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BBC Holby City
01/12/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
When Artem returns to the AAU with a life-threatening condition, Fletch must fight to preserve his friend's self-proclaimed 'lucky day'. Little does Fletch know his own luck is about to change forever. Don't miss the next episode Holby Ciy, Stick or Twist - Tuesday 17th January, on BBC One!
BBC Holby City
01/12/2017 at 14:12. Facebook
β€œ18 yrs old! We're now able to vote, drive, smoke & drink as much Shiraz as we want! Not all at the same time, of course! #HappyHolbyBirthday [ T.co Link ]

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BBC Holby City
01/10/2017 at 20:59. Facebook
Sacha suspects that there's something going on between Essie and Raf - but is he hiding a secret of his own? Check out an exclusive preview of next week's Holby City.
BBC Holby City
01/10/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
Good to know that everything is fine on Darwin this week. Just *fine*. #HolbyCity HR x
BBC Holby City
01/10/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
We agree with Carol! A positive mental attitude results in a happy Dazzle and a happy Keller #HolbyCity HR
Oliver must compete for funding and Jac's support when Matteo pitches a rival project. Don't miss the next episode Holby Ciy, Aces High - Tuesday 10th January, on BBC One!
Next week on Holby, Dom’s parents make a surprise visit. What could possibly go wrong?
A special look at the location filming for Mr T's Wedding!
Congratulations Mo and Mr.T and welcome to the #HolbyCity family Charlie Effanga Thompson ❀❀❀ Holby HR x
We might need to keep a closer eye on that Serena Campbell... ???? #HolbyCity HR x
This just landed on our desks ! Who wants to be our +1 for the #HolbyCity wedding of the year ❀?! Holby HR
It looks like there’s going to be a few Darwin team members out of the hospital today *makes note* #HolbyCity HR
Coming up on Holby City: I Do, I Do, I Do

Episode 13 Series 19

When Serena and her daughter argue, Elinor storms off, and a terrible accident follows. Bernie attempts to avert a tragedy with her surgical skill. Mo puts on a brave face at Mr T's wedding. When she discovers that Inga has lied, Mo declares her true feelings.
Next week on Holby, it's the day of the wedding and Mr T is having doubts. Will he go through with it?
Who else is looking forward to Mr T and Inga's wedding? And Mo's Best Man's speech, of course! #HolbyCity HR x
Sometimes it takes a little break to put things in perspective.We hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas! #HolbyCity HR x
Coming up on Holby City: Just Get on With It

Episode 12 Series 19

It's Jasmine's last chance on AAU under a steely Serena. Essie and Raf come to blows, but it's a thin line between lust and hate. Mo strives to suppress her true feelings for Mr T but, with his wedding looming, can she lie?
Our teams will be working right through the holiday as usual! We're looking forward to seeing you again after the festivities! Happy Christmas from all at #HolbyCity x
Anyone up for a game of Fantasy #HolbyCity Secret Santa? Who would you choose to give a secret gift to and what would it be?
Next week on Holby, Mo receives some alarming news about Mr T's fiancΓ©e, Inga. With only days left until the wedding, will Mo tell Mr T how she really feels?