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This Saturday and Sunday, BBC History Magazine is heading to Bristol’s M Shed for two days of talks from some of the biggest names in popular history.

The speakers will be delving into two of history's most fascinating periods: the Victorian era and the Second World War. Fancy joining us? You can still pick up tickets on the door...

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The famous Bren machine gun, a mainstay of the British forces from the 1930s to the 1990s, took its name from two sources. The ‘en’ came from Enfield, site of the Royal Small Arms Factory, but where did the ‘Br’ come from?

Quiz - guns and cousins
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“Eyeing both the Princess of Wales and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York – and recalling the abdication of her brother-in-law Edward VIII over his relationship with the scorned Mrs Simpson – the Queen Mother is reported to have noted: ‘It’s Wallis all over again…’”

Diana: the rebel princess
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“During his 98-day reign of terror, Häyhä was unseen and unheard, yet was all the while targeting Russian soldiers with deadly accuracy…”

The world’s deadliest sniper: Simo Häyhä
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"Men leapt over rooftops to smash drawbridge chains, others dismantled cannon and hauled them by hand over barricades..."

Fighting for freedom: the storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution
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Wilhelm Grimm – of the Brothers Grimm – was born on this day in 1786...

In pictures: fairytales through history
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“Some of the moral complexity of the past is sidelined in the search for a simpler and more comprehensible tale of ‘heroes and villains’…”

Disney history: how has the corporation shaped our perception of the past?
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“Everybody loved that 'good luck' story. It was part of his charm and his popularity. When he went to dinners in London, people would say: ‘Do you know he began as a shepherd?’ It made him special…”

A revolutionary engineer and Victoria’s Indian confidant
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“Watching through his periscope, Schwieger remembered ‘an unusually heavy detonation’ as the torpedo struck…”

Did Britain doom the Lusitania?
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“The Versailles Treaty in 1919 notoriously identified Germany as the guilty party, provoking resentments that fuelled the rise of Hitler. The fact is that guilt had long been a common thread in Anglo-American liberalism…”

War: the locomotive of history?
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"Anne is remembered for achieving the union of England and Scotland..."

Kings and Queens in profile: Queen Anne
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"Richard’s formidable mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, was the only noble woman to whom he showed any consideration..."

8 things you (probably) didn’t know about Richard the Lionheart
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"For Ian Fleming, there was much more to Jamaica than sun, sea and sand. Part of what first attracted him to the colony was its antique social structure..."

The spy who loved Jamaica
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“We are not amused” has perhaps had such sticking power because it is emblematic of the public image of Victoria in her later years – a po-faced, dumpy woman dressed in black…

9 of history's best quotes
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Andy Warhol died on this day in 1987...

Life of the Week: Andy Warhol
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“Henry the Young King seemed assured of a glittering future when he was crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey on 14 June 1170…”

The real King Arthur and his Lancelot: Henry the Young King and William Marshal
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Visit Channel Islands
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“Faced with dwindling food supplies due to bad weather and poor harvests, people starved or barely survived on meagre rations like bark, berries and inferior corn and wheat damaged by mildew…”

In pictures: medieval life