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President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump attend pre-inaugural celebrations in Washington

Donald Trump inauguration [Photos]
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Thousands of Donald Trump supporters have gathered near one of Washington's famous landmarks for a concert celebrating his upcoming inauguration.

Donald Trump supporters attend concert to celebrate inauguration
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Lord Ker, the former UK diplomat who wrote Article 50, has said it is "perfectly possible" Brexit will not happen.

Article 50 author says it's perfectly possible Brexit will not happen
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For years, fans of Pixar have been speculating that all the studio’s films could exist within the same cinematic universe.

Disney release video proving all Pixar films are connected
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A Dublin hairdresser became so frustrated with the number of homeless people she saw on the streets on her way home from work she set up a soup kitchen

Irish hairdresser who set up soup kitchen for homeless people slams 'backwards society'
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Secluded in his hideaway in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden suspected Iranian officials might implant tracking devices in his sons, according to a document released in a batch of materials se

Osama bin Laden was worried that Iran might implant tracking chips in sons
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Theresa May has said Martin McGuinness moved the republican movement towards peace.

Theresa May: Martin McGuinness moved Republican movement towards peace in Northern Ireland
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Centra has teamed up with Carl Frampton’s award-winning and highly respected coach, Shane McGuigan, along with a top team of Ambassadors, to help inspire the people of Northern Ireland

Video: Sneak peek at Carl Frampton's Las Vegas training camp with coach Shane McGuigan
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Former Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson has said he is praying for Martin McGuinness to overcome his serious illness.

Peter Robinson praying for Martin McGuinness to overcome illness
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Arlene Foster has wished Martin McGuinness a speedy recovery and praised his contribution to the "good things" they achieved while in government together.

Arlene Foster wishes Martin McGuinness a speedy recovery
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Julian Assange stands by his offer to go to the United States now that Chelsea Manning is being released, he told a press conference.

Julian Assange stands by offer to go to US after Chelsea Manning release decision
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A senior detective has warned that policing faces a real challenge if quick and effective extradition laws are lost in the wake of Brexit.

Senior detective raises concerns about extradition laws post-Brexit
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Martin McGuinness said he was disappointed by the DUP's "very clear antipathy towards the Irish language and all things Irish".

Martin McGuinness: DUP's 'antipathy for all things Irish' is disappointing
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When Carol Bryan visited her cosmetic surgeon for to try a dermal filler, she couldn’t have predicted that it would cause her to go blind in one eye...

Botched dermal fillers disfigured woman's face and left her blind in one eye
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BREAKING: 'I have decided to make way for a new leader'

Martin McGuinness not seeking re-election to Assembly
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Dr Andrew Crawford, an ex-special adviser to former Northern Ireland first minister Arlene Foster, has resigned from his role at Stormont.

DUP special adviser Andrew Crawford resigns
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Astonishing footage shows the warden mowing down one of the group, before his bike arches up and smashes down onto a man as he tumbles into the road.

Video: Traffic warden 'rides scooter into group of men'
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BREAKING: Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir said he wanted to institute an inquiry before the Assembly dissolves

Sinn Fein call for public inquiry into Renewable Heat Incentive scandal
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Price tag on Sinn Fein’s pet project could end up dwarfing the expense of RHI debacle, writes Nelson McCausland

£2 billion over 20 years - the real cost of an Irish Language Act Gerry Adams won’t talk about
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Two little girls aged four and six were seconds away from being caught in the direct line of a gun attack, their grandfather said

Girls age 4 and 6 'seconds from being caught in Carrick gun attack', says grandfather