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01/20/2017 at 04:26. Facebook
When the squad is feeling on point. Who are your main gals?
Batiste Australia
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It might not be the weekend yet, but you can still embrace that beach hair with our tropical fragrance! What's your favourite Batiste scent? Picture: @TheColourfulFace
Batiste Australia
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Only 2 more weeks to go. Who else can't wait for February?
Get flawless and volumised hair like @nikon_ita with a spritz of Batiste Blush!
Who are your "selfie" soulmates?
It sure can! Who else is trying this 'look' out today?
Who's your adopted sister?
We <3 a good waterfall braid! Have you mastered this hairstyle, show us below!
This is totally us! With only a few days left till Christmas, what's on your wishlist?
Couldn't have summed it up better... who do you exercise with?
BATISTE TOP TIP: Try spritzing some of our dry shampoo before bed and wake up with fresh, volumised hair! Do you have any more secret tricks for fabulous hair?
New hair = New me. It’s not just a hair colour, it’s a state of mind. What colour hair are you dreaming of trying?
Keep your friends close, but your snacks closer. Name and shame someone who is guilty of this.
Could not be more accurate. What name would you give this Monday morning hairstyle?
Summer means.. Sand under my feet, the wind in my hair & salt on my skin. What does it mean to you?
Create angel-worthy gorgeous waves using this effortless three-step guide and Batiste Stylist Texturising Spray! #YESYOUCAN Tag your ultimate beach buddy for this summer!
Tired of constantly straightening your hair to get rid of the frizz? Say goodbye to frizzy locks with our NEW frizz tamer spray! How long does it take to tame your mane in the mornings?
What great ideas have you had?
Fill in the blank: "A best friend is someone who..."