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Conservationists are stepping up to the mark.

The bird that cannot survive by itself
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Thought to have been extinct for 70 million years.

Sensational coelacanth discovery
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From gazing at pictures of elephants in books, Asuka Takita began visiting them at the zoo every week when her family moved from Japan to Singapore. Since then, she has been committed to stopping ivory poachers.

The woman working on the front line of the war on poaching
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Embark on an adventure across Japan with Joanna Lumley.
Joanna Lumley’s Japan. Starts tonight at 9:50pm (HK), BBC Earth.
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"Here is one of my favourites from my time in Madagascar; a black and white ruffed lemur looks right into the lens in a lemur reserve near Antananarivo."
#EarthCapture by Gregory Miles.

Instagram photo by BBC Earth • Jan 26, 2017 at 7:30pm UTC
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Red-crowned cranes mate for life… and the romance never fades.
Joanna Lumley’s Japan. Starts tomorrow at 9:50pm (HK), BBC Earth.
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Sir David Attenborough is back for #BluePlanet2
Coming soon to BBC Earth.
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In a mating frenzy, males attack their own kind.

Giant bees fight to death
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Scientists could soon bring creatures back from extinction.

De-extinction could soon become reality.
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These great apes are being snatched from their homes to live as "pets".

On the trail of the orangutan killers
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"This place is like a wild circus..."
Life Below Zero continues tonight at 9:45pm (SIN/HK) on BBC Earth.
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Most victims can't escape a fried egg jellyfish's tentacles.

Huge jellyfish hunts moon jellies
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A tiny, fluffy duckling with a lot of courage.
Don’t miss another episode of Animal Babies.
Tonight, 8pm (HK), BBC Earth.
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This tiny critter faces down a deadly foe.

Squirrel vs rattlesnake
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February is about to get even better.
Don’t miss Wild Japan and Joanna Lumley’s Japan, starting this week on BBC Earth.
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