Beau Ryan
03/25/2017 at 10:50. Facebook
Wonderful day at the expo with the guys Beechwood Homes

Met so many great people and watched Beechwood create granny flats that are superior to the rest. Best in the business
Beau Ryan
03/25/2017 at 07:03. Facebook
Great day at the Sydney Home Expo.
Loving the Beechwood Homes granny flats.
Wonderfully done.
So good meeting everyone who turned up also. Good day.
Beau Ryan
03/24/2017 at 02:01. Facebook
Most of them need to chill.
It's just a game.....
Beau Ryan
03/23/2017 at 09:33. Facebook
Up next on NRL Footy Show

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Beau Ryan
03/22/2017. Facebook
Flew 10 hours to meet Scarlett and it was worth it. We talked about Ghost In The Shell and our blonde hair.
Her hair looks much nicer than mine.
My hair makes me look like an overweight slim shady.

Full interview on NRL Footy Show
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Beau Ryan
03/17/2017. Facebook
Similar to a Toolie hanging around Schoolies...
Beau Ryan
03/16/2017. Facebook
Still can't shake the Bieber Fever.
Beau Ryan
03/15/2017. Facebook
I caught Bieber Fever.
It didn't end well.
All is revealed on tomorrow nights NRL Footy Show

Beau Ryan
03/14/2017. Facebook
My mate Matt predicted Sharks 6 months out from the Grand Final.

This year he already knows who wins.
He is always right.

Gamble on this responsibly.
Beau Ryan
03/12/2017. Facebook
Mental Health Awareness is very important to me. The more we talk to one another the more we normalise it for those affected. I will support people any way I can. I hope to be someone who people feel comfortable enough to talk to start the conversation. That's all it takes.

That's why I have joined the #JustBe campaign and worn the #KinkyBoots to spread the word about love and acceptance....
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Beau Ryan
03/10/2017. Facebook
Trying to make Billions

Also trying to work out why it feels so good to wear a mankini....

(The new season of Billions is now streaming exclusively on Stan.)
I'm addicted to it.
Beau Ryan
03/07/2017. Facebook
There are plenty of ways to make money. But I took a different approach.

Watch the NRL Footy Show this Thursday night to see how I made #Billions

Was it weird if it felt comfortable wearing the Mankini?

Beau Ryan
03/02/2017. Facebook
The crew ready for a massive NRL Footy Show straight after the footy.

Billy Slater and Matt Moylan are beautiful.
Beau Ryan
02/28/2017. Facebook
2 sleeps until the NRL Footy Show is back. JT told me he is excited
Then he told me he wished he got to play with me. Could of been sarcasm but I'm sure he meant it.
Beau Ryan
02/26/2017. Facebook
Love being down the coast for the weekend.
Our happy place. โค

Hope everyone has a wonderful week with their loved ones.
Beau Ryan
02/23/2017. Facebook
On Thursdays we trade chewing gum for bucket hats...
Beau Ryan
02/20/2017. Facebook
Back next week, straight after the footy...
Beau Ryan
02/18/2017. Facebook
Getting the kit off for charity.
Doing a cross for Channel 9 about to start the Cupid's Undie Run raising much needed funds and awareness for The Children's Tumour Foundation.

Thinking of putting a sock in my undies...
Beau Ryan
02/16/2017. Facebook
My bro Mat Rogers is taking on the Great Wall of China Marathon this April.
This is bucket list stuff.

Head over to All Star Sports Travel and clink on the link in their bio for more information.

The experience of a life time.

Or go to
Beau Ryan
02/15/2017. Facebook
This Sunday I will be running 1.5km in my undies to raise some much needed money and awareness for the Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia. A foundation that is close to my heart.

If you are available I would love for you to join me.
Please share this or tag a friend and join in.

I'm running in Sydney but the run is happening all over Australia and you can register at Cupid's Undie...
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