BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
04/25/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Next week: Mo struggles to keep her cool when Mr T’s mother arrives on the ward, and Birdie 'Swedish Mr Darcy' does his best to avoid her.
Conner Hoye
Ros Knight-nee Blatch
Sarah Addicott
BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
04/25/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
We hope that the matter on Darwin will be resolved asap - we'd hate to lose any g̷o̷r̷g̷e̷o̷u̷s̷ *brilliant* surgeons #HolbyCity HR
Angela Bland
Pat Field
Mary Leach
BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
04/25/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Our dream team go head-to-head tonight! *Gets popcorn* #HolbyCity
Our dream team go headtohead tonight Gets popcorn HolbyCity
Marie Booth
Christine Skinner
Pat Sankey
BBC Holby City
BBC Holby City
04/25/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Some patients need extra care - and sometimes our team need that too ❤ We're here for you Sacha #HolbyCity HR
Rosemarie Dawes
Denise Day
Mark Munday
Next week: Essie becomes concerned about Sacha's wellbeing. Will she get to the bottom of his strange behaviour?
Conner Hoye
Jane Russell
Yolanda Long
Anyone else heard shouting in Jac's office? It's OK - we've sent Ollie in to investigate... #HolbyCity HR
Deirdre Whyte
Frances Marie Fairs
Beryl High
Come on Dom - do the right thing! We're all rooting for you ❤ #HolbyCity HR
Clare Prior
Sarah Keeley
Rani Saybah
Good morning! It's a very Happy Holby Tuesday! Looks like the Milky Bars are on Fletch today! Or are they???
Claire Pantling
Angela James
Wendy Jo Hind
Next week: Jac's suspicions get the better of her when Matteo is mysteriously called away to Berlin. What is he hiding?
Suzanne Riddell
Lynda Thomas
Christine Van Tuil
Check out how brilliant our prosthetics team are, and reassure yourself that David Ames' face is still intact and as gorgeous as ever! No actors were harmed in the filming of this episode.
Lauren Hutchinson
Carla Dekkers
Amanda Belding
Jasmine is on the move again but how will the *half-sisters* get on now they're back on Darwin together? #HolbyCity HR
Joan Williamson
Helen Flanagan
Dee Trask
We can't wait to see Nurse Somers' CV... There's something familiar about her ???? #HolbyCity HR
Louise Braddock
Fiona Bannister
Ben Taylor
It's a big day for Dom, but we'll be right by his side ❤ - #HolbyCity HR
Sharon Stewart
Tara Panter
Ana Santander
NOW Sabbatical 2017! What tracks can we add to Serena's ultimate sabbatical playlist
NOW Sabbatical 2017 What tracks can we add to Serena's ultimate sabbatical playlist
Winward Regis
Martina Ní Chléirigh
Melba Daligdig
Next week: As Isaac’s violent behaviour worsens, Dom’s friends want to help him find a way out. Will Dom leave Isaac before it's too late?
Jilly Harris-Kuhn
Louise Marie Stokes
Zena Titchen
Good luck with your sabbatical Serena! We *hope* we'll be seeing you back at #HolbyCity soon #Berena
Conner Hoye
Jill Podmore
Ames Rachael Wilson
Some Holby City relationships go through the mill, but are still so
We ❤ #Berena - HR
Jason Neat
Melba Daligdig
Natalie Cherrett
Flagging up concerns for your colleagues is always worth doing, even if you're not always aware of the whole facts. HR
Becky Ann Jarvis
Jess Helligan
Gale Dee
Smiles all round in the Holby City HR office today Dr. March is helping out on Keller which means our dream team are back together
Claudette Wright
Una Mullin
Catherine Oldfield
Kimberley Shearer-Tripp
Kimberley Shearer-Tripp
James Whitrow