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Chesney Hawkes' #1 hit 'The One and Only' was released 26 years ago this month.
26. Years.

Now that we've made you feel old, here's Chesney and his father Chip talking to Charlie & Louise as they prepare to go on tour together for the first time.
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Sergeant Jeffrey Pugeliese played a key role in the manhunt to capture the 2013 Boston Marathon bombers, now he's being portrayed by JK Simmons in new feature film Patriots Day.
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For the first time in over a century, a non league team has made it into the quarter finals of the FA Cup. Lincoln City shocked everyone yesterday with their one-nil win over Premier League side Burnley.

Here's how they booked their place in the history books...
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How much physical contact is acceptable between a pupil and a teacher? If students are upset, should teachers comfort them, or is any contact too much?

According to one neurologist, teachers who are too scared give children a reassuring pat on the shoulder are guilty of abuse. Professor Francis McGlone says physical contact with pupils is "absolutely essential" for brain development. What...
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Congratulations to Lincoln City! We'll be speaking to the club's Managing Director tomorrow morning, after their dramatic, last-minute win over Burnley made them the first non-league team in 103 years to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals.
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"I still love playing [You're Beautiful], because it means it's almost the end of the concert & time for a beer!"
The irrepressible James Blunt joined Charlie & Louise to talk about his new album, Twitter zingers and the dangers of a 'mock knighting'...
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More than 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK and getting an early diagnosis is vital to beat the disease.

Now radio wave technology is being trialled which could offer a less painful and more accurate way to spot the early signs. Eluned Hughes from Breast Cancer Now joined Charlie and Louise to explain more...
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Mums United!

You've got until tomorrow to sign up for the FA People's Cup via our friends at BBC Get Inspired for the chance to play at Wembley.
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We've all had restaurant receipts where a suggested service charge has been automatically added on. But it's now emerged that some cruise lines are adding about Β£10 per person per day as a compulsory levy. What do you think about tipping?
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One of California's strongest storms in years - dubbed a "bombogenesis" or "weather bomb" - has hit the state, killing two, and bringing torrential rain and flash floods.
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Have you ever been so distracted by your phone you haven't noticed where you're walking?

A town in the Netherlands has come up with a way to help smartphone users cross the road safely...

Bodegraven is trialling a scheme to install lights on the ground at pedestrian crossings. The strips on the ground are designed to catch the eye of people looking down, and change colour to match traffic...
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Whether covered in snow or sprinkled with blossoms the dramatic landscape of the Lake District is always captivating.

A new BBC Two documentary charting a year-in-the-life of England's largest national park promises a unique look at the people and animals who call it home. Charlie & Louise were joined on the sofa by producer Simon Blakeney and Lake District stonemason David Birkett.
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What is fake news and how to spot it?

The clever folk at over at @CBBC Newsround have put together this handy guide: [ Link ]
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Could you cope without your electronic devices for a whole week?
A West Yorkshire school has asked its pupils to go on a digital detox with positive results.

(Courtesy of our friends at BBC Look North (Yorkshire))
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A year in the life of the Lake District.

These beautiful time-lapse pictures have been captured for new BBC Two programme 'The Lake District: A Wild Year'
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Never be ashamed to ask directions...!

A lorry driver in Kazakhstan has captured the moment a pilot landed on a highway to ask for help after apparently losing his way in bad weather.
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Watch out for some patchy fog on your travels this morning across parts of Scotland, northern England and southwest England in particular – some of which will be slow to clear. Here's Carol with the full forecast:

It is also a cold and frosty start to the day across Scotland with temperatures widely hovering just above or below freezing. But it is across northern and eastern Scotland and...
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It was one of the worst shipping disasters ever to take place in British waters, yet it's one of the least well-known. More than 600 people drowned when the SS Mendi sank close to the Isle of Wight on 21st February 1917.

Most of the victims were black South African Labourers who'd been conscripted to support British forces in the First World War. Today events get underway to mark 100 years...
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Press conferences by the President of the United States are traditionally respectful affairs.

But that wasn't the tone during the 75 minutes that Donald Trump spoke to the media at the White House last night...
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The Great British queue: what is the longest or most frustrating queue you've ever had to join? Are you put off if there are more than six people lining up in front of you? Is queuing a part of your daily life or do you avoid them at all costs?

A new study by researchers at UCL has found that people will wait for an average of six minutes in a queue before giving up in frustration and we're...
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