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03/21/2017 at 01:00. Facebook
Only the great Bear Grylls could turn a dead animal into a hip tank top. Watch here as Bear braves freezing Atlantic waters by making a wetsuit out of a seal carcass. This clip gets our 'seal' of approval.

Man vs. Wild - Seal-Skin Wetsuit - YouTube
Bear pays a hefty price for a bit of honey in this terrific clip. We've never seen him this puffy before. Enjoy!!

Bear Grylls Allergic to Bees

Bear Grylls Allergic to Bees

Hungry?? Well if you're ever feeling peckish while trekking around the arctic circle, Bear Grylls recommends a reindeer heart as an excellent source of nutrients. Sorry if we've spoiled your appetite.

You'd think a man who comes face to face with death in some of the worlds most extreme locations wouldn't fear anything, right? Well turns out that our very own Bear Grylls is scared of parties! Who knew? Find out some more of Bear's personal likes and dislikes in this clip. Cheers!!

FINALLY REVEALED! What Really Scares Bear Grylls

BEAR Grylls is scared of Brussels sprouts and drinks parties. His survival mantra is "if it can keep you alive, eat it". And he has eaten deer droppings, yak...

Watch as our hungry Bear dives onto a reef using only primitive tools, big lungs and his own agility to catch a speedy crayfish!
Bear sure knows how to strike a sweet balance between brave and flat out insane, but that's why we love him! Exhibit A: How to escape lethal Saharan quicksand...

Bear Grylls Sahara Quicksand


Here's Bear showing NBA superstar Shaquille O' Neal a thing or two about the sort of food you need to survive the harsh wilderness. Food including this relatively fresh animal placenta. It's gross, it's great, check it out!!

Shaquille O'Neal Stumbling Across A Placenta | Running Wild with Bear Grylls

One of the weirder things to find in the jungle. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips:

According to Sir Edmund Hillary, Ama Dablam was 'unclimbable.' Not for Bear Grylls. While preparing for Everest, Bear became the youngest Briton to Climb the mountain.
Ever wondered how Bear Grylls stays so fit? Here's some tips from his personal trainer...

10 ways to get fit like Bear Grylls
SURVIVAL TIP: "Perseverance brings its rewards."

Man vs Wild - Bear Grylls fishing crayfish
Did you know, Bear Grylls holds the world record for the highest open-air formal dinner party? Casually dining in a hot air balloon at 7,600m.