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Bring a Horse to a Ballroom fight. Only in #Battlefield (vid: Supremex11)
11/30/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
Thanks for participating in Battlefest - now here's what's coming up in Battlefield 1.

Thank you for joining Battlefest

11/29/2016 at 18:01. Facebook
Charge into an ever-changing battlefield with Battlefield 1.
11/27/2016 at 18:30. Facebook
Premium players, look out for this month's Superior Battlepack drop. There's plenty more to come: [ X.ea.com Link ]
Battlepacks were redesigned from the ground up in #Battlefield 1. Get all the details, watch here: [ X.ea.com Link ]
Official Custom Games are in Battlefield 1, including Fog of War and Hardcore mode. [ X.ea.com Link ]
Why should you PTFO? If you don't know what that means, JackFrags covers it in the full Boot Camp video here: [ X.ea.com Link ]
Ever switch kits on the go, squad wipe and capture the objective? Let Stodeh inspire you. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Get in the game to find out what Battlefest is all about - details below.

Welcome to Battlefest

Darkness429 is giving the Fall Update a solid run-through. Follow him at: [ Twitch.tv Link ]
There's a slew of tweaks and additions coming with the Fall Update, effective today. Read more below.

How we've Improved Battlefield 1 with the Fall Update

Watch VicenteProD's take on the War Stories of Battlefield 1. Full video here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Check out the full infographic below and let's keep those numbers growing!

Thank You For Launching with Battlefield™ 1

Battlefield 1 is Eurogamer recommended - tag a friend to let them know you agree.

Battlefield 1 review

"Outstanding" is what GameSpot thinks of Battlefield 1 - now tell us what YOU think.

Battlefield 1 Review