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The lawyers who defended former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic at his war crimes tribunal are the subjects of today's top story in our newsletter. Sign up at [ Link ]

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How important is play to a child's development and how do children play, even in the harshest of environments? Listen to more here: [ Link ]
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Here’s the top economist who called for the removal of big banknotes decades ago on how it’s meant to work – and on India’s demonetisation drive
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Is this why we're all great problem solvers?

How does group living affect intelligence?
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How does it feel to lose your mother tongue? Turkish writer Ece Temelkuran explains how she plays a mental game to try and prevent her native language slipping away now that she writes in English.

The pain of losing your mother tongue
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Becoming a successful artist is a notoriously hard journey. But one woman from Cape Town is busy proving that if you are talented and determined then not even being homeless and having a disability can hold you back. We spent the day with Chuma as she prepared for her first exhibition.
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"I was laughing more than anyone!" The owner of a small local cafe shares her reaction to being mistaken for an upmarket namesake in Paris.

French workmen's cafe accidentally gets Michelin star
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As the Iraqi army advances on western Mosul the UN says up to 800,000 people could be trapped by the fighting and families "could be used as human shields" by so-called Islamic State.

UN: 'There is already a humanitarian crisis in western Mosul'
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"All sports should be looking at doing this, it's about inspiring the youth" - a look at the inaugural Nitro Athletics event which involves a mixture of traditional and modified events, including mixed-gender relays.

'Nitro Athletics is breaking new ground in track and field'
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Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and the world’s richest man, thinks they should.

Should robots pay taxes?
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The scientists say this will allow them to study the effects of global warming in the arctic.

The team about to spend a year in ice-locked ship drifting across the North Pole
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New research suggests cancer could be tackled more effectively by putting patients in a state similar to that of a hibernating bear. Tumour growth would cease allowing the doctors more time to treat the cancer using radiation therapy.

Could hibernation offer hope for cancer patients?
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Adolf Hitler's "travelling telephone" from World War Two is up for auction in the United States - and it has a starting price of $100,000.

Auctioning Hitler's phone
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"I was speaking to people's hearts. Life is not about the money, or the car, or the house. I'm talking about... the beauty that comes with interacting with other human beings" - how a short story about a Nairobi Uber ride captured the internet’s imagination.

The Kenyan Facebook story that went viral
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One librarian had a very busy night on Twitter, thanks to comments by President Trump. #lastnightinSweden

What really happened in Sweden on Friday night?
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Many black women and girls have been told they’re pretty for a dark skin – have you?

Our radio documentary Michelle Obama: Black Like Me, explores the ways that the former First Lady may have touched conversations around colourism. We hear from women and girls about why complexion complicates dating, employment and access to opportunities – struggles that so many darker skinned black women...
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Michelle Obama: Black Like Me
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"Brooms up!" If you think Quidditch only lives in the pages of Harry Potter then you may be pleasantly surprised.

Quidditch Premier League launches
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"People with disabilities tend to want to hide the fact that they can't use chopsticks" - why a Japanese craftsman decided to start making made-to-measure chopsticks.

How chopsticks can be life-changing
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Confidential Assignment is a buddy film between North and South Korean agents - why has it been such a hit at the box office?

The hit film showing North and South Korea working together
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Will DJ Djibril Cisse soon be packing in the crowds in Ibiza?

'Confidence won't be a problem for DJ Cisse'