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Deanna is a single mother who works at The Coffee Bean. She confessed to a new employee that she was struggling to make ends meet and that her father had just died of cancer.
But Deanna had no idea that the person she was talking to the entire time was the company's owner — until he took his wig off. What he told Deanna next left her in tears.

Mom Tells Coworker She’s Struggling, But Has No Idea He’s Her Boss In A Wig
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Keep your eye on the door behind them. I want to scream at them to turn around!

They Watch A Slideshow Of Their Newborn Grandson, But Have No Clue He’s In The Room Behind Them
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Christine put her newborn son up for adoption, as the young mom couldn't give Steve the life he deserved. 22 years later, Steve was working for Lowe's as a delivery driver. He'd been searching for his birth mom for many years, and one day he asked his boss if he knew a woman with her name. Not only did Steve's boss say 'yes,'
but his next remark sent chills down his spine.

Mom Places Son For Adoption. 22 Years Later, She Learns They’ve Been Under Same Roof For Months
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Cyndi Dickey lost her step-daughter in a hot air balloon accident, and she couldn't hold back her tears as she recalled the incident. But just when she started to calm down, the door swung open — and a very special someone walked right back into her life.

Crying Mom Talks About Dead Daughter, But Screams ‘Oh My God’ Through Tears When Door Opens
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Daniel, the dad-to-be, was the only one who knew the baby’s gender. Not even his pregnant wife knew what they were having! Daniels decided to bake the gender reveal cake all by himself, so you can imagine everyone's surprise when they realized he got a little TOO creative. Keep your eye on the cake!

Dad Bakes A Gender Reveal Cake, But His Pregnant Wife Screams When The Icing Starts To Move
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This mom, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend were listening to the GPS announcement in the car, but then it said something strange:
"Due to the baby on board, please be extra careful." But there was no baby in the car with them.

Stunned Family Listens To GPS Say To Be Careful Due To ‘Baby On Board,’ But There’s No Child Inside
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Audrey, a single mom of three, was dying. Desperate to make sure her kids would be taken care of, Audrey asked her neighbors Tisha and Kevin to be their legal guardians. They already had 5 kids,
but agreed to adopt Audrey's children. After Audrey passed away, Tisha and Kevin arrived home and couldn't believe they saw.

Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Only To Come Home And Find House Is Completely Different
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When Xia Vigor appeared onstage during an episode of "Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids," the judges didn't know what to expect. But when she started singing Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me," their jaws dropped — and for good reason! What do you think of this performance?

Judges Gasp When Dancers Rip Off 7-Year-Old’s Costume In Middle Of Taylor Swift Cover On Live TV
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Haleigh was bullied so badly that she dropped out of high school. Her dad decided to use cosmetic surgery to permanently change her appearance — and the results are unbelievable.

High School Bullies Call Her ‘Fatso,’ But Dad Gets Her Plastic Surgery To Transform Completely
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Nicole filled a church with 350 people. The archbishop was there, and there was a choir. But as she approached the altar,
it became evident that the "best" day of her life was taking an unexpected turn. If it weren't horrible enough, Nicole couldn't believe where she found the groom later.

Father Walks Bride Down The Aisle, Then She Realizes The Groom Isn’t Coming
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Korey and Sharon decided to keep their baby's gender a secret from everyone. They also left out one other vital piece of information.
When Sharon's mom headed to the hospital to meet her new grand-baby, she brought a pink balloon and blue balloon, just to be safe. But watch what happens when she pulls the curtain back and realizes the truth about Sharon's pregnancy...

Grandma Thinks Newborn’s Gender Is The Surprise, Only To Find Daughter Lied During Pregnancy
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'The Swan' helped DeLisa Styles, a struggling army captain, find her confidence and happiness again. She looks absolutely unrecognizable! Can you imagine what her ex-husband is going to think?

Husband Serves Wife Divorce Papers During 3-Week Makeover, But He’ll Definitely Regret It
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