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BBC Trending has been investigating unsuitable children’s cartoons on YouTube

Disturbing Rip-Off Cartoons
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Rev Stephen Wengam says social media has grown his congregation: "Whilst at work they want to be part of the service"

'The internet is a blessing' says pastor who streams his service
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Warning: His speech will hit you right in the feels.

Hero honoured for ending a street fight praises mum
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"Hope is stronger than fear. When we stand together, we are much stronger than those who incite fear." Londoners are sharing images of unity and strength after the Westminster attack. Learn more here: [ Link ] #WeAreNotAfraid #WeStandTogether #LondonIsOpen #UnitedTogether
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The app, which says it won't feature Bangladeshis, maids or "uglies", has been slammed by Singaporean Twitter users.

Singaporean defends "Tinder with an income filter" dating app
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Londoners are sharing images of unity and strength after the Westminster attack. Learn more here: [ Link ] #WeAreNotAfraid #WeStandTogether #LondonIsOpen #UnitedTogether
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Londoners are sharing this artwork created by Italian artist Diego Cusano, following the terror attack in Westminster. Read about the images of strength and unity being sent online here: [ Link ] #WeAreNotAfraid #WeStandTogether #LondonIsOpen #UnitedTogether
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"Is this the stupidest stunt ever?" screamed one headline.

The daredevils feeding a dangerous Russian craze
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Londoners share images of unity after Westminster attack
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Watch live: The latest news on the parliament shooting.
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BBC Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar has donated £5,000, describing it as the "bargain of the century".

Piers Morgan to be silenced on Twitter
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Are 'stop and drop' bikes the solution to air pollution?
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Ben Stiller and Calvin Harris have already taken part. #NominatedForSomalia.

Viral 'challenge' appeal for Somalia raises nearly $2m
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Connor Franta: "If they're keeping kids from being themselves... that's a really scary thing".

Connor Franta says YouTube restrictions may 'hurt young LGBT people'
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He apologised on Facebook describing his own behaviour as "reprehensively bad". (Via BBC Technology News)

Canadian photographer 'sorry' for explicit image sharing
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They're sharing their experiences of racism on the #FreedomofSpeech Twitter hashtag.

Australians respond to race-hate law changes with stories of racism