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Death? Renouncement? What happened to Jonathan Spollen in India?

Jonathan Spollen: The man who disappeared in India
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Were you one of the millions who owned the 3310?

Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected
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Dev Patel brings his mother to the Oscars. <3 - check out all the live updates here:

Oscars 2017: Can Lion take down La La Land?
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Google says Uber stole trade secrets and technology from them.

Google's self-driving firm sues Uber
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"Saying no to the marriage meant my family took me out of education and they held me a prisoner in my own home."

Jasvinder Sanghera: I ran away to escape a forced marriage
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The UN has classified the substance as a weapon of mass destruction.

Kim Jong-nam 'killed by VX nerve agent found on his face'
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Uttar Pradesh politics just got a whole lot more creative.

What do donkeys and Trump have to do with this Indian election?
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A barman told local media a man used racial slurs before opening fire.

US police probe racial motivation in murder of Indian man
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Already 175km long, if it propagates just 20km more, a block of ice a quarter the size of Wales will break away.

Plane flies along Antarctica's giant Larsen crack
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Next on the agenda: Baldie Olympics!

Japanese 'baldy' men play unusual tug of war
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India's next big space ambition: Get robots moving on the moon
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$750,000 of taxpayers money to thank the gods for Telangana.

India minister's lavish temple offering causes anger
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The airport is a key location in the government bid to drive IS militants out of the city.

Mosul offensive: Iraqi forces recapture airport in bid to retake city
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He will stay inside the 20-tonne limestone rock for a week to experience "the ageing stone inside".

French artist Abraham Poincheval entombs himself in boulder
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The blast ripped through a shopping area, wounding another 30 people.

Lahore bomb blast 'kills five'
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The team also identified specific fruit and veg that reduced the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Fruit and veg: For a longer life eat 10 a day
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This Italian village is being torn apart by a slow-moving landslide
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Does Raja Bhaiya really feed people to crocodiles? The BBC tries to separate the man from the myth.

The Indian politician with the reputation of a Bond villain