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Cameras are not allowed in courts in England and Wales.

David Davies jailed for live-streaming Cardiff court case
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A controversial account posting stolen images of children falsely claiming they have cancer is made live again by Facebook.

Facebook confusion over fake cancer babies U-turn
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What has been described as the first transgender doll has gone into production in the United States.

Transgender dolls: Breaking the mould or just a fad?
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On Tuesday he resigned from Breitbart.

How Milo's downfall split the alt-right
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"Today I cannot defend Milo any more," wrote his former manager.

How Milo divided the alt-right
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The transgender doll is modelled on a teenage activist who was born a boy, but lives as a female.

The world's "first transgender doll"
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Why are pro-Russian social media accounts suddenly targeting UK Independence Party (UKIP)?

The mystery of the anti-UKIP Twitter machine
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Some parents say the book "I Learn to Control Myself" is inappropriate because it discusses masturbation.

Children's sex book causes stir in Indonesia
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"I think emojis are ugly," says the man thought to have created the smiley.

Tech regret: Five inventors who questioned their creations
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The owner of the account has not responded to a request to explain his or her actions.

Facebook investigates fake cancer child post
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Somalia is one of the nations included in President Donald J. Trump's executive order that put a temporary halt on immigration from seven majority Muslim countries. The ban was later suspended by a court ruling.

The story behind the "Make Somalia Great Again" hat
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A petition against Donald J. Trump's state visit got 1.85m signatures, while one supporting it got 311,000.

Donald Trump: MPs debate president's state visit to UK
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We've been investigating the dirty tricks used online by Antifascists and the Alt.Right in the United States. Listen here:

Antifascists v Alt.Right,
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They're doing battle online, and in the streets.

America's extremist battle: antifa v alt-right
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Would scrapping large banknotes help to stop crime?
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"My journey of love isn't any different just because my skin colour is".

Is this the most eligible black woman in America?