We are live with Grammy award winner Cynthia Erivo - send us your questions!
Hair loss mentor praises James Nesbitt for speaking out

'Hair loss is a 'hidden epidemic' among men

Who or what was your first love? Here's the story of Elaine and Ian...
Five tips to survive a handshake from Donald Trump ????
Do you have a lunch routine to rival Nigel?

‘I’ve had the same lunch every day for 18 years'

Brave caller describes living with alcoholism
What does space junk sound like?
German comedy drama Toni Erdmann is apparently going to be remade with Jack Nicholson and Kristin Wiig and Mark Kermode really doesn't understand why...
Polly and Joe met at college in 2007 and fell in love soon after
Your Call: What is love?
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"I've been drip feeding the idea"

Why pupils suggested a social media ban

Ex-footballer Shane Nicholson on his experience with drugs in the game

'I would carry clean samples, then go and get wasted'

The mother and father of three died within 5 days of each other

Terminally ill couple’s final goodbye

Your Call: Have pensioners got it too good?
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For the first time pensioners are better off than people of working age

What's your situation?

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Are the Premier League champions doomed to relegation?

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Rachael - who many of you will know as our daytime newsreader - is sharing her experiences as she fights breast cancer.

Here's her first live blog from Friday, and we'll share more in the coming weeks.
England Rugby are top after their win over The Welsh Rugby Union...
Natalia Spencer walked around the British coastline to raise £138,000 for Bristol Children's Hospital.

'I walked 6,000 miles in memory of my daughter'