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Last reveal... What are your big hopes for the Doctors in the new year?
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It's always fun looking back, here's a video we made for last years Soap Awards....
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Oh, some odd ones here - what are your guesses?
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It's OK, this time next week, and we'll be back on... Monday 23rd 13:45
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Another reveal... Love for some, but something darker for others.
In just over a week, we'll be back on air... but what does 2017 have in store?
We love it when someone who started their careers on Doctors goes on to do well, so congratulations to Claire Foy who won Best Actress at last night's Golden Globes. Here she is back in 2008 acting alongside, now MP, Tracy Brabin. Congratulations Claire!
Is anyone watching Father Brown while we are off? You can find some behind the scenes exclusives over on it's new Facebook page: [ Link ]

BBC Father Brown
So that's it from us for this year... What have your highlights been this year? Name your favourite scene and we'll try and dig it out and post it in the new year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or as Al would say...
Did you wear your Christmas Jumper today?
"She's had a stroke" poor Adam, what will happen to him now? Will Al take to being a model, and will he find happiness in the new year? Will Tyler have to come clean to Ayesha?
Our last Ep before Christmas: Mrs Tembe implements Christmas Jumper Day at The Mill, but it's down to Zara to get Al to join in. Also, Karen gets a chilling call from the hospital and Tyler gets another visit from Bren.
Has Tyler done the right thing?
You've got 5 mins before doctors is on and some more Christmas Carol behind the scenes photos have gone up, now isn't that good timing: [ Link ]

Scrooge gets into the dance! - Christmas Carol Behind the Scenes - Doctors - BBC One
Unfortunately there's some Christmas traditions you can't avoid, like when unwanted relatives descend...
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