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Today on Doctors: While Shak's first driving lesson, doesn't quite go as planned, Emma thinks about putting the brakes on her relationship with Lena. Elsewhere a girl finds solitude in a girl gang, but will it save her from her step dad?
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2 very different hugs... Has Emma's bubble burst?
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Today on Doctors: Lena's husband puts two and two together, but doesn't quite get four, will Lena confess all? Elsewhere Al's world is shattered by news from Mrs Tembe.
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Working in TV isn't always that glamorous - but occasionally we do try. #DressUpFriday #bbcdoctors #behindthescenes #ProductionOffice
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It's Friday night and there's something in the air... It could be love or just some bad smelling pheromons. Have a good weekend all!
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"I think I've learnt more from you, than you ever could from me"... Sad farewell to Adam, but that feather boa on Rob? Perfection!
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Today on Doctors: "What on earth have you bought me to?" - Valerie's idea of a nice night out stinks!
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Today: Ayesha discovers Emma and Lena's secret.... Plus Karen and Rob help foster child Adam to reconnect with his mum.
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Today on Doctors: Al’s got a cracking team name, but do they hold all the answers? (What would your Quiz Team Name for the Doctors be?)

Elsewhere Mrs Tembe gets involved when a fence causes offence in an on going neighbours feud.
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Could it be a recipe for disaster? Who would like to go for a night out with Valerie and Mrs Tembe? Who's your Doctors Valentine?
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Ah, Daniel managed to 'whisk' Zara off her feet... (ah hummmm)
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Happy Valentines Everyone....

We don't have a Love Dr, but we've a Dr Vere; who gets a mystery Valentines card, who could it be from? hmmmmm...
Doing what feels right... can get complicated.
Snack Gate comes to Letherbridge!

It's a case worthy of Rob Hollins; Which actor is trying to sneak away with the Crew's snacks?

Answers on a postcard, please. (Or, just pop it below in the comments;-)
Also - fun fact about The Mill's new work experience visitor - many years ago she was a Runner on the show!
Just good friends? Who thought Emma would make the first move?
Today: Sid discovers there’s more to the work experience girl than meets the eye. Elsewhere Emma’s keeping her friendship afloat (get it) with Lena, but how long before someone takes the dive!
Complicated friendships! Was Mrs Tembe right to take Al to task? Was Daniel right to defend his friend? Has Emma finally found some happiness?
Emma and Lena bond over a leisurely picnic. Elsewhere a grumpy Al goes too far and is threatened by Mrs Tembe and Daniel tries to help a man who is being blackmailed.