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(S) A good explainer of how conspiracy theorists are on the national stage like we've never seen before.

Have Conspiracy Theories Gone Mainstream?
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(S) Best comment so far: "Okay, at what point did you break into my house and steal my 4th grade doodles?"

Creationist Ken Ham claims dinosaurs and humans fought in gladiator battles
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(W) A valid question to discuss.

Are Liberals Helping Trump?
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(S) Miller, who has not been to law school, called a US Attorney at home to dictate the defense of Trump's EO.

Stephen Miller called U.S. Attorney about travel ban defense
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(S) How many of our country’s schoolteachers must consider, every day, whether to explain to their students that the President is a liar?

The Deep Denialism of Donald Trump
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Trump said, "You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?" Sweden said: Huh?

[ Link ]
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(S) By Joe Collington,
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(S) The school wasn't happy with DeVos's remarks, and it has since responded.

DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited — and they are not having it
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(G) Traffic lights and streets are ingeniously designed so cyclists and cars rarely meet

This Dutch Street Design For Bikes And Cars Is Nothing Short Of Brilliant
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(S) At his rally, Trump said, "We are here today to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." So did he?

Fact-checking President Donald Trump's Florida rally
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(F) Grow the hell up!

File under: Things you should not have to say to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Trump Just Used His Prime Saturday Morning Twitter Time To Blame All Of His Problems On Obama
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(SW) "At the most, it certainly seems likely, even if dragged out, that Trump will not last 16 months and 5 days, as occurred with Zachary Taylor in 1850 (dying of a digestive ailment). The Pence Presidency seems inevitable."

Why Trump's Presidency Is Likely To Become The Second Shortest In History
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(S) In the wake of Trump's declaration that the press is the "enemy of the American people," the Twitter hashtag campaign #NotTheEnemy has emerged, reminding Trump and his supporters of the vital work the free press does, sometimes resulting in the ultimate sacrifice.

Twitter reminds Trump that the free press is #NotTheEnemy
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(S) It turns out that being really annoyed and stressed gives you a uniquw sense of empathy.

6 Big Differences That Turn City Dwellers Into Liberals
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(S) German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Islam is not the source of "terrorism" and that cooperating with Muslim states is vital.

Merkel: 'Islam is not the source of terrorism'
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(S) Eric Trump admits that Mar-a-lago stands to make $8 million each year selling access to his father.

Trump’s ‘Winter White House’: A Peek at the Exclusive Members’ List at Mar-a-Lago
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(SW) The obvious punch line is that if they do boycott Fox News - the chances are they will be watching more truthful reporting. #AnyOneButFoxNews

Trump Supporters Flip Out, Threaten Fox News Boycott After Anchor Shreds Trump
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(D) Funny, they didn't need to photoshop his hands at all to make them tiny. (via Gizmodo #ad)

Tiny Trump Is a Good Meme the President Will Be Very Mature About
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(S) “That’s how dictators get started. They get started by suppressing free press, in other words, a consolidation of power.”

John McCain slams Trump’s attacks on the free press: ‘This is how dictatorships start’