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Wow just beautiful. <3
1 word: Respect!
Mt. Shasta, California, USA. Photo by @dansmoe
Cheetah cub enjoying a run.
Would you dare? This bridge is located on the mountain Ai-Petri, Crimean Mountains. Photo by @pavelbelosheykin
While rescuing injured birds, the swan wrapped his neck around the rescuer's neck.
Usually swans are very territorial and don't like human company, but Richard Wiese experiences a moving and wonderful moment during a rescue operation executed with several of his friends from a foundation aiding and rescuing injured birds in England. This is how he describes this moment:
"I lifted him, gently...
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After enjoying a day of shopping with her daughter, Justine returned to the car to find a note left on the windshield. She couldn't believe what a stranger had actually taken the time to write.

Mom Takes Daughter To Shopping Center, Then Stranger Leaves Rude Note On Car About Her Looks

Hibernating time soon! | Photo by Liam McDonald in Banff
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What Your Feet Say About Your Personality

What Your Feet Say About Your Personality

Cypres Tree Tunnel, Point Reyes, California, USA. Photo by @aimhernandez
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Scientists Are Left Shocked At What Happens When They Plant 2000-Years Old Ancient Seeds!

Scientists Are Left Shocked At What Happens When They Plant 2000-Years Old Ancient Seeds! - Sphink

Beautiful misty sunrise over the lake Emerald, Canadian Rockies adventure. British Columbia, Canada. Photo by @danielkordan
What a cute family. <3
Monica, a single mother of two, had no choice than to bring her kids with her to campus. She had a big military exam that day, and her babysitter cancelled last minute. But when Monica exited the classroom after completing her test, she couldn't believe what she saw in the hallway.

Babysitter Cancels On Single Mom, Then She Walks Out Of Her Exam And Sees Where Her Kids Are

Breathtaking Orange Sunrise at Atalaia Beach, Aracaju Sergipe, Brazil. Photo by@cbezerraphotos.
"Would you love to snuggle me or not?"