It's a roly-poly kinda #Caturday as demonstrated by cheeky chappy Chernyy.

He and his fabulous feline friends are waiting just for you. Come down and meet them today: [ Link ]
We love nothing more than hearing how former Battersea residents are getting on in their new homes.

When you rescue a dog or cat from Battersea you are giving them a second chance and as you can see from the updates we have received, they're loving life with their new families.

Meet your new best friend here: [ Link ]
Determined Dotty has got one thing on her mind today and that's finding herself a home.

She is a clever little lady and already knows 'Sit' and 'Paw'. Her love of toys and food will make great training tools and she is super keen to learn more.

Dotty likes to think of herself as a lap dog and is simply searching for the right one to snuggle up on. She is guaranteed to put a smile on your...
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Meet Dotty
Miss Tiggs has had a difficult time these past few years and is looking for a very special home.

This lovely lady was brought to Battersea after her beloved owner unfortunately became homeless. She had been staying in a hostel and living quite an unsettled life.

Miss Tiggs takes her time warming up to people but loved her previous owner so much. All she wants now is a place of her own that...
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Meet Miss Tiggs
With support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, we were able to open our new #Volunteers Room at our London centre today.

We strive to ensure that our volunteers and foster carers are valued for their commitment and recognised for the extraordinary things they do for Battersea. We simply could not do what we do without them.

If you are interested in joining our wonderful team and...
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Order, order! Can we have your attention please? Jenson the #JackRussell has a very important question to ask.

Is his #tongueouttuesday entry the best you've seen today? He certainly thinks so. This lively chap is all fun and games and looking for active new owners to take him home.

Jenson will certainly make a cracking companion. Find out all about him here: [ Link ]

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Meet Jenson
We are in parliament today discussing animal cruelty sentences.

For the very worst cases of animal cruelty in England and Wales, the maximum custodial sentence is just six months in prison. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home believes that this needs to be increased and we are calling for a maximum five year prison sentence.

Read our full report which shows the urgent need for tougher maximum...
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Animal cruelty sentences need to be increased
'Having had a great 18 years with our previous Battersea dog (Bailey), we knew where to start looking when we decided on a new addition to the family. We hit the jackpot with Prince.

A couple of years later, we had some space for a friend and along came Buffy. Here's to many years of walks, wags, jumps and cuddles to come!' [ Link ]

#PetRescue #DogRescue

Read our latest rehoming stories
Pretty kitty Misty is a beautiful example of some our longer-haired residents currently looking for homes this #Caturday.

They all have their own individual personalities and quirks, yet share a love of home comforts and affection.

They will make the purr-fect fluffy companions and you meet them here: [ Link ]

#RescueCat #PetRescue

Meet our long-haired felines
We've got that #FridayFeeling today thanks to 13-year-old Sophie. She visited our Brands Hatch centre this week to donate her Christmas AND birthday money to help the dogs and cats in our care.

Sophie came in along with her sister, mum and grandparents to make her donation and also got to meet lovely #Greyhound Shey.

We'd like to say a very big thank you to Sophie from all of us here at...
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Super Spud is looking for people like you to put their best foot forward and take on the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon in October.

Join Team #Battersea and run through some of the capital's most beautiful green spaces. By taking part you can help raise funds for the dogs and cats in our care, just like Spud. [ Link ]

Register now
Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? Mitzi sure does because she's never far from her feline friend Jessie.

This lovely duo have a beautiful bond and love to play and snuggle up together. Now all they need is the purr-fect home to settle down. [ Link ]

#PetRescue #RescueCats

Mitzi and Jessie
After spending over 120 days here at Battersea Missy is trying anything this #ValentinesDay❤ in the hope of capturing someone's heart.

Although all of the team here have fallen for her, she has been unlucky in finding a love of her very own.

Could Missy be the four-legged friend you've been searching for? Meet her here: [ Link ]

#RescueDog #PetRescue #Mongrel

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Mee Mee, Linus and Beau are just some of our cats hoping that the stars will align for them this #ValentinesDay and they will meet their purr-fect match at our sold out #FelineLonely event tomorrow.
Ruby, like all of her #Staffie friends here at Battersea, has got her eyes on the prize this weekend and that prize is a new home (and her tennis ball).

She's a clever bean, and already knows commands such as 'sit', 'paw', 'lie down', and 'roll over'.

Like many of her four-legged pals she could definitely be described as people-oriented and just cant get enough affection from handlers....
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Meet our super Staffies
Knock, knock. Who's there? It's giggling Giggsy!

Someone has been telling this beautiful #bengal some funnies this #Caturday while he waits to find a family.

Giggsy is a real character and a very chatty boy. He needs to be the only feline in his new home but will make for a highly interactive and affectionate companion. [ Link ]

#PetRescue #RescueCat

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Our team were so pleased to see long stay #Lurcher Flash go home this week after 244 days at our Old Windsor centre. The two-year-old came into Battersea last year with a very painful skin condition which covered his belly, legs, and face.

After lots of medical treatment and work to socialise him around traffic and other four-legged friends, he was like a different dog to the nervous boy who...
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Sigh we can't help but think that Gigi has got the sweetest little nose. #ThursdayThoughts

This sweet little lady loves nothing more than to curl up on a warm lap, purring contentedly like a kitten.

Gigi likes to wait patiently at her door for visitors and is probably waiting right now just for you: [ Link ]

#PetRescue #RescueCat #Tabby

Meet Gigi ????
Looking for your next #adventure?

Why not pound the paths, trails, and roads in aid of Battersea and experience some of the country’s best views at the same time.

From the Isle of Wight to the Thames Path there is an epic #trekking challenge out there just waiting to be tackled. Sign up now and help the dogs and cats in our care. [ Link ]

#Trekking #PetRescue

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Lovely Luna the #Lurcher may still be working on her training and commands but we can all agree that one thing she has mastered is #TongueOutTuesday.

This bubbly girl is a one of a kind whirlwind with a sweet affectionate side to match her fun personality. She's looking for experienced owners to welcome her into their home with open arms. [ Link ]

#PetRescue #RescueDog

Meet Luna ????