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Kartik is a happy and smiling 1 year old from Neemuch- M.P. At 6 months he got Pneumonia and during his treatment the doctor suspected a Congenital Heart defect. His health continued to deteriorate and his parents were very worried.He comes from a joint family largely into farming their small plot of land. They were not able to bear the cost of the surgery.
Kartik was successfully operated...
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Glaucoma is incurable and lost vision cannot be restored . Early diagnosis is the only key to save and preserve your eyesight .
This is because loss of sight in Glaucoma usually happens very slowly, over time and until the later stages of the disease may not affect vision at all.
Coming under the High Risk scanner are senior citizens and the 40+ age group .
Glaucoma is hereditary but its...
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Glaucoma Insights Viji V

A patient's testimony : Glaucoma , the Silent Thief of Sight .

Wishing everyone #HappyHoli :) #BeingHuman
Gangamma is a 17 year old girl who presented to us with a condition of
Bilateral Temperomandibular Joint Ankylosis.

This is a condition where the joint that helps in opening the mouth is fused to the base of the skull on both sides.
This causes complete inability to open her mouth since birth.

As the growth centre of the lower jaw, is located in the joint region, there is retardation of...
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Happy #womensday :)
Fun picnic day at the Being Human Education resource centre at Waje and Chiravili. Around 145 children took time off from their classrooms to spend the day playing games and learning about nature. Breakfast , lunch and snacks were provided. The foundation would like to thank all the teachers for helping to make this picnic so enjoyable for the children.
Mohamed Azam was born with Congenital hearing loss. He has under gone the Cochlear implant supported by Being Human Foundation. Mohamed has now developed good speech and language skills. He attended his speech therapy regularly and was able to move to a mainstream school in bombay. He is very playful and always smiling. Listening to music is his favourite hobby.
Being Human Foundation in association with Dr Dhanwant Singh Eye Hospital conducted 3 eye camps in Patiala . Over 3000 people were checked and free spectacles were given. Approximately 230 people were diagnosed with Cataract and these surgeries are being done this month.
The foundation would like to thank the team of doctors and assistants that helped make this huge camp a success.
गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.
Being Human has supported Tifli International Festival of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences in Mumbai in December 2016. This international festival was hosted by ASSITEJ India in association with Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning.
The festival featured 6 plays from France, Mexico and India, with total 17 shows and 9 workshops. Nearly 4000 children from NGOs and schools, teachers,...
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Suma is a 10 year old girl who presented to us with a condition called Cruzon's Syndrome.
Cruzon's is a condition with multiple craniosynostosis (premature fusion of the sutures in the skull which does not allow the face and brain to grow normally) ,as a result of this she had developed severe hypoplasiaof the skull and midface leading to protrusion of the eyeball out of the socket...
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Happy Pongal and Happy #MakarSankranti to all of you. :) #BeingHuman
The Being Human Foundation would like to notify that there are many fake websites and people who claim they work for Mr Salman Khan and the foundation. Amit Ahuja & Sameer are some of the names used. Our foundation does not take any processing fees, stamp duty or membership fees for medical relief and we do not give personal or education loans. Please do not pay money to any such fake person...
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Friends of Max unveiled a short film capsuling its philosophy, its journey from early beginnings to the present and the quiet bravery of every day heros that it has supported. Deeply appreciative of the support of its well-wishers, Friends of Max draws strength from a simple belief, openness and sharing personal experiences are powerful tools to fight fear and stigma associated with cancer....
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Ariyan Lama is a 13 year old boy from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. He went through a successful Aortic Valve Repair at Fortis – Jaipur under the Little Hearts Program in association with Fortis Foundation.
His father is a labourer in a small tea garden. They also grow a few vegetables and have one cow so they sell a part of the milk and vegetables to manage home expenses. . Ariyan loves playing...
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Happy New Year :) #Beinghuman
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