Bear Grylls
03/24/2017 at 13:57. Facebook
My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the heartless event in London this week, together we are stronger... [ Link ]

Bear Grylls on dealing with grief
Bear Grylls
03/23/2017 at 16:15. Facebook
#TBT to dining at great heights!
Hanging out with the family is always when I am happiest. #InternationalDayOfHappiness #MondayMotivation
I’m often asked where my favourite place in the UK is and without doubt it is North Wales VisitBritain
#MondayMotivation With courage and kindness, you can conquer the world Worldscout #peace
#TBT knocking together a raft riverside in Utah
#WednesdayWisdom #tipoftheday “to be brave, you must first be afraid”
It's IWM's centenary, marking 100 years of preserving and sharing the stories of war from 1917 until today #IWMStories #IWM100Years
"Mak looked back down at the jungle. It was majestic and savage ... but from up here it all looked a little unreal.” It's World book day, so I wanted to share my latest paperback edition of Spirit of the Jungle, out on 6th April!
#WednesdayWisdom #tipoftheday “When you think you’ve dug enough, dig deeper! The rewards of the wild & of life go to those who can dig deepest and find that fire inside when it is dark all around us.."
#TBT flashback to throwing myself in the deep end at the bottom field Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. This was the before shot! Royal Marines RNRMC
#WednesdayWisdom #tipoftheday "Don’t forget to stop every now and then, look around, savour the moment and be grateful for the small things”
I think we sometimes need a new challenge, to test ourselves and see what we are really made of! Im excited to bring you the - who's up for it?

Bear Grylls Survival Race
#TBT to a very hot desert day filming Michelle Rodriguez Running Wild episode – a great lady and an amazing crew!
#WednesdayWisdom #tipoftheday "We have to choose our attitude, and the best attitude for success in the wild is relentless courage, resourcefulness and positivity"
At the heart of all great survival stories is human endeavour and that sort of courage and determination never goes out of fashion. #Mondaymotivation #Bearspiration
Amazed and proud of the wonderful robbiesrally fundraising over the last 12 months. Today is about remembering Robbie who died a year ago. An inspiration to many & remembered with love by countless friends. His legacy continues to support children with brain tumours
Be kind, persistent and positive. These are the characteristics that help you not just to survive life but to enjoy it #Mondaymotivation #Bearspiration
This week is #NationalStoryTellingWeek what's your favourite adventure story? #MondayMotivation #Bearspiration