Darling Darcy is super excited to be representing our wonderful #Staffies this #StaffieSunday.

She's hoping her winning smile will encourage you to meet her fellow Staffie friends [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Meet our super Staffies

How can you tell if a cat wants some affection? ????????

Otto will certainly let you know! This sociable chap will no doubt win you over with his charming character.

Meet him here [ Bit.ly Link ]

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UPDATED: We love nothing more than hearing how former Battersea residents are getting on in their new homes.

When you rescue a dog or cat from Battersea you are giving them a second chance and as you can see from the updates we have received, they're loving life with their new families.

Meet your new best friend here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#NationalPuppyDay got us feeling like
With age comes wisdom and our sophisticated cats can certainly attest to that.

Many cats live for 15-20 years so our friendly felines over 8 years old are in their absolute purr-ime.

Meet some of our more mature moggies right here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

As marvelous Mable rings in another season, she still has no home and we have no reason.

After almost a year here at Battersea, she just wants to find her own family.

This #WorldPoetryDay help Mable finally find her happy ending.
[ Bit.ly Link ]

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Meet Mable

Today is #InternationalDayOfHappiness and our four-legged pals never fail to put a smile on our face.

What does your pet do that always makes you laugh? Let us know in the comments below.

To meet the dogs and cats here at #Battersea still searching for a new home, head to our website [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Meet your new best friend

Like many of her four-legged pals here at #Battersea, Jessie is paying close attention hoping to hear those magic words; 'you've found a home'.

From older gents to sprightly sprogs, we have lots of super #Staffies waiting to bound into a new life.

This super breed will make a wonderful addition to your home.
[ Bit.ly Link ]

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Meet our Staffies

It looks like former Irish racing #Greyhound Storm has predicted the outcome of the #IREvENG #6Nations match.

It remains to be seen if his rugby knowledge is up to scratch but if there’s one thing we are are sure of, it’s that he’ll make a great addition to any home.

You can find out more about super Storm here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Our two and four legged team popped into visit our friends at French Sole today.

We wanted to say a big thank you to them for raising over £35,000 for our dogs and cats through the sale of their #LittleDax slippers and Peppa really wanted to see the shoes.
Seamus has been biding his time but after 138 days he thinks #StPatricksDay☘ is the purr-fect time to find a new home.

Share this post and help this handsome lad find the luck of the Irish this weekend. [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Meet Seamus ☘

"When we decided to adopt there were so many beautiful cats to choose from at Battersea. They decided to introduce us to sisters Abigail and Amelia.

When we went in to a side room to decide, it was unanimous. The sisters had stolen our hearts. ❤

For sisters they have different temperaments. Abigail is bold and curious while Amelia is shy and sedate although they both love to play. They have...
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Meet your feline best friend ????

Step up and step out in aid of #Battersea by taking on a trekking challenge. From stunning coastal hikes to city treks, there are four great adventures to choose from.

Choose a challenge and help homeless dogs and cats with every step. [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Choose a trekking challenge

Luke and Tigger are a double dose of sweetness and are sure to brighten up your day. With 12-years under their belts they're full of #wednesdaywisdom.

These boys were born here at #Battersea in 2004 and following a change in their circumstances have sadly found themselves back here once again.

All they want is a purr-manent home where they can lounge in the sun and receive all the love...
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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Ron may need a little more practice for #TongueOutTuesday but he has certainly nailed that dazzling smile.

He absolutely loves toys and can often be found flinging them around his kennel. Ron also enjoys a good food puzzle at meal times to help keep him occupied.

He is ready to bound into your life and fill it with love and affection. Could Ron be the chap for you? [ Bit.ly Link...
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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

We're super motivated to find handsome 12-year-old #Staffie Buster the perfect furr-ever home.

He is a real people person and has been finding life in kennels quite tough, so Buster is spending time with a foster family.

If you could share your home and your heart with this affectionate old soul, please get in touch with our team: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Meet Buster ????

Louis is calling out to all #Staffie lovers out there because he wants a home.

This sensitive soul loves nothing more than a good fuss and cuddle and he's looking for new owners who will help to continue his training.

In return Louis will make for an affectionate and loving addition to the family. [ Battersea.org.uk Link ]

#StaffieSunday #Softerthanyouthink

Meet Louis

Can you believe that charming chap Chernyy is still searching for a home? This handsome #tuxedocat is suited up and just waiting for someone to take him home.

Let's make this #Caturday purr-fect for Chernyy. Meet him here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Meet charming Chernyy ????

My Buffy, what big ears you have. All the better to hear that it's Friday! #FridayFeeling

This extremely intelligent lady is looking for a lot of exercise and stimulation in her new home.

Buffy is charming, funny and affectionate, as well as having a very cheeky side. She will make a wonderful companion for confident dog enthusiasts. [ Bit.ly Link ]

#Malinois #BelgianShepherd #RescueDog

Meet Buffy

Mister Nice has been wondering all day long when he and his brother will get a loving new home together. #ThursdayThoughts

Mister Nice is a gentle cat who loves people taking care of his fabulous fur, whereas Mister Helpful may not fully live up to his name, but he does love play time and a good cuddle. [ Bit.ly Link ]

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