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Ahmed and Hisham were from a group who left their studies in Sudan to join so-called Islamic State.

Two British medics killed in Iraq after joining IS
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The moving moment a British surgeon was reunited with the little Syrian girl he operated on.
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His album is called ➗ but how good is Ed Sheeran at maths? (via BBC Entertainment News)

( on for this)
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Watch out cable companies ... YouTube just launched a subscription TV service.

YouTube takes on cable with new TV service
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A look at an extraordinary week inside the White House press briefing room. (via BBC Newsnight)
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This couple threatened a black family and shouted racial slurs at a child's birthday party in Georgia.

They were part of a group that drove around in pickup trucks flying the Confederate flag.
Full story: [ Link ]
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(Picture posed by model).

Flight cancelled over mouse on plane
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It's the first increase in the licence fee since 2010.

UK TV licence fee to rise by £1.50 to £147 in April
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The widow of a US Navy Seal is moved to tears during this tribute from President Donald J. Trump.
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Wild camping ban comes into force at Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Scotland. Between the busy months of March and September, campers will require a permit or will need to book a campsite pitch.

Do you agree with the ban?
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Meet the woman who was "allergic to modern life" - so she moved into a mud hut.
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Uber boss Travis Kalanick admits he needs leadership help.

Uber boss 'sorry' for swearing at driver
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"With their words and their leadership, they changed the world."

Obamas agree '$60m' book deal
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The government’s first defeat in the House of Lords over its Brexit bill?

Brexit: UK government faces revolt over EU nationals
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Penalties for using a phone at the wheel double from today.

New UK drivers caught using phones to lose licence
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The shot was fired as the police sniper moved position on a roof.

Two shot in error at Hollande speech
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Here's why female Democratic lawmakers wore white during President Donald J. Trump's joint session to Congress.
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President Donald J. Trump: "America must put its own citizens first. Only then can we truly make America great again."

Donald J. Trump

Trump promises 'renewal of American spirit'