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Go on, give us a kiss.

This Scottish highland cow certainly isn't one for subtlety.

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It's the war of the workplaces! (BBC Capital)

Who has more fun at work – Brits or Americans?
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We have a "romantic idea of queuing', and for good reason. (BBC Future)

We hate to admit it, but Brits aren’t the best at queuing
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'For many, the digital economy is still very much a brave new world. But it’s vital that Britain is at the forefront of this world.' (Via The Spectator)

Are we doing enough to secure Britain’s digital future? | Coffee House
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Falkland, Fife, Scotland.

'Are all doors created equal?'

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It's one of Britain's fastest-growing lifestyle choices. (Via The Independent)

Veganism grows by 360 per cent in Britain
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It's been the fastest-selling exhibition in Tate Britain's history. (Via London Evening Standard)

Tate Britain to stay open until midnight for David Hockney exhibition
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Now, then, always.

This week's cover photo winner was taken by @theglobalcreator on Instagram.
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Last night, thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square for a vigil after the London terror attack. (BBC News)
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"When people take the time to engage with me, they find out who I am."

Meet Kevin French – the life model and performer with cerebral palsy.
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This gloomy weather in London has us dreaming of days like this – gazing at the magnificent Durdle Door. How's the weather where you are in the world? ☀

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The England of 'cream teas and summer fetes' this is not. (BBC Culture)

Exploring the beauty of London’s punks and fetish clubs
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Happy World Poetry Day! Take a peek at the UK Parliament Poets' Hall – a stunning walk-through depiction of Britain's greatest literature.
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"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it." – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Soaring over Honister Pass in the Lake District.

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The historic deal will bring 'Asian-style maths' to English classrooms. (Via The Guardian)

Chinese maths textbooks to be translated for UK schools
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The city "crams in all the culture you could wish for." (BBC News)

Bristol named best place to live in Britain in 2017