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The inaugural Campfire Convention took place in August 12-14, 2016, in the English countryside. It featured a keynote address from Brian Eno, in addition to an array of panel discussions, music performances, and other events.

VIDEO: Campfire Convention panel "Universal Basic Income: A Utopian Vision or a Viable Reality?" | BIEN
Basic Income Europe
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BIEN’s Scottish affiliate, Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS), will be holding a public event in Kelty, a town in Fife, on Saturday, January 28. The location is notable in part because the council area of Fife is presently investigating the possibility of a basic income pilot in one of its towns.

KELTY, SCOTLAND: "Basic Income: Real Social Security" (Jan 28) | BIEN
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A new report from the investment service Wealthify reveals that many Scottish people are unable to save for the future because of “zero hour contracts, insecure work and low pay.” Moreover, according to the report, Scottish women save less than half of the money of men, and 10 times less than some areas of England.

UBI - real solution in perfect storm of debt | BIEN
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"1 in 10 dollars of income produced in the US is paid out to the richest 1% without them having to work for it."

The UBI already exists for the 1%
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"recently the EU Commission has been paying close attention to the hypothesis of supporting a universal basic income, in preparation for a discussion to be held next year with member states on how to improve social policies. "

Digitalization and the EU’s social dimension
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The Catalan Economy and Tax Office presented a thorough study on social policies, which includes basic income:

Catalonia (Spain): Catalonian Economy and Tax Office presents profound study on social policies, featuring basic income | BIEN
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We are very pleased Mady Delvaux MEP mentioned basic income in this report, and we hope that Parliament and the Commission will give it serious consideration!

European Parliament report wants the EU to look into basic income in light of robots threat
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"While I am optimistic that Basic Income will see the light of day in my lifetime, I am prepared to accept an imperfect version and leave to future generations the task of improving it."

Neither universal nor individual nor unconditional | BIEN
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“We support the goals of raising incomes for people living in poverty. We support extra counselling. We support reducing the stigma associated with social assistance. But we aren’t convinced Basic Income will do these things. If anything, it may make people a little less poor, for a little while, until public services end up on the chopping block. I’m worried that this Basic Income is just...
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ONTARIO, CANADA: Public Service Union "Sounds Note of Caution" on BI | BIEN
Some commentators view basic income as a one-stop solution, which is meant to eliminate the welfare state. Temple University Law Professor Brishen Rogers is one basic income proponent who’s speaking out against this trend.

Brishen Rogers, "How Not to Argue for Basic Income" | BIEN
Big news! A report adopted today by the European Parliament's legal affairs committee says basic income should be 'seriously considered" and invites all Member States to do so!

Well done to the rapporteur Mady Delvaux! The report is scheduled for plenary vote on February 13rd.

MEPs think basic income should be 'seriously considered' to address robots threat
In a recent interview, Swiss entrepreneur and activist Daniel Häni contends that “the unconditional basic income is an initiative against laziness.”

Daniel Häni contends basic income is an initiative against laziness | BIEN
Malcolm Torry, Director of the Citizen’s Income Trust and co-secretary of BIEN, delivered a public lecture titled “Money for everyone: The state of the Basic Income/Citizen’s Income debate” for the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath on October 11, 2016. In it, he describes proposals for funding and administering a basic income.

UK: Malcolm Torry lecture on "Money for everyone" | BIEN
While many basic income advocates concentrate on shifting government policy, some in the tech world are taking the fight into their own hands.

Cyrptocurrencies have the potential to dramatically disrupt the government system of fiat issued currency. When new money is created, some cryptocurrencies are planning to distribute the dividend as a basic income to its members.

Interview: Time for a digital basic income | BIEN
Welfare sanctions' insanity are in itself a powerful argument for unconditional basic income: #IDanielBlake
“The universal basic income is about the relationship between state and individual,” says Kerr. “I’ve always believed that socialism is about giving people freedom from fear, but the right have distorted the word to suit their agenda.

The Scottish pioneer whose plan for a basic income could transform Britain
The Finnish social security agency KELA recently hosted a seminar on basic income experiments. Watch the speeches here:

VIDEO: Experimenting with Basic Income in Finland and the Netherlands | BIEN
In comments to Basic Income News, Ronald Heinrich of the basic income political party Bündnis Grundeinkommen described Kaeser’s remarks as a “tipping point” in German media coverage of basic income.

GERMANY: Remarks by CEO of Europe's largest engineering company spark interest in UBI | BIEN
"The discussion about basic income has changed completely."

Netherlands: Thirty years of Basic Income | BIEN
"Regardless of why, the idea that poor people will use any cash they get for cigarettes and alcohol has been laid waste."

Definitive data on what poor people buy when they’re just given cash