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A rare and breathtaking phenomenon.

What is a ‘dirty thunderstorm’?
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Patagonia's most explosive eruption in living memory.

Secrets of Patagonia's rare and violent volcanoes
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The Australian quokka, part of the kangaroo family, is the happiest animal on earth. At least, that’s how it appears. Once described by a Dutch sea captain as ‘a kind of rat as big as a common cat’, the furry creatures always wear a cheeky grin – even when asleep.
Scientists still don’t understand why the quokkas are always smiling, but they put it down to an ‘accident of evolution’.
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What will cause a gorilla to attack?

Are gorillas a danger to people?
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Living for up to 80 years, they hunt within Japan's mountain rivers.

Two-metre-long salamanders
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Natural History Unit director Paul Williams came face to face with giant leopards.

Yala's giant leopards
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Could the site of the world's worst nuclear accident get a new lease of life?
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How solar may save Ukraine's nuclear wasteland
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Introducing the incredible marine iguana.
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An aggressive and controversial stance on tackling poachers. (Via Quartz)

An Indian wildlife park is saving rhinos by shooting people
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Their social lives are crucial to their success.

Sperm whales can remember their friends over many years
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To deceive others, capuchin monkeys sound a false alarm.

Monkeys lie to one another
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Today is world pangolin day. One photographer has captured their plight.

Pangolins are the world's most trafficked mammal
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Ever wondered why we dream?
Scientists have been studying the dream cycle for decades, but no one really knows for sure why we have them.
There are many theories, including that dreams are meaningless and a simple by-product of neutral processes. However, some scientists believe dreaming is a "virtual-reality simulation" where we rehearse threatening situations. This is supported by the fact...
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Jasmine isn't just a flower; it's a way of life.
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India’s auspicious flowers
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How many can you guess right?

Weird and wonderful photo quiz
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Hey ladies! This lovesick sloth will cross oceans to find a mate.
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Here are the best #EarthCapture posts of the week! Thank you to everyone who shared their passion for nature with us
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The big cats try to kill a vulnerable calf.

Buffalo vs lions
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It took a set of specific circumstances to allow the blue whale to become the largest of all animals.

Why blue whales are so enormous
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A 40km crack in the Antarctic is so dangerous that British research teams have had to leave for the first time in 60 years.
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