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StoneMountain64 teams up with Neebs Gaming and hit the desert. Watch more: [ Link ]

How did the Single Player of Battlefield 1 come to be? We interviewed Steven Hall, Lead Writer, on crafting the War Stories.

Developer Q&A: Writing for Battlefield 1
The Medical Syringe - it gives and it takes. (vid: Fjontos)
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Alright, Battlefield, we need a new name for these runaway motorcycle kills. (vid: justkeptfading)
A new year is upon us, and that means more exciting events in 2017 on The Road Ahead. Read more below.

The Road Ahead - January 2017
Get your syringes out - it's go time. (vid: MajorityHippo)
Battlefield Boot Camp covers everything from advanced infantry skills to give your squad an edge to the 101s to get you acclimated to the battlefield, like the below video on spotting enemies.
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DICE Producer, David Sirland, has a special in-game update on what's coming this January to Battlefield 1 - including more Custom Games and Battlepack Revisions. Let us know what you're looking forward to this year.
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Free Battlepack, Holiday Truce Dog Tag, New Custom Games - the Battlefield 1 Holiday Event kicks off today.

The Battlefield 1 Holiday Event
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Happy Friday! A free new map for Battlefield 1 - Giant’s Shadow - is set to drop on December 20. Check out the official trailer here!
#Battlefield1 has been nominated for Best Online/MultiplayerGame and Game of the Year (plus more!) at the IGN-Australia Select Awards. Yiewww! Agree? If so, cast your vote here!: