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Jo Burraston
Orlando Bloom addresses *that* paddle board moment
Francesca Agarde
Zoë Barbour
Hayley Goulding
We have an update on Chris Pratt and his bacon sandwich, Tony, and sadly things have taken a turn for the worse
Mackenzie Shepherd
Find someone who looks at you the way Chris Pratt looks at this bacon sandwich ❤
Angelina Mcfeely
Devon Welch
Jo Burraston
OBSESSED with Rita Ora's beach video message to Harry Styles ☀

Watch the full video here [ Link ]
Alicia Lee
Chloe Rodrigues
Hannah Tyler
Chris Martin with a masterclass in keeping chill in front of Harry Styles

Watch in full [ Link ]
Rachel Hepburn
Emily Meta Taylor
Holly Taylor
Seems like not everyone *gets* Harry Styles' eclectic dress sense back home

Listen to his chat with Grimmy in full [ Link ]
Ann Marie Cooper
Nicola O'Neil
Amber Bates
Did Harry Styles just start the great sprout revival of 2017?

Listen back to his chat with Grimmy in full [ Link ]
Marisa Baldwin
Steve Murphy
Ree Zangana
All of a sudden, people are asking you about fonts
All of a sudden people are asking you about fonts

7 things going solo has taught Harry Styles ????
Julia Naylor
Jennifer Pike
Brittany Clift
BRB, just listening to Harry Styles play us his debut single on repeat....
BRB just listening to Harry Styles play us his debut single on repeat

"It’s time to give birth" - Harry Styles introduces his debut single Sign Of The Times!
Steve Murphy
Kerry Ellis
Irelle Pierre
"It's time to like, give birth..."

We're SO ready for the arrival of Harry Styles' brand new solo single. Tune in from 8am Friday to hear it first with Grimmy [ Link ]
Beatriz Muñoz
Ilse Weelen
Lorraine Zea
The white creme it tastes so sweet...

You NEED to hear Lorde and Grimmy's creme egg remix of 'Green Light'
Hannah Myers
Ellie Nevin
Izzy Whyte
Thinking of pulling a sickie? Let's hope you fare better than Jake Gyllenhaal
Gaynor Negus
Karen White
"When I shout, I go instant Scouse fishwife"

Grimmy chats to Abbey Clancy about the ups and downs of hosting Britain's Next Top Model UK
Grimmy chats to Kasabian's Serge about his BFF Noel getting The Great British Bake Off gig
Fallon Ogilvy
Steve Murphy
Simone Erasmus
Can Katy Perry nail the Hull accent ahead of Big Weekend? ???? Course she can...
Justine Moonbeam
Abbie Kemp
Katie Jane Davies

Grimmy just announced that Katy Perry will be joining us in Hull this May, and she's already planning on DM-ing Little Mix... ✨
Catherine Barlow
Emma Daisy Duck
Steve Murphy
Can you make Ed Sheeran's 'Galway Girl' even more Irish?

You're welcome...
Holly Reid
Matt Kinsey
Chantal Santhiapillai
That time we had some adorable visitors in the studio, and Grimmy got them to solve your dilemmas ????
Jenna Padden
Rachy Hatton
Sandra Stewkesbury
Tom Hiddleston narrating April (not Alice) the giraffe's live feed is everything you need today
Bella Lam
Nicola Van Zyl
Rebecca Reed