The Ginger Pride Rally is happening in Melbourne today!

Margaret Condon
Abs Atkins
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Kaitlyn's brief is simple... #SevenYearSwitch
Kaitlyn's brief is simple SevenYearSwitch
Sarge's systematic approach to the fridge is... interesting!
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#BREAKING: UK Prime Minister Theresa May to seek early election.
BREAKING: UK Prime Minister Theresa May to seek early election

British PM Theresa May announces snap UK election for June 8
Chris Sinclair
Could a sauce be #TimKyle's undoing?!
Jenelle Martin
Valerie and Courtney struggling in the kitchen? You have to be yolk'ing!
Are Tim and Kyle a little rusty?!
Last night's #SevenYearSwitch was full of tough conversations... What did you think of our Couples?
Amie Luke Davis
Looks like Kaitlyn and Michael are hitting it off...

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Kaitlyn is coming equipped to the Experiment...

Samantha Debnam-Gaschk
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Melissa Morris
Should you tell your partner how to show affection or should it come naturally?

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Will switch therapy save Sarge and Stacey's relationship?

#SevenYearSwitch is on NOW.
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A special Easter message from Manu Feildel
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Fancy dining in Hell's Kitchen?! We have a couple of spots left for tomorrow night!
Fancy dining in Hell's Kitchen We have a couple of spots left for tomorrow night

Hell's Kitchen Australia
Alex Muzenda
Donna Weeks
Paige Harris
From Bowen to Tweed, get the full story of Cyclone Debbie on 7 News Australia.
Tony Joyce
It's the shocking twist nobody saw coming...

It's the shocking twist nobody saw coming
Ryan Pur
In one year from today, over 6,000 athletes will descend on the GC for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Seven will be there every step of the way for this spectacular event. #1YTG #7commgames
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Kym Davies
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
Kate Forwood