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02/17/2017 at 15:26. Facebook
Jackie Christie reveals how Doug checked all her boxes & talks with Amber Rose about how they met for #14DaysOfLove ❀
When Jackie Christie first met Doug he was surrounded by 20 other women and she was like...nah

Jackie Christie Recalls How Her Relationship With Doug Almost Never Happened
Tiffany "New York" Pollard: You gotta a big ass

Sonja Morgan: I know, the guys do grab it.

Tiffany Pollard Talks Plastic Surgery, Dating, and Lots of Sex with Sonja Morgan on Brunch with Tiffany
We finally got to the bottom of why Jackie and Doug Christie have a wedding every year! It may sound crazy but it clearly keeps the spark alive!

Jackie Christie's 20 Weddings (and Counting) is a Blueprint For Longevity in a Relationship
Jackie Christie breaks down all 20 of her weddings to her man for #14DaysOfLove
Our hearts go out to Remy Ma. Thank you for sharing your story on last night's #LoveAndHipHop.

Remy Ma's Devastating Diagnosis Broke All Our Hearts On This Week's Love & Hip Hop
Raise your hand if you hope we get to see Jackie Christie in grandma mode?! -->

Jackie Christie's Daughter Chantel Gave Birth to Her Baby
Is everyone really fired? Why is Donna burning ish in the street? Why is DMX turnt up with the Crew? What. Is. Happening. -->

Ceaser Had a Secret Baby on Dutchess, O'Sh*t Got Sober and Married, and Someone Was in a Fatal Car Accident in the Black Ink Crew Supertrailer
What was your favorite #LHHNY moment from last night?
With Evelyn Lozada's return to Basketball Wives imminent, we have a feeling this is beef that will be addressed, if not resolved. -->

Beefs That We Want to See Resolved in 2017
Joseline Hernandez gave birth to her baby yesterday and she did it in true Joseline style.

Joseline Hernandez Gives Birth to Bonnie Bella, Posts A Hilarious Instagram Video Detailing The Birth
OMG, this video of Draya's baby, Jru, opening gifts is everything!

Jingle Ballin': Check Out the Gift-Giving Celebrities Did This Christmas
That time Duffey didn't realize Kim and Kanye are, you know, from LA. #BestOf2016

Duffey Tells Her FiancΓ© Iman They're Gonna be the Kanye and Kim of LA