"When a horse photobombs you..." :D
What a big, adorable baby! How many Likes for this photo?
How many times have you had a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A without knowing about #5?

11 Things You Need To Know Before You Eat At Chick-fil-A Again

Colmar (Little Venice), in Alsace, France
Who else thinks this is a great idea?
So Much Orange ☺
Colors in the volcano of Osorno, Los Lagos, Chile.
Credits: IG @francisco_negroni_photo
Would you ride this big boy Photo by @care4art
Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California.
By: Justin Jones
Giant African Land Snail. :o
Starfish Babies Return to California Coast After Massive Die-off.
This is a Dik-dik, the world's smallest species of antelope. <3
Taylor Kim owes so much to this loving dog. This is incredible, don't you think?

Teen Is Fast Asleep, But Her Dog Jumps On Her When He Senses She’s In Danger

A beach inside a cave, Portugal !!
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Gary Ashmore’s hen, Gertrude, has a history of laying jumbo-size eggs as big as his palm, but this time he decided to film himself opening one to take a look at what’s inside. There was a yellow yolk, as expected, but it was the red blob at the bottom that confused him.

Man Finds Red Blob Inside Giant Egg, Then Dumps It In A Bowl To Take A Closer Look

This is a mirror, not a canvas.
How cute is this tiny piglet toy!
Tom Woracek woke up at 4 a.m. to get ready for work. He quickly noticed that the lights were on and the front door was open at home. His 3-year-old twin girls, Jennifer and Kourtney, were nowhere to be found. After calling the authorities and going on a hunt for them for nearly an hour, they made a chilling discovery in an alley by their home.

Dad Realizes Twin Daughters Are Missing At 4 AM, Then Cop Finds 1 Tiny Footprint Near Dark Alley