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“Four hundred eighty people a day are diagnosed with a blood disorder,” Nicole said. “I am Roman’s mom, and I’m going to find him a match.”

Roman was born with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome, known as “SDS,” and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. Today, Roman doesn’t have a match. Help Roman and family find his life-saving match: [ Link ]

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Richmond parents search the world for bone marrow match for son with rare syndrome
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“How did I tell my kids what’s going on? I turned my radio down and I told Adam and Eva, hey, I’m going to be gone for a little while. But I’ll be ok. Trying to tell young kids, especially your own kids, what you are going through… it’s hard.” – Chris

Chris has aplastic anemia. In order to survive, he needs a bone marrow transplant. Right now, Chris is searching for his perfect match. Could...
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3-month-old JJ is searching for his life-saving match. Diagnosed with chronic severe neutropenia, JJ’s only hope for a cure is a bone marrow transplant. Could his match be you or someone you know? If you are already on the registry, share with your friends and family to help JJ and the 14,000 other patients searching for their life-saving cure. [ Link ]

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Oakley parents seeking donors to cure their son
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Cuck Fancer. is hosting a live drive TODAY at UC Davis! Hear from Marisa, a bone marrow donor, on why YOU should join the registry for a searching patient in need of a match! Can't make it to today's live drive to register? Join online at [ Link ].
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The Gifted Life Podcast celebrated their 50th episode just last week with an interview with Good Morning Americas Robin Roberts and her sister, WWLTV’s Sally-Ann Roberts on their bone marrow donor and transplant journey. They talk education around joining the registry, dispel myths about bone marrow donation, and chat about the need for young, diverse donors to join the registry. Listen to...
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The Gifted Life Podcast
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One year after receiving his life-saving bone marrow transplant, Jeff has decided that an important and natural next step is advocating for others facing similar situations that he went through last year. Learn more about Jeff’s story and how you can become an advocate for Be The Match: [ Link ]

After defeating blood cancer, Jeff wants to give back - Be The Match Blog
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Thanks to supporters like you, Jiro’s son, Finn, is alive today. In an effort to save even more lives, Finn’s parents have generously offered to donate $200 to the first 100 monthly gift sign-ups before March 31st! Learn more about our monthly giving program and claim this generous match: [ Link ]

Be The Match Foundation - Monthly Giving Program
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The outcome of this story depends on you. Join the registry today: [ Link ]
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Did you know that about 1 out of every 365 African Americans are diagnosed with sickle cell disease each year? And a marrow transplant is the only known cure for sickle cell and other deadly diseases. But many African American patients are struggling to find a matching marrow donor.

During Black History Month, we’re asking you to join our Thunderclap campaign to help recruit your friends and...
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Black Marrow Donors Needed
John Bucci, owner of John's Roast Pork in Philadelphia, had raised $1,500 for the Philadelphia Be The Match Walk+Run when just this week, his restaurant was robbed and with it, the money he had raised. John has undergone a bone marrow transplant after battling leukemia and is an active member of the Be The Match community.

When his community heard of the robbery, they gathered together and...
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John's Roast Pork is shut down by burglars' damage
60 people interested · 14 people going

Philadelphia Be The Match Walk+Run

We have you covered! Select Be The Match outerwear is over 25% off. [ Link ]
Help us get more African Americans to join the registry by participating in our Thunderclap campaign. We need 250 people to sign up and spread the word to their communities to help find a match for patients like Shaunise. Learn more: [ Link ]

Black Marrow Donors Needed
Did you know $1 million from Congress can help us add 10,000 more potential marrow donors? Urge your legislators to continue federal funding for Be The Match through the CW Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program. [ Link ]
For blood cancer patients, there is a cure. And the amazing thing is, it could be you. Share the love this Valentine’s Day by supporting patients in need of a marrow transplant! [ Link ]
Shaunise has aplastic anemia and needs a marrow transplant. Doctors continue to search for a marrow donor but need more African Americans to step up and join the registry for her and others.

Your unique ethnic history could be someone’s lifesaving cure. Help find a match for patients like Shaunise by joining the registry or sharing this message to your friends and family....
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Thank you to one of NFL's top players, Ezekiel Elliott for giving hope to the 14,000 patients searching for their match! Can’t make to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on February 18 for the live bone marrow donor drive? Simply join online here and a kit will be mailed to you: [ Link ]
Thank you to NBC Asian America for sharing Aaron’s journey to find a match. Aaron’s story highlights the very important need for ethnically diverse donors to join the registry. As Aaron’s mother said so eloquently, “If you, or someone you know, is between the ages of 18-44, please consider joining the registry.”

You could someone’s life-saving match. Learn more at
While repealing “Obamacare” (also known as the Affordable Care Act) has dominated the news, the new U.S. Congress has a full plate of issues to address in the coming year. Several of these issues will impact access to marrow and cord blood transplant. Learn more: [ Link ]

New congress to address issues that will impact access to transplant - Be The Match Blog
Four-year-old Leah is showing the world what it means to overcome!

Two bone marrow donors have helped save Leah’s life. Join the registry and become a potential donor for the other 14,000 patients in need of transplant at