"I hope one day he really gains a lot of weight."

James Corden on his close pal Harry Styles
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Rachel Browning
When your holiday romance goes drastically wrong and you end up spending two weeks with The Osbornes

Caroline Flack tells Grimmy all.
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When Grimmy asked Harry whether 'Two Ghosts' is about Taylor Swift
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Harry Styles plays us some of his favourite tracks from his brand new album for the FIRST TIME Listen [ Bbc.in Link ]
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Niall talks Twitter ettiquete with the 1D boys whilst the band are on hiatus
POP FACT: Niall Horan's favourite track from his new album was written whilst he was "On the couch watching football" ⚽
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TFW Ed Sheeran tries to out-Irish you ????
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Niall Horan calls a Niall impersonator and his reaction is PRICELESS
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We 100% need more info about this awards show story ????✨
So nice of The Vamps' Brad to write a song especially for Grimmy

(Sure, it's only 15 seconds long, but it still counts right? )
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Niall Horan joins Grimmy on the show THIS FRIDAY! Set your alarms for 7AM ⏰
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The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. Served daily from 6:30AM ⏰
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Orlando Bloom addresses *that* paddle board moment
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We have an update on Chris Pratt and his bacon sandwich, Tony, and sadly things have taken a turn for the worse
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Find someone who looks at you the way Chris Pratt looks at this bacon sandwich ❤
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OBSESSED with Rita Ora's beach video message to Harry Styles ☀

Watch the full video here [ Bbc.in Link ]
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Chris Martin with a masterclass in keeping chill in front of Harry Styles

Watch in full [ Bbc.in Link ]
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Seems like not everyone *gets* Harry Styles' eclectic dress sense back home

Listen to his chat with Grimmy in full [ Bbc.in Link ]
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Did Harry Styles just start the great sprout revival of 2017?

Listen back to his chat with Grimmy in full [ Bbc.in Link ]
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All of a sudden, people are asking you about fonts
All of a sudden people are asking you about fonts

7 things going solo has taught Harry Styles ????

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