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Women and girls are disproportionately affected by lack of access to water and sanitation.

Girls and women carry 44 lbs. of water for an average of 6 km every day. Imagine carrying two cases of soda, or a 40” flatscreen television, for more than 3.5 miles. #WorldWaterDay #WePlan #Water #WASH #GenderEquality Learn more here: [ Link ]
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"I often wish that Thandiwe could stand in front of the U.S. Congress, with her family, her family’s family, her local chief, the pastor in her village, the local clinic workers, the community’s school teachers and their children, and their children’s children. I wish that they could all flood the chamber where our lawmakers, so far removed from any of the impact, stand and make decisions on...
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Happy Birthday, Plan International USA!
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Looking back at #InternationalWomensDay [ Link ] #IWD2017 #IWD

International Women's Day 2017
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There are many ways to empower girls. One way is through Plan International USA 's #ChildSponsorship program. #WePlan
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“I was afraid in the beginning to speak in front of any official but my friends made me unafraid to speak out,” said Amal, a 14-year old girl in #Egypt. [ Link ]

Building Safer Cities for Girls in Cairo
"You must do the things you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt #SheWill #WePlan #GirlPower
#SheWill build her own future.
“I feel socially and economically empowered,” said Najm [ Link ] #FemaleEmpowerment #GirlPower

Female-Only Rickshaws Breaking Barriers for Women in Pakistan
Here's what we mean when we say "girls have the right to Learn, Lead, Decide, and Thrive: [ Link ]

Because I am a Girl
In developing countries, women and girls like Maureen face serious challenges when it comes to managing their periods. They lack access to affordable, hygienic menstrual products and are forced to use improvised materials, such as rags, that are uncomfortable and can lead to leaks and infections. #MenstruationMatters [ Link ]

Menstruation matters: That’s the bottom line | Global Partnership for Education
When women move forward, so does the world. #InternationalWomensDay #WomenLead #WePlan #WLI

Leadership & Capacity Development
“If my husband were to beat me, I would go to my mother’s house and report him to the police,” said Charlienne. “Violence against women should not be tolerated.” [ Link ]

My Body is Not a Game
"Just because I am poor, it does not mean that my body is for sale. Because I am poor, it does not mean that I do not get to decide when I'm ready to have children. Because I am poor, it does not mean that I must give up my right to an education and the right to decide my own future," says Melody. [ Link ]

“I Have the Right to My Own Body”
Plan International has a new ambition for its work with all children, partners, and supporters during the next five years. [ Link ] #Learn, #Lead, #Decide, #Thrive

100 Million Reasons to Act for Girls
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." #DrSeuss #WorldBookDay #GirlsEducation #LetGirlsLearn #WePlan
Plan International USA urges the United States government to continue its long-standing support of international development.

Plan International USA Statement in Support of U.S. Investments in Global Development
In January, a #PlanInternational camp in #China focused on financial education and life skills for 129 girls & from two ethnic minority communities.

Aimed at children ages 9 to 14, the 2-day winter camps enabled participants to gain knowledge and skills pertaining to financial education, including reasonable expenditure, saving plans, money and happiness, gender awareness, self-exploration,...
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"Women are just as strong as men," says Yuma. [ Link ]

Women Are Just as Strong as Men
“I want to change my community,” said 16-year-old Brisa. “I want to change the lives of indigenous girls.” [ Link ]

Changing the Lives of Indigenous Girls in Nicaragua