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If there are infinite universes, then there may also be infinite copies of you.

Why there could be many identical copies of you
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The islands of Hawaii are so remote that they are home to thousands of species seen nowhere else in the world.

Hawaii: The islands where evolution ran riot
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Friday fun! Can you spot the badger?

Can you solve this visual puzzle?
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Rarely seen during the day, these sap-feeders emerge in the darkness.

The strangest looking insects
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The region of Wallacea is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet.

The strange Asian island where monkeys and marsupials meet
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Forget what you learnt in school science class.
(Via Quartz)

Scientists have discovered a fourth state of water beyond solid, liquid, and gas
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Some lizards go to perilous lengths to catch flying insects.

Lizards dance about sleeping lions
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Our ancestors have been walking upright for 6 million years, but why did they first take to walking on two feet?

The real reasons why we walk on two legs, and not four
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It used to be just a question for philosophers, but could scientists ever prove that we are living in a virtual reality?

We might live in a computer program, but it may not matter
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Get a front-seat view of one of the most spectacular events on Earth.

Chinese New Year. Starts Wednesday, 9:45pm (HK), BBC Earth.
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Outer space is pretty incredible.

Beautiful images of Earth from space
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#DidYouKnow that no two tigers have the same stripes? And that if you shave a tiger, the stripes are still visible on their skin?
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The Story of China continues by taking a closer look at the famous Ming and Qing dynasties and the three cataclysmic revolutions that shook China to the core.

Wednesday to Friday at 9:45pm (HK) on BBC Earth.
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Average temperatures are rising, but is there a limit to how hot our planet can get?

How hot could the Earth get?
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Some of the strangest creatures inhabit the darkest place in the world. Watch some of Sir David Attenborough’s favourites in a new film collection he has curated just for you.

Download the #StoryofLife app free at:
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Meet one adorable little chick and prepare for one extraordinary tale of survival.

Snow Chick: A Penguin's Tale. Tonight, 8pm (HK), BBC Earth.
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And if not, what's that thing hopping in the distance?
(Via Atlas Obscura)

Does America Have a Secret Kangaroo Population?
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A remarkably drought-resistant species of frankincense could help restore some of Africa's lost woodlands.

How frankincense could reshape Africa
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Will you be watching Snow Chick: A Penguin's Tale tomorrow?