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What are your hopes and fears, political or personal, for the next four years?

Donald Trump's inauguration later today begins a new era for the USA and the world - are you optimistic or pessimistic about what's to come?
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Tomorrow is the day of Donald Trump's Presidential inauguration and the end of Breakfast's Route 45 roadtrip. Jon Kay is in Washington County, Alabama to hear residents' hopes for the next four years.
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We had a lot of fun with some of the stars of 'Spy in the Wild' today, finding out about mourning monkeys, pacing pigs and sawing orangutans!

The series starts on BBC One tonight at 8pm.
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Mexican duo JesseyJoy have stormed the Latin American charts for the last decade but they have never released their music in English or in the UK, until now...
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Has abuse of match officials gone too far? Have you seen spectators and players lose control? Are you a referee who has been verbally or even physically attacked whilst trying to officiate a football match or any other sport?

We'll be looking at this issue next week on Breakfast but before then we'd like to hear your experiences. You can leave them in the comments or email us at...
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Charlie 'The 21st Century Johnny Morris' Stayt helps Birute the orangutan introduce Carol's weather forecast!

Spy in the Wild starts tonight on BBC One at 8pm.
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Yes, we had an orangutan on the sofa!

Her name is Birute and she's one of the stars of new nature show Spy In The Wild.
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If you are getting tired of all this cloud where you are, there is more to come over the next few days. Here's Carol with the forecast:

Now it is looking like Tuesday/Wednesday next week before we see a change to more unsettled conditions coming in from the west. Today however, there is a better chance that a few more of us will see some brighter breaks….but the emphasis for the bulk of the...
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Only two Lancaster bombers are still airworthy but one family is trying to change that with a remarkable restoration project.
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We've got some top guests in the studio this morning.
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It's one the most famous aircraft Britain has ever produced but only two Lancaster bombers are still able to fly.

Now one family is hoping to change that with a remarkable 30 year restoration project.
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Are we facing a courgette crisis!? Is it time we started to rely less on imports and more on British-grown crops?

The cost of imported vegetables such as courgettes, lettuce, and broccoli is going up because of bad weather in Europe. Supermarkets have also told the BBC there are concerns over the supply of fresh food.
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Fall of the planet of the apes...and monkeys...and lemurs...

60% of primates are now threatened with extinction because of human activities, Victoria Gill explains why and what can be done about it.
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The birthplace of Elvis, Tupelo Mississippi is Jon Kay’s next stop on his trip along Route 45. Jon will be talking about Trump’s plans for manufacturing and meeting the high school band booked to perform at the inauguration.
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How do we talk to children about the terrorism, war and other terrible things they might see on the news?

That's the question being tackled by a new children's play coming to the National Theatre London, based on the 2004 Beslan school siege. The play is called Us/Them and its director, Carly Wijs joined Dan Walker TV & Louise on the sofa...
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#cleaneating - a healthy way of life or just another diet fad?

In the last few years 'clean eating' has become a big deal in the food world - and the hashtag of choice for trendy food bloggers.

Giles Yeo has been investigating the science behind the diets...
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RIP Colo.

The oldest known gorilla in the world has died aged sixty.
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A lot of cloud at times with a little light rain and drizzle, but also with some sunny breaks here and there, here's Carol with the full forecast:

We have a weather front draped across Lincolnshire, the north Midlands and into east Wales and this is where we are starting with thicker cloud and some patchy light rain and drizzle. Through the morning, this will tend to...
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The first freight train to travel directly to the UK from China will arrive in London today.

It's taken two weeks to get here but that's around half the time a journey by sea would take.
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Should disabled travellers be legally entitled to use the wheelchair spaces on buses - even when there are babies in buggies on board?

The Supreme Court will rule on this later today. The case was triggered when wheelchair user Doug Paulley attempted to board a bus in Leeds in 2012, but was unable to when a woman refused to move her buggy.