Batiste Australia
03/24/2017 at 03:39. Facebook
This is so us. Who else is looking forward to a quiet weekend?
Batiste Australia
03/23/2017 at 01:29. Facebook
They say the grass is always greener on the other side... we say embrace your natural hair, curls or straight locks! Who's your hair bestie?
Friendships must be built on a solid foundation of laughs and inappropriate shenanigans. Who do you get up to mischief with?
BRB, netflix is calling my name.
Excuse me while I just have a casual
We just can't get enough of flower crowns! Show us how you wear yours!
.Want to win a pair of Snap SPECTACLES? Then add us on Snap! : @batisteau! We've got two pairs up for grabs over the next week or so. You know you need it!
Because really if we aren't spending our money on food, it's definitely going to hair upkeep. Don't you agree?
Excuse me while I just have a casual
Can you ever have enough makeup in your life? We don't think so! Add us on : @batisteau to find out how to win a $50 SEPHORA voucher AND a Toppik Brow Kit!
Don't we all?
The time has come guys! We're on : @batisteau! Follow us to WIN great prizes! Do it, you know you want too. Word on the street is there may or may not be spectacles up for grabs ;)
That's right guys! We're going to be on VERY, VERY SOON! Add @batisteau and get ready for sneak-peeks of what we're up to, tips, tricks and giveaways! Are you as excited as we are!?
And now we've realised tomorrow we've got to go back to work....
Braids with flowers....yes or no? Tell us your thoughts!
Float, tan, sleep, repeat. Hands up if you and your bestie are following this mantra today!
Who else is excited for 1/2 price chocolate tomorrow?
Would you?
My plans for the weekend include: making sure as many people see my new blow-out as possible!
We make hair contact before we make eye contact. Got a friend in mind with luscious locks? Tag them below!