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In these cities, it's almost like you're living in a different time period. History is alive here.

What do Dubrovnik and Jerusalem have in common with each other?
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It's not just the people who are polite — even the lifts will apologise for keeping you waiting.

Is this the world’s most polite country?
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"[The sun] is drunk and doesn’t know where to go.”

The town that doesn't see the sun for months
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Experts say the feared conqueror killed some 5% of the Earth’s population.

The dark secret of exotic Samarkand
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Let's settle this debate: window or aisle seat?

And the best seat on the plane is...
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And no, it does not involve 'winging it'. Noah Strycker explains.

You'd be surprised at what birds could teach you about travelling
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Germany consumes two million of this sandwich a day. A DAY!

Move over, Currywurst - this is Germany's favourite fast food
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We all know the Colosseum, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal - but have you ever heard of these man-made beauties?

Seven unknown architectural wonders
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#Spring has sprung in #London and #Edinburgh - share your photos of spring with us using #bbctravel! Thanks @liolaliola @trainsplanesandchocolate @edinburgh_edition for sharing.
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No-one knew these sites existed until an earthquake revealed them.

The forgotten historical ruins of Italy
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Time to dust off those hiking boots and go outside! Happy spring! (via The Guardian)

It's blooming spring! 22 great UK walks
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"To eat well in England you should eat breakfast three times a day."

What's so great about the British breakfast, honestly?
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The Easter Island of Eurasia.

Where gods and kings turn to stone
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"Imagine not having any photos of your wedding, your children, your parents.”

Where a simple photo changed a life
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Have you visited these cities before? Or have you bean there, done that?

Top-notch brews and caffeine boosts - six cities for the coffee aficionado
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Tips and tricks for navigating the world solo. (via Matador Network)

11+ of the best places to visit if you are traveling solo
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These are the pyramids few visitors see.

The Saharan pyramids not in Egypt