BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
06/20/2017 at 20:03. Facebook
What a journey it's been for our beloved junior doctor. A sad goodbye, Dr Burrows...
What a journey it's been for our beloved junior doctor A sad goodbye Dr Burrows

Goodbye Jasmine, Holby City - BBC One
Conner Hoye
Jo Crawshaw
Sally Smith
BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
06/20/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Next week: Donna Jackson returns to Holby only to find out - the hard way - that after all these years, things just aren't the same anymore...
Conner Hoye
Elaine Pamela Oxley-Bryan
Ruth Halligan
BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
06/20/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
HR NOTICE: Sisters: never interfere. That is all. #HolbyCity HR
Khara Coates
Sian Whitehead
Anne Van Anraad
BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
06/20/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Inspiration often comes from the unlikeliest of places – but our teams never stop till they’ve found the answers Go Dom! #HolbyCity HR
Sarah 'kip' Pearce
Phyllis Jones
Lorenzo Carter
BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
06/20/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Welcome Damon, alias Romeo, alias Jac's new plaything on Darwin... and late! #HolbyCity HR
Pat Lilley
Jeanette Tannock
Carrie White
As we bid farewell to another Effanga, here are some of her very best Mo-ments...
As we bid farewell to another Effanga here are some of her very best Moments

Her Name Is Maureen Effanga..., Holby City - BBC One
Kimberley Shearer-Tripp
Angie Goody
Ellen O' Brien
Next week: Jasmine investigates the past, but will her discovery be welcomed or met with discontent?
Hannah De Boise
Millie Hodgen
Hala Fawzy
Not quite the tribute we had in mind Fletch, but nice try! #HolbyCity HR #FarewellMo
Philip Lyons
Em Neads
Pat Lilley
Looks like Dr Burrow's decision to stay was the right one for #HolbyCity Who else thinks she might get back to Darwin one day?
Margaret Gallacher
Louise Trueman
Joyce Guy
Party hats at the ready! It’s Mo Effanga’s farewell bash in Albie’s tonight. Don’t be late! #FarewellMo #HolbyCity HR
Angela James
Denise Day
Frederique Legentil-Wigmore
Summer in the City
A look at what's coming up at Holby...
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Summer in the City, Holby City - BBC One
Penny Motley
Nathan Wilson
DeLane Hammill
Next week: It's Mo's last day at Holby and she is faced with a predicament concerning not only an old friend, but one of her first patients. How will she overcome it?.
Frances Marie Fairs
Angie Little-Bell
Denise Day
A cuddly Sacha moment might be just what Dom needs ❀ #HolbyCity HR
Sarah Drake
Ames Rachael Wilson
Mercy Coombes-Bastajic
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Jason there! Just the sort of straight-talking you need before being introduced to Jac Naylor #HolbyCity HR
Sarah M Knowles
Peter Shortall
Phyllis Jones
Jasmine really does know her half-sister very well #HolbyCity HR
Krystal Cunningham
Zoe Louise Green
Denise Day
Next week: Dom's negative attitude is wearing thin on Sacha, and Lofty makes a discovery which explains Dom's aggressive behaviour.
Pen Reed
Angela James
Carrie White
⭐STAFF BULLETIN ⭐ You'll see a new face on AAU today! Please make Ms Karnik welcome. #HolbyCity HR
Ames Rachael Wilson
Sue Roberts
Valerie Wall
WANTED! Dr Copeland is looking for people to join the Keller team for the Holby Half Marathon! Post us your suggestions for who we should sign up!! #HolbyCity HR
Denise Clark Crook
Fiona Quinn
Diane Tompsett
Time to hand over to the day shift. A big thank you to all our NHS staff finishing their night shifts! Good morning all! #HolbyCity HR
Angela Ruberto
Vena Bricknell
Emma Sinclair
Next week: Mo and Mr T seek help from their friends at Holby, but the response is not welcomed. Will the gang get to the bottom of Hector's mysterious injuries?
Emma Gunatilleke
Terri L Dodd
Abigail Impraim