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Blouses are still a typically 'feminine' item of clothing, but these ones are firmly for the modern woman.

5 blouses that have caught up with the 21st century |
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Pick up something to hide behind before you hit play. The fremdschämen is strong with this one.

This week's First Dates Ireland features a pair on their first date EVER and it's amazing |
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If the Zombies attack when you've got this on, at least you'll be torn asunder with a perfect pout.

The beautiful new lip tints that will stay put through the apocalypse |
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She's making a big name for herself in Hollywood but with two top designers as sisters, she couldn't not be a burgeoning style star, too.

Star on the Rise: Elizabeth Olsen |
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Watch the uh-maz-ing video and make sure you stay till the very impressive end.

Handsome bad guy Mads Mikkelsen is the best can-can dancer in the world |
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An eyeshadow primer is a must, but one of these is an able (and cheaper) substitute.

3 surprising products you can use as an eye shadow primer |
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Next month, and L'OCCITANE are hosting a fabulous evening of luxury shopping and pampering in every L'OCCITANE store in the country.

Find out all the deets here!

Join us for an exclusive nationwide reader event with L’OCCITANE |
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You don't need a My Fair Lady style makeover; just follow this no-nonsense advice.

5 easy ways to transform your hair, makeup and style |
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From the flawless base to that signature lip; the supermodel look on a regular person budget.

Step by step guide to birthday girl Kate Moss's iconic look (on a budget) |
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Whatever we may think of those Jedward boys, we're not having some Geordie Shore lass trying to make a fool of them.

Big Brother viewers outraged as Chloe rubs herself on Jedward's John |
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Wedding dresses from the 90s are not as horrifying as you might remember.

5 gowns from 90s rom-coms for retro wedding dress inspiration |
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Is it ever a good idea to mess with a foundation that everyone already loves?

This beloved foundation has just had a formula change |
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Three reasons why your tan looks crap, and how to fix them.

The three most common reasons why tan can go horribly wrong |
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