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A great weekend in London to basic income activists from all over Europe! Thanks to everyone who came, you were a great inspiration! Say hello to the new board of UBIE: Aurélie Hampel (Secretary General), Anja Askeland (Vice President), Ulrich Schachtschneider (Treasurer), Lena Stark (Vice President) and Dániel Fehér (President).
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Basic Income Europe
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"Would government indefinitely hire all those who’ve lost their jobs to machines?"

The job guarantee and automation | Basic Income News
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“While harmonised minimum income and minimum wage levels throughout Europe would be an improvement, this has nothing to do with moving towards a basic income.”

One of our proposals – that a ‘Eurodividend’ be paid to every EU citizen – would be a far more ambitious and transformative option where the EU could take the lead rather than waiting for the Member States to act. This would truly help...
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Confusion surrounds EU Leader's alleged endorsement of Basic Income | Basic Income News
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03/25/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Hollo describes the “obvious challenges” which have led to an increased global interest and trial of the UBI in various countries. He discusses such challenges as environmental and ecological crisis driven by consumerism, the acceleration of automation which poses a threat to millions of jobs, and rising inequality which is bringing about political destabilisation. The Brexit vote, the rise of...
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AUDIO: "Can Less Work be More Fair?" Interview with Green Institute Director | Basic Income News
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After presenting a possible definition of basic income, André cites a couple of problems related to the Finish experiment, namely the quantity disbursed to individuals not covering basic expenses in the Finish context, and only unemployed people participating in the experiment. He also clarifies that many criticisms are covert manifestations of lack of trust in people, who allegedly cannot be...
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Dinheiro gratis (Free money): podcast with André Coelho in Rádio Renascença (Portugal) | Basic Income News
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The UK trade unions have been most successful in pushing for Unconditional Basic Income. What can we learn from them? Follow the debate and ask your questions on Twitter! #UBIELondon [ Link ]
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Teke’s approximately 15 minute presentation served as an introduction to basic income — explaining the key features of the idea, outlining past and future sites of pilot studies, and addressing common concerns like “Would people just stop working?” (On the last point, Teke surveyed the audience and notes that, in general, people don’t think that they themselves would stop working.)

VIDEO: Nicole Teke at Crowdsource Week | Basic Income News
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03/24/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
“While this political-economic system is maintained not just through forced labor, but from the use of human beings in all kinds of services and experiments: military, pharmaceutical, academic and social; while we accept that our income comes from reducing other people to human resources, forced, openly or covertly, to give way their freedom and sell their bodies in exchange for cash, basic...
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Marcus Brancaglione: “209 reasons to have faith on basic income” | Basic Income News
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Our London meeting starts tonight at 6:30pm GMT (7:30 CET) - follow us online here on Facebook or on Twitter via #UBIELondon!

Facebook event: [ Link ]
Full agenda: [ Link ]
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Just as the fourth industrial revolution in Australia will transform jobs, it will do the same for the welfare system. Universal basic income, targeted cash transfers, negative income tax and a family wage could be ways to guarantee living standards for ordinary people and keep the economy afloat

Basic income for all: a 500-year-old idea whose time has come?
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03/23/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
“In this informative book, Annie Miller not only explores the idea of basic income: she exhaustively explains what it is and what it would mean to implement, using extensive economic data. Miller starts off from a broad, existential position, outlining why the current system is no longer suitable for the times and needs to change. Her proposed solution is a society with BI, which she first...
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BOOK: A Basic Income Handbook by Annie Miller | Basic Income News
"Based on the evidence we already have and will likely continue to build, I firmly believe one of those choices should be unconditional basic income as a new equal starting point for all."

This is Why Experts Think All People Should Have a Universal Basic Income
The good news is that the robot apocalypse hasn’t arrived just yet. Despite a steady stream of alarming headlines about clever computers gobbling up our jobs, the economic data suggests that automation isn’t happening on a large scale. The bad news is that if it does, it will produce a level of inequality that will make present-day America look like an egalitarian utopia by comparison.

Robots won't just take our jobs – they'll make the rich even richer
Findings from the National Audit Office (NAO) show limited evidence that the sanctions system actually works, or is cost effective.

A bad job is worse for your mental health than unemployment
As reported recently, a formal hearing called by the Work and Pensions Committee of the UK Parliament was carried out on the 12th of January 2017, in Birmingham, for a session dedicated to basic income.

VIDEO: UK’s Work and Pensions Committee oral evidence on basic income (summary of content) | Basic Income News
"How can we be more empathetic when we design for the future? How can we reconnect policy with facts, truth, and logic? What ethics should we pursue as we shape our rapidly changing world? The answers are elusive — but we become stronger when we ask these questions together. What are the New Rules that will help guide us for the next century?"

VIDEO: "The Case for Basic Income" by Sebastian Johnson | Basic Income News
“If you had a basic income, it would mean that everybody would have a base, on top of which their earned income would be taxed at the standard rate of tax. That would increase the incentive to take low-wage jobs.”

GUY STANDING: Basic Income Possible within the Next Ten Years | Basic Income News
According to Dawson, the only way to forestall mass extinction is to shift to an economic system that is not founded on the goal of unlimited growth. As the summary in The Guardian describes, Dawson looks to indigenous groups and small-scale farmers as examples of ways in which communities may develop “using sustainable practices and living close to nature.”

English professor proposes universal income to protect biodiversity | Basic Income News