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Next week: Serena’s campaign against Jasmine reaches breaking point. But will she realise the consequences of her actions?
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#HolbyCity is a teaching hospital and we're always keen to encourage learning - of whatever kind HR
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Our mentoring schemes are carefully monitored. If anyone has any concerns, please speak to us in #HolbyCity HR
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Is it bring your baby to work day? It should be! I'll be putting this idea forward in our next HR brainstorm! #LoveHector ❤ #HolbyCity HR x
Next week: Isaac’s jealousy threatens to destroy his relationship with Dom. Can Isaac tame the monster inside?
We can arrange counselling for any #HolbyCity staff member that needs it. You only need to ask #Berena
Don't worry Mr Rossini, I'm up for coming to Rome if Jac isn't!! ✈ *digs out holiday forms* #HolbyCity HR x
Happy #HolbyCity ❤ #ValentinesDay! ❤ You can pop your Valentine card in our special postbox - who will you be sending one to?
Henrik Hanssen is home, and all will be right in this hospital #HolbyCity HR
It's good to have Mr Hanssen home but have we got him back for keeps ? #HolbyCity HR
Looks like the news is spreading quickly... there's a Hanssen in the building...#HolbyCity HR
For an insight into how we get our amazing aerial shots!

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Next week: The arrival of a mysterious patient brings Hanssen back to Holby...but who is the man and what does he want?
Some things are written in the stars... eh, Valentine?! #HolbyCity HR is rooting for #Zollie!
We hear Dr Mayfield is back from Hawaii. Can't wait to hear how he got on! #HolbyCity HR
We've all missed you, Serena. Welcome back from everyone at #HolbyCity HR
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Something to start your weekend right!

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Next week. It’s Serena’s first day back since her daughter’s death, and she wants answers.