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Angela knew she was pregnant with one baby — and one baby only — so she expected blue or pink balloons. She was stunned when a trio of white balloons floated from the box instead. The gender reveal was more confusing than Angela hoped, until she and her husband realized the truth. Wait until you see what the 3 white balloons mean.

She’s Pregnant With 1 Baby, But When 3 White Balloons Pop Out During Gender Reveal, She Weeps
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Christal was sick of her signature white hair and told the hairdresser to do whatever he wanted. Well, wait until you see her by the time he's done!

Mom Goes To Salon With Long White Hair, But The Stylist Chops It All Off For A Drastic Change
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After enjoying a meal at Olive Garden, Kionna and her family headed back to their car. That's when Kionna spotted a handwritten note left on the windshield.
She couldn't believe what a stranger had written, and though she and her husband tried to remove it from the windshield before their daughter saw it, it was already too late.

Mom Takes Disabled Husband To Olive Garden, Then Stranger Leaves Rude Note About Their Looks
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Julio Pena was expecting his fifth child. The father of 4 girls cut into a cake to learn the gender of his new baby. When Pena saw what it was, he literally collapsed under the table.

Father Of 4 Girls Sees Gender Of New Baby In The Cake, Collapses When He Sees It’s A Boy
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Tom Woracek woke up at 4 a.m. to get ready for work. He quickly noticed that the lights were on and the front door was open at home. His 3-year-old twin girls, Jennifer and Kourtney, were nowhere to be found. After calling the authorities and going on a hunt for them for nearly an hour, they made a chilling discovery in an alley by their home.

Dad Realizes Twin Daughters Are Missing At 4AM, Then Cop Finds 1 Tiny Footprint Near Dark Alley
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Gary Ashmore’s hen, Gertrude, has a history of laying jumbo-size eggs as big as his palm, but this time he decided to film himself opening one to take a look at what’s inside. There was a yellow yolk, as expected, but it was the red blob at the bottom that confused him.

Man Finds Red Blob Inside Giant Egg, Then Dumps It In A Bowl To Take A Closer Look
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Alisa Beal, an army wife from North Carolina, struggled with her weight for years. While her husband Terrance was stationed overseas, Alisa told him she had undergone a drastic transformation and not to expect her to look the same when he returned. When he came home and saw Alisa, she definitely looked different — just not in the way he expected.

Army Wife Tells Husband She Transformed While He Was Deployed, But He’s About To See She Lied
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12-year-old Shaheen didn't expect Simon to interrupt his performance, and neither did his mom. Without warning, Simon put the boy on the spot and asked him to sing something completely different. Wait until you see Shaheen's reaction.

Mom’s Mortified When Simon Cuts Off Boy Mid-Performance And Tells Him To Pick A Different Song
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Deanna is a single mother who works at the Coffee Bean. She confessed to a new employee that she was struggling to make ends meet and that her father had just died of cancer.
But Deanna had no idea that the person she was talking to the entire time was the company's owner — until he took his wig off. What he told Deanna next left her in tears.

Mom Tells Coworker She’s Struggling, But Has No Idea He’s Her Boss In A Wig
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Christian is not a regular baby. Regular babies usually don't say their first word until they're about 12 months old. Regular babies usually say "mama" or "dada" first.
However, 2-month-old Christian left his mom stunned when he revealed his first word to be the unthinkable.

Mom Starts To Record 2-Month-Old, Then Baby Stuns Her With His First Word
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17-year-old Daniel wanted so badly to attend his school's homecoming dance. He has Down syndrome, and sadly he was turned down by the girls he asked. But on the night of the dance, Daniel's mom walked outside and couldn't believe what she saw on the driveway.

Teen Son Is Rejected Before Homecoming Dance. But When A Stranger Shows Up, Mom Loses It
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After Rina Dixon's husband died suddenly, she was left to raise their 3 kids alone. She took on a new job to keep up with the bills, but fell behind. The Dixons were forced to move into a small converted garage with no privacy and no electricity. But three years later, Rina's kids fully realized the truth about what she did outside her normal work hours.

Mom Lives In Car Garage With 3 Kids, But After 3 Years, They See What Her ‘Other’ Job Has Been
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Christine put her newborn son up for adoption, as the young mom couldn't give Steve the life he deserved. 22 years later, Steve was working for Lowe's as a delivery driver. He'd been searching for his birth mom for many years,
and one day he asked his boss if he knew a woman with her name. Not only did Steve's boss say yes, but his next remark sent chills down his spine.

Mom Places Son For Adoption. 22 Years Later, She Learns They’ve Been Under Same Roof For Months
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Christie and Dave Cason had 16 other children together, nine boys and seven girls. The couple from Lake Elsinore, California had no problem conceiving naturally. But in 2013, just five months after the birth of her youngest son, Christie left the entire medical community stunned...

Couple Has 19 Kids, But When Mom Goes For Her Next Ultrasound, Doctors Are Completely Shocked
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While Cheryl's abusive boyfriend held her and her 3 kids hostage, she talked him into letting her order a pizza for her hungry children. She used the Pizza Hut app before he snatched the phone back. But when the restaurant employees received Cheryl's order, they noticed something strange...

Mom Convinces Abusive Boyfriend To Let Her Order Pizza, But Puts Secret Message In The Comments
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4-year-old Abby was horrified when burglars robbed her home. Abby heard the babysitter's description of the robbers and knew the sitter was lying right to the police officers' faces. That's when Abby decided to tell the cops the disturbing truth about what really happened that day.

Babysitter Lies About Thief’s Identity, Then 4-Year-Old Rats Her Out To The Cops
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Barbara was in the drive-thru line at Dutch Bros. when she noticed the driver ahead was taking forever. Suddenly,
3 teenage employees leaned out the window, piled on top of one another and grabbed onto the driver's hand. Barbara pulled up and was stunned to learn what happened — but the teens had no idea she caught the whole thing on camera.

3 Teens Grab Onto Sobbing Woman At Drive-Thru, But Have No Clue The Lady Behind Is Filming