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Suzy Dobbs Hardwicke
Ole Balakay
Dale Miller
Are you the next big thing in comedy? Of COURSE you are! And you could win £1000 and a BBC Radio 4 comedy commission! Apply here
Allen Mao
Kelli Macpherson
But... what are you running from? ???? - Third Leg Studios
Carmen Guido
Gary Manders
Klaus Brinchmann
Waiting for that Bank Holiday like...
Waiting for that Bank Holiday like
Look who's back! John Cleese returns to BBC Comedy with brand new sitcom Edith!
Look who's back John Cleese returns to BBC Comedy with brand new sitcom Edith

John Cleese to star in his first BBC sitcom since Fawlty Towers
Rene Sørensen
Isobelle Klisivitch
Andy Hislop
Those awks hairdresser convos though... ‍♂
BBC Scotland/ Chris Forbes
Raihana Rahimansa
Alex Stewart
HOW many soups?!?!?! Our Friend Victoria - Tonight 9.30pm BBC One.
Chuck Dunlap
Irene Brown
Becky Sutherland-Shiell
Eyes down! Julie Walters reveals she liked playing old ladies just to make Victoria Wood laugh. ❤

Our Friend Victoria - Tuesday 9.30pm, BBC One
Steve King
Nikolin Alphons
"Salmon Rushdie" Romesh Ranganathan and Jayde Adams talk fish puns and cod do batter, TBH.

Comedians in Pubs BBC Three [ Link ]
Diane Cullimore
Michael Barclay
Vlod Surma
???? The "history" behind National Unicorn Day ????

Yeah, we'll take two of whatever BBC Scotland is having, yeah, cheers, thanks a lot.
Aishola Aisaeva
Mandy Bledsoe
Michael 'Gromit' Evans
Pepsi challenged! Ivo Graham goes off on one about THAT advert. The Now Show tonight at 6:30PM BBC Radio 4 [ Link ]
Today we're mostly missing: Ceefax. Kids, this was the closest thing we had to the internet in the 80s.
Today were mostly missing Ceefax Kids this was the closest thing we
Lyn Mclean
Mark Heath
Antonio Sharpe
What do Russell Howard, Sarah Millican and Peter Kay have in common? The BBC New Comedy Award helped launch their careers! Now it's your turn.
Kevin Pettigrew
Vicky Wilkes
Selina Hutchison
Jack Dee tells Romesh Ranganathan why some gigs are just murder...

Check out BBC Three's Comedians in Pubs [ Link ]
Lara May
John Wood
Edward Pertile
We need to talk about April Fools'...
Third Leg Studios
Rheanna Neil
Artin Afkhami
Nick Pippin
When Jonathan Pie plans a trip to Africa for Comic Relief: Red Nose Day. Yes, it's as wonderfully awkward as you'd expect.

CAUTION: Sweary AF. Obviously.
Evan Pkiojklm
Sydney Lane
Patricia Joseph
If Brian Pern was to die tomorrow, what would be his biggest regret? ????
BBC Comedy
Charlie Agrawal
Andrew Cutts
Remembering Ronnie Corbett, who passed a year ago today, with this absolute classic... Four candles, you say?
Susan Burnett
Ray Proskey
Catherine Rosa