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Battlestar Galactica Online
Fight for humanity against the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons. Join the fight!
Prepare yourself to battle waves of Cylons intent on your destruction. The weight of the human race rests on your shoulders! Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons

If the world as you knew it was destroyed, how far would you go to get it back? The Cylons have returned to the Twelve Colonies after a forty-year absence. B...

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Also coming on iOS in November.
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Also coming on iOS in November.
If the world as you knew it were destroyed, how far would you go to get it back? Find out more at Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons.
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Music never sounded so good. Go behind the music with Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary.

How ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Outlander’ composer Bear McCreary is raising the bar on music for TV
All the heroes, all the villains, and even more mayhem. Our vote is going to Commander Adama from Battlestar Galactica. ✅

HitFix's March Mayhem 2016
Our Battlestar Galactica online game is celebrating 5 years of epic battles with their Twilight of the Gods event! Now through March 15th you can take flight, attack asteroids, encounter special characters and help defeat a mysterious threat in this monumental 5th birthday event!
Help make earth a better place. So say we all!

Use #ThankYouKarellen and Syfy will donate $1 each to Peace First, The Salvation Army USA, and Project HOPE.
Congratulations to #BSG for landing on Hollywood's list of 100 Favorite TV Shows via The Hollywood Reporter.

Battlestar Galactica - Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows
We’re not fracking with you. Battlestar Galactica will air on NBC UNIVERSO en español starting TODAY at 9PM. #SoSayWeAll
Agree or disagree? Either way, Battlestar Galactica premieres en español on NBC UNIVERSO Wednesday,7/29, at 9PM. #SoSayWeAll

Las 5 razones por las que Battlestar Galactica es mejor que la Guerra de las Galaxias
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