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"For they are the we of us."

90 years ago today, 10 #Baylor students lost their lives in a tragic accident near Austin on their way to a basketball game versus Texas. To this day, they are remembered as the "Immortal Ten":

Remembering the Immortal Ten || BaylorProud
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#Baylor has been officially recognized as a "Military Friendly School" -- one of the top 10 large private universities in the nation:

Baylor University Named to 2017 'Military Friendly' Schools List
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1, 2, 3... Yep, six Bears here, by our count.

(: @cam.eron.can.non/bayloruniversity on Instagram)

Instagram photo by Baylor University • Jan 11, 2017 at 9:59pm UTC
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“Like four years ago I injured my shoulder, and I injured my ankle… They weren’t quite bad enough to where I had to have surgery right away, so I went ahead and waited it out… They weren’t quite bad enough to where I had to have surgery right away, so I went ahead and waited it out and waited till I got to college.

“The first two weeks were pretty miserable; I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t...
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#BearsOfBaylor — “I couldn’t walk for a week… [and] I only had one arm that I could use…”
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If you're driving past the #Baylor campus on University Parks Drive today... Yes, that is Quidditch you see being played outside the BSB.

Today, the Baylor Quidditch Association hosts its annual "Brooms on the Brazos" tournament:

3rd Annual Brooms on the Brazos

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"CSD’s new home gives students the space they need to help both children and adults who suffer from strokes, autism and speaking disorders of all kinds. And with more space than ever before, it allows for more faculty, more research opportunities, and a more robust graduate program."

Inside the new home for #Baylor Communication Sciences & Disorders and its Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic:

Communication Sciences and Disorders’ new home serves BU students — and Waco || BaylorProud
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"[#Baylor's success] speaks to player development, cohesiveness and chemistry. It speaks to leadership, which this team has. And most of all it speaks to the coach who has orchestrated one of the greatest turnarounds in all of college basketball during his 14-year tenure in Waco."

-- USA Today on national coach of the year candidate Scott Drew:

Coach of the year candidate Scott Drew turns Baylor's low-star talent into star team || USA Today
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“I’m from Waco, so I’ve been coming to basketball games since I was six months old. It’s really nice to transition from the fans to the student section. There’s a lot of energy.”

[What do you know about the Immortal Ten?]
“Our freshman year, they take you into Waco Hall and tell you about the history of it and everything. You do a candlelight vigil walking out. It’s really eye-opening to see...
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#BearsOfBaylor — “It’s really eye-opening to see … how we’ve kept the tradition alive for so long.”
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Seven #Baylor journalism students will get to cover Friday's Inauguration up close — thanks in part to three D.C.-area alumni:

Lariat reporters to cover Inauguration live — thanks in part to D.C.-area alumni || BaylorProud
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Call it Mulkey Math: If a team has 11 players who need regular playing time -- including 6 high school All-Americans and a two-time collegiate All-American -- but only 5 players can take the court at a time, how do you keep everyone happy?

#Baylor women's basketball head coach Kim Mulkey has found a way -- and that balance has the Lady Bears ranked No. 2 in the nation:

Talented Depth Has Made Mulkey Adjust Her Style ||
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It's almost Sing time!

Sing tickets go on sale for students tonight (Thursday, Jan. 19) at 6 p.m., and open to the general public tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 20) at 10 a.m.:

Baylor Student Productions || All University Sing
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The latest film from #Baylor alum John Lee Hancock ("The Blind Side," "The Rookie") debuts this weekend.

"The Founder" stars Michael Keaton as McDonald's titan Ray Kroc, and is already receiving strong reviews:

‘Blind Side’ director’s latest film, ‘The Founder,’ opens Friday || BaylorProud
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While the Oath of Office, parade, receptions and other Inaugural events have America's attention, a military task force will be working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

Army Reserve Maj. Beatriz Florez -- who earned her master's in social work from #Baylor in 2012 -- will play a key part in that effort:

Meet Your Army: Army Reserve Maj. Florez is moving mountains for inauguration
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A new study headed by a #Baylor psychology professor suggests the best way to prepare for your next test:

Want to Ace an Exam? Tell a Friend What You Learned
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Thank you, #Baylor Police officers, for running into danger when needed to help keep us safe.

Though we often take it for granted, your work allows our students to focus on fulfilling the purposes God has for them. For that (and more), we say "thank you."

Thank you, Baylor Police! || BaylorProud
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As part of the university’s annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., #Baylor students gathered Tuesday night to discuss Dr. King’s legacy and vision. The "I Have a Dream..." Cross Cultural Engagement Neighbor Night was co-sponsored by Baylor Formation Cross Cultural Engagement and Baylor's Department of Multicultural Affairs.
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#Baylor honored the 90th anniversary of the 1927 Immortal Ten team on Tuesday night as the Bears faced Texas.

The new Eternal Flame sculpture welcomed fans to the Ferrell Center, and 10 seats were left empty inside in honor of the 10 students. Players wore a special t-shirt during warm-ups (which was given to the first 750 students in attendance and available for all to purchase), and wore...
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A #Baylor professor is testing whether potentially cancerous house dust in Canada is spreading to the U.S.:

Common House Dust Could Contain Cancer-Causing Molecules || NOVA
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STUDENTS: Don’t forget – you can get free tutoring in the Foster Success Center; find a tutor here:

Baylor University || Academic Support Programs: Tutoring