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There's a lot we can learn from the town's inhabitants. (BBC Earth)

The British town that was swallowed by the ocean
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It's not just Glasto, you know. (BBC Culture)

Eight extraordinary British festivals not to be missed
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'The British approach undoubtedly yields the kinds of stories that appeal to the furthest reaches of children’s imagination.' (Via The Atlantic)

Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories
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Twenty years after Princess Diana's passing, Kensington Palace is celebrating her life through a display of her spectacular dresses.

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Cambridge city, post-Storm Doris.

A late entry for our cover photo of the week goes to @wallis_p_ on Instagram.
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Up to ten photos at a time on Instagram, you say? We're in.

Today, in our first Instagram 'album', we've scoured #BBCBritain to find some of our favourite shots of British 'entrances' – enticing us to wonder what's beyond the façade.

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'These problems come down to people – including you and me, dear readers – being greedy, lazy and snobbish.' (BBC Culture)

Why spelling in English is so difficult
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Babies falling from trees? Heads being chopped off in central London? Animals being cooked alive? (BBC Culture)

The grim truth behind popular nursery rhymes
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'More than any other course at any other university, more than any revered or resented private school, and in a manner probably unmatched in any other democracy, Oxford PPE pervades British political life.' (Via The Guardian)

PPE: the Oxford degree that runs Britain
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The hospital is so notorious, its very name has come to mean madness and chaos. (BBC Culture)

What life was really like inside Bedlam
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Winds have reached speeds of up to 94mph. (Via Ventusky)

An animated wind-map of Storm Doris
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This brave group of British soldiers is hoping to be the first all-female team to cross Antarctica independently.

(Via BBC Midlands Today)
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How did Cockfosters tube station get its name?

10 of our favourite tube stations and where their unusual names came from: [ Link ]
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In one lucky classroom in Newport, England, kids get to build their own bikes – and keep them.

Best teacher ever?

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"There’s no Shrop in Shropshire. So, why’s it called that?" (Via CityMetric)

Where did England’s counties get their names?
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"I have never felt so vulnerable, yet so powerful, at the same time." (BBC Culture)

Photographing newborns' first few hours of life
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Is this the Crooked House of Windsor, or did we have one too many glasses of wine last night?

This lopsided little hideaway has been around since the 16th Century, and is living proof that our imperfections make us all the more lovable.

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If plans had been followed, our capital city could be a totally different place. (BBC Culture)

How London might have looked
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They have the power to strengthen our relationship with the earth. (BBC Culture)

The dying English words that can bring us closer to nature