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BBC Comedy
yesterday at 18:01. Facebook
Who doesn't need a Romeo Sosolid London guardian angel? Sunny D, right here bbc.in/SunnyD
BBC Comedy
12/02/2016 at 17:22. Facebook
Do you have what is takes to become the Master of Brexit? The Now Show is on tonight! 6:30PM BBC Radio 4 [ Bbc.in Link ]
BBC Comedy
12/02/2016 at 15:52. Facebook
A fond farewell to the man who gave us Manuel. Thank you Andrew Sachs, for the years of laughter.
BBC Comedy
12/01/2016 at 16:01. Facebook
The Top Tens have gone meta! Join The Pin as they take you down a rabbit hole of backstage TV wizardry and reveal their Top Ten Behind The Scenes Moments From The Making of This Video. Confused? You will be!
BBC Comedy
12/01/2016 at 13:01. Facebook
Dawn French is in the driving seat for Women Talking About Cars. Listen now [ Bbc.in Link ]
BBC Comedy
11/30/2016 at 17:08. Facebook
Sometimes you have to choose between your flatmate and your catmate. Ackee and Saltfish on BBC Three now. [ Bbc.in Link ]
BBC Comedy
11/28/2016 at 19:03. Facebook
Is India a good name for a baby? Two Doors Down are having a heated debate. [ Bbc.in Link ]
WARNING! Manhood battery is dangerously depleted!

New Sunny D, though [ Bbc.in Link ]
We threw a bunch of ridiculous questions at the cast of Two Doors Down and they batted them back with sass. All hail journalism!
[ Bbc.in Link ]
Basically, the government can track everything you do and the opposition are totally cool with it.

The Now Show, 6.30pm BBC Radio 4 [ Bbc.in Link ]
Best to avoid a Khan selfie. He has no control over his narcissistick!

Citizen Khan - Tonight, 8.30pm BBC One
If sitcoms had #BlackFriday...
What's the best seat on a plane?* David Schneider tells us!

*Probably the one furthest from a screaming child...

Seats on a Plane, The Science of Everyday Living - BBC Radio 4

How Alexei Sayle became a comedy legend. His Imaginary Sandwich Bar is open for business [ Bbc.in Link ]
GINA YASHERE has a couple of issues with public toilets...

Live at the Apollo - Tonight, 10pm, BBC Two (via Open Mike Productions)
You know who would make a great ambassador...
Grim Monday? Never mind, here's Omid Djalili booty shaking like a boss.
Come watch the awesome Sharon Rooney nick things from the Two Doors Down set. TDD returns tonight, 10pm BBC Two
How NOT to motivate your employees...

Dane J. Baptiste and Katherine Ryan star in BRAND NEW Sunny D [ Bbc.in Link ]
If you've got nothing positive to say, go and sit next to Christine... New Two Doors Down - Monday 21 Nov, 10pm BBC Two.