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Where does our name come from? What North American premiere are we known for? You probably won't be able to guess! Get to know us:

How much do you know about us?
For some of us, winter is not over yet! Here are some driving tips, if you have to be on the road.
In difficult conditions, avoid driving altogether if possible, and call our 24/7 Claims service in case of problem:

Winter driving: an expert’s take
Which room in your house is more at risk for fire? Your kitchen! Here are tips to keep cooking fun…and safe!

A recipe for kitchen safety
Sedan, roadster, crossover: there are many types of vehicles. Would you know how to define each one? Here's our illustrated guide, to sort things out!

Types of cars: an illustrated guide
There is a way to make insurance claim filing a breezier process. The good news? It’s easier than you think!

Taking stock of your stuff — made simpler!
What are your road pet-peeves? We asked Canadians for driving advice, discover their answers!

Experienced drivers and novices exchange driving tips
Snow, ice and storms; it’s winter across Canada! But it’s only one of Mother Nature’s many moods. Our expert looks at extreme weather events that occur in our country.

Moody Mother Nature: natural disasters in Canada
Are you ready for winter driving? Expert tips to handle road conditions like a pro!

Winter driving: an expert’s take
How do you properly change a tire, maintain your car like a pro, define a crossover vehicle, or decipher that strange indicator light?

Browse our car information hub, for experts & newbies alike!

Everything you need to know (and more!) about your car
Medication and driving sometimes don’t mix well. Here are some tips to keep in mind, before you take the wheel.

Driving and medication: a potentially dangerous duo!
Trick or treat! Halloween is right around the corner. Here's advice to make sure you enjoy the celebrations safely!

Halloween Safety Tips
Hybrid or electric? You’re ready to make the change but not sure which one suits your needs... Here’s some information to get you started in the right direction!

Hybrids or electric cars: choosing the best green option
Most home fires happen during the colder season. Let’s prevent them! Follow these few simple tips and rest easy knowing your house is safe!

Stomp out home fire hazards now
Fender benders and small accidents can happen to anyone, but do you know what to do in these situations? Here’s a useful and visual guide to help! And remember, always be careful on the road!

Fender benders and car accidents: what should you do?
For looking at fall colours or lounging around the house, this pillow quilt is the perfect comfy creation! A new DIY video w/ Cottage Life!

DIY Pillow Quilt – Summer Simplified
What are the top 5 improvements that increase the value of a home? And the ones that could decrease it? The Appraisal institute of Canada gives us advice.
What’s your take on these?

How to increase the value of your home, and other expert tips!
If real estate is about location, home ownership is all about prevention! Prevent damages to your home this fall, with our 10 useful tips:

It’s essential to get your home ready for fall!
Nothing is nicer on a sunny fall day than sipping a warm drink in a cozy spot! We have the perfect project for this, and it’ll take you no time to build! A new DIY video w/ Cottage Life!

DIY Cinder Block Bench – Summer simplified
You want to do your part for the environment, but in many situations you have to drive. We listed 7 ways to become a greener driver (...and help you save on gas!)

How to make driving a little easier on the environment
Beat the (everlasting!) heat with this fun DIY project! It's our Summer simplified video series with Cottage Life!

DIY Table Troff Cooler – Summer simplified