & Ranallo
Shane Quinn
Ken Sacco
BJJ Lifestyle
Please help out people, it's for a good cause, you only have to vote, not pay, well if you want that would be greatly appreciated, but I wanna win this thing so I can donate $10,000 to (Allergy and asthma foundation of America)
Please help out people its for a good cause you only have

All Stars of Giving - 2017 Most Valuable Philanthropist in Sports
Chris Ingham
BJJ Lifestyle
Scott Fetrow
Jesse Olsen
William Padgett
Jason Wisener
Looks like she is finding success here. Great to see her back out there.
Looks like she is finding success here Great to see her back out there

Rousey Dominates Obstacle Course Before Battle of the Network Stars
James Vincent
Jeremy Steward
Jonathan Lechan
He said he was going to take over and I love it! Well deserved!
He said he was going to take over and I love it Well deserved

Conor McGregor Placed in Top 25 Forbes Highest Paid Athletes
Richard Lacerda
Andrew Taylor
Russell Powell
Mike Miller
Justin Morrow
Conor Williams
Guys! I've been telling you about my experience using #CBD but have I told you about Athletes for CARE?? Go read my interview in UPROXX to find out about the work I am doing with this positive organization.
Guys Ive been telling you about my experience using CBD but have

Bas Rutten Explains How Marijuana And CBD Oil Can Change Your Life
Paul Logan
Russell Powell
Ian Benninghaus
The mental aspect of fighting is a major component for fighters. I'm interested to see if we see improvements from him this weekend.
The mental aspect of fighting is a major component for fighters Im

UFC Fighter Ben Nguyen Uses Hypnosis to Enhance Mental Training
Khedran Shockey
Lee Murphy
Zach Chitwood
His striking was so clean, especially in the third round. He fought like a champion.
His striking was so clean especially in the third round He fought like a champion

Shutting Down the Counter: How Max Holloway Beat Jose Aldo at UFC 212
Kevin Becker
Steven Rowland
Khedran Shockey
After the streak he has had, he might get some money soon.
After the streak he has had he might get some money soon

Max Holloway Tells Dana White: 'I Want To Get Paid!"
Mike Lee
Gaz Kibble
Aaron Bernhardt