How long could you survive with a retro phone?
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A new dating app lets people search for sperm and egg donors, surrogate mothers and lovers...
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HTC’s new phone takes selfies when you squeeze it #HTCU11
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Our technology reporter Zoe Kleinman is answering your questions about the global ransomware outbreak.
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Heading to the office today and worried about the ransomware outbreak? Here are some tips from our technology reporter Chris Foxx [ Link ]
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The WannaCry ransomware continues to cause havoc around the world - but many of its victims are not giving in to the $300 (£230) demand.
The WannaCry ransomware continues to cause havoc around the world but many

Should you pay the WannaCry ransom? - BBC News
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Đặng Đình Ngọc
Scientists have found a way to make 3D-printed glass.
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With Vodafone announcing plans to close down its pager business in the UK, we take a look back to when the pager was the new "must have" gadget. [ Link ]
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Police in Chicago are using tech to try to predict crimes and then stop them before they happen.
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Fancy some virtual reality down the pub? The tech could be coming to a local near you!
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Farming is coming to the city! One French company is hoping to deliver fresher strawberries by growing them in containers located around Paris. [ Link ]
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Jeancharles-Luc Bustàmant
Jeancharles-Luc Bustàmant
Will this classic-style BlackBerry running Android win back former users?
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This app alerts parents if their children take naked selfies.
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It is as long at the Eiffel Tower, can seat 3,000 people and is based in an old train station. Take a tour around what will be the world's largest tech incubator. [ Link ]
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"We don't get to choose when progress starts, and we cannot slow it down."
Chess champion Gary Kasparov reflects on being beaten by a computer.
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"We don't get to choose when progress starts and we cannot slow it down"

Ted 2017: I won first match with Deep Blue, says Kasparov - BBC News
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Plastic roads - can they help save the planet?
(via the @BBC World Hacks team)
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Putting tech to the test in sub-zero conditions.
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“I found him on a gym floor” - Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg speaks movingly about the death of her husband Dave Goldberg
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This jet-propelled sky taxi that takes off vertically has been tested in Germany [ Link ]
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