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A cult of women predicted the end of the world – and 120,000 people believed it. (BBC Travel)

This ordinary town hides an unopened box of prophecies
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At one time, these spectacular places were seen as 'wild, desolate and unattractive.' (BBC Culture)

The wild, romantic side of Britain
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After an exhausting few hours celebrating the Red, Red Rose Street Festival in Edinburgh, surely it's time for a pint.

On 23rd of January, the city kicked off its newest festival in style – just like Burns Night, it's all about honing Robert Burns, Scotland's most illustrious Bard. Running until the 27th, the festival will expand the traditional Burns Night festivities over a lively...
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At one time, the picture frame was valued higher than the painting itself. (BBC Culture)

The erotic masterpiece we nearly lost
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These islands have 'the potential to rewrite history.' (BBC Earth)

Forget Dubai, Brits were building islands 5,000 years ago
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Not too shabby... (BBC Capital)

The servants making $150,000 a year
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It's #NationalPieDay!

Whether you're baking up a storm or just drooling at others' creations on social media, it's a good day to celebrate good food.

Find a spot like Bakesmiths in Bristol and grab something delicious.

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Who likes perfection, anyway? (BBC Culture)

When mistakes make the art
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How could such a genius fall for a schoolgirl prank? (BBC Future)

The scam that fooled Sherlock's creator
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It could be to blame for as many as 9,500 premature deaths in London each year. (BBC Future)

The lethal effects of London fog
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Happy Monday, all – this peaceful shot of Mudeford Quay, Dorset, is slowly easing us out of 'weekend mode'.

As peaceful as it is now, this area was a historic hub of widespread smuggling, and was the site of the Battle of Mudeford skirmish in 1784. ☠

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'When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark...when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle.' – Arthur Conan Doyle (BBC Culture)

Cycle revolution: The most beautiful British bike designs
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'There is a passion and curiosity for drinkable symbols of British tradition.' (BBC Capital)

Why British beer is huge in China
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These fellas are the ultimate picky eaters. (BBC Earth)

North Ronaldsay sheep eat seaweed and little else
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Tattoos – love 'em or hate 'em? (BBC Future)

The name for Britain comes from our ancient love of tattoos
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It is home to around 20,000 human remains. (BBC Future)

The London landmark with 20,000 skeletons in its vault
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These coral reefs, off the UK coast, are older than the pyramids of Egypt. (BBC Earth)

These deep-sea creatures have existed for 10,000 years
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'They live in perfect liberty...they observe no laws.' (BBC Culture)

How Utopia shaped the world
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Would you squirm at the sight of an eel? (BBC Capital)

The UK’s most slippery export