Because I am a Girl
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“I have gained such confidence, because I know I can do good things as a girl,” said Shrijana. [ Link ]

Becoming the First Female Mason to Rebuild My Community
Because I am a Girl
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Through menstrual health programming, Plan International USA seeks to ensure that girls and women can confidently and comfortably manage their periods.[ Link ] #MenstruationMatters

Menstrual Health Programming
Because I am a Girl
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"I am glad we have the opportunity to make a better future,” said Nora. “I know I can have a better life and help my parents to support the whole family. Just give me the chance, I'll take it.” #SheWill

After Ebola: New Opportunities for Young People in Liberia
Because I am a Girl
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Success! Following a year-long campaign by NGOs and youth groups to outlaw child marriage, Malawi has made an historic amendment to its constitution to fully outlaw the practice.

Congratulations everyone - a big step forward in realising children's rights in Africa!
#EndChildMarriage #WePlan
Because I am a Girl
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Happy #ValentinesDay! In #Peru, we're empowering girls to love themselves!

In a country where violence, sexist attitudes, and lack of power and resources are all common problems for women, #PlanInternational initiated the "Love Yourself" art therapy project.

"During the sessions I had time to think more about myself and to imagine how I want my future to be," said 16-year-old Talita. "It has...
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We know who the real heroes are.

These girls are just two of the many SUPERHEROES we're working to empower every day. #BecauseIamaGirl #SheWill #WePlan

Photo Credit: Luca Agusto Sosa
“The girls who do finish school are joining the women’s unions and growing up to become local teachers, nurses and doctors,” said Vu Thi. [ Link ] #LetGirlsLearn #WePlan

Keeping Girls in School
When you empower a girl, #SheWill Learn, Lead, Decide, & Thrive. #GenderEquality

Letter to President Trump Prioritizing Girls and Women
Song Junli has big ambitions and is one of the hardest working students in her child care class supported by #PlanInternational.

“I want to make my life better with my hardworking hands,” said the 26-year-old woman from China. “I have been working for the past 10 years to achieve my goal.” #SheWill [ Link ]

My Hard Work Will Build a Better Future
Egypt has the world’s third-highest rate of female circumcision, despite the practice having been illegal for almost a decade. However, it might be even more prevalent were it not for a cast of committed voices speaking out. [ Link ]

The Volume Against FGM is Rising
Today is International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation.

More than 140 million girls and women alive today have undergone some form of FGM in Africa and the Middle East, as well as some countries in Asia and Latin America. Join us in our fight to #EndFGM! [ Link ]

A Plan International project in #Egypt is working with men to raise awareness about Female Genital Mutilation. [ Link ] #EndFGM

The Men Speaking Out Against FGM in Egypt
Together, Plan is taking action so that 100 million girls learn, lead, decide and thrive. [ Link ] #WePlan #SheWill

100 Million Reasons to Act for Girls
Plan International calls on the U.S. Government to revoke the executive order targeting refugees and uphold our country’s legacy of welcoming people fleeing conflict and persecution.

As refugees, children witness terrible violence and experience emotional stress, while their usual social support and education are disrupted. Girls are particularly vulnerable when on the move. The consequences...
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Millions of vulnerable girls and women will suffer if sexual and reproductive health services that provide vital support to them are withdrawn or cut back as a consequence of the Mexico City Policy.

Quality sexual and reproductive health care services and information can transform the lives of girls and women, as well as their communities. The wider benefits of these services are helping pull...
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Position Statement on Reproductive Health Services: Mexico City Policy Puts Girls' Health At Risk
Transitioning to adulthood can bring up issues of independence and self-identity. Many children face tough choices regarding schoolwork, sexuality, and their future. But girls face additional challenges, being more likely to be unhappy with their appearance and lives, leading to emotional and mental health problems.

To build girls self-esteem in #Peru, a country where violence, sexist...
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When girls delay childbearing, they can complete their #education.

Our reproductive health programming ensures that adolescents, youth, and women realize their rights to reproductive health, including access to information, education, and services.
The death of a 15-year-old Nepali girl highlights the need for integrated solutions to address menstrual discrimination. #MenstruationMatters #WePlan [ Link ]

Opinion: 4 ways to address menstrual stigmas, taboos and discrimination
Because they are girls, they are often denied their right to equal opportunity and engagement in society. Many are unable to attend school or make important decisions about their own futures and bodies, and they are far too often the victims of gender-based violence.

If you, like us, believe that when a girl is empowered, #SheWill Learn, #SheWill Lead, #SheWill Decide, & #SheWill Thrive, join...
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Because I am a Girl
Each of these girls prove that when a girl or woman is empowered, #SheWill achieve incredible things. [ Link ]

Girls Who Made Their Mark in 2016