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A pass takes teamwork and so does a conversation. Tag someone you love to let them know you are here and listening.
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“I had a relapse into depression. I was really, really struggling. It started in the late summer and it really manifested in December.” - #BellLetsTalk spokesperson Clara Hughes delivers inspiring speech on #mentalillness while struggling herself: [ Link ]

Clara Hughes delivers inspiring talk on mental illness
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According to research from the University of British Columbia, severe anxiety is three to four times more common than depression during pregnancy and early motherhood.
[ Link ]

Severe anxiety in new mothers outpaces depression
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The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that more than 4 per cent of the world’s population lives with depression, and women, youth and the elderly are the most prone to its disabling effects. Learn more: [ Link ]

WHO: Depression is top cause of global disability
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A recently published University of British Columbia study reveals some moving insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to treating mental illness for Metro Vancouver youth:[ Link ]

What's 'normal'? UBC study on what works (and doesn't) for young-adult mental health treatment
Former Vancouver Canucks goalie Corey Hirsch is talking openly about his battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: [ Link ] #OCD #BellLetsTalk

NHL’s Corey Hirsch advocates for mental illness
In honour of National Social Work Month, we want to thank all of the dedicated and attentive social workers out there. Tag the social workers you know to show your support. Canadian Association of Social Workers
Darryl Singer is a lawyer who lives with addiction, #anxiety and #depression. He bravely shares his story: [ Link ]

A lawyer’s secret: Addiction, anxiety and depression
New research suggests that millennials are experiencing higher rates of #depression than any other generation in the workplace:
[ Link ]

Millennials hit hard by depression in the workplace
Lauren Whiteway - a New Brunswick teen - is speaking out about her battle with selective mutism, a severe anxiety disorder that affects seven in every 1,000 people: [ Link ] #BellLetsTalk

New Brunswick teen speaks out about her anxiety
Starting university in a new city can be mentally and emotionally draining, but moving across the world to do so comes with unique challenges. A new pilot project at the University of Windsor aims to help international students suffering with mental health issues by equipping the International Student Centre with a psychological counsellor. [ Link ]

University of Windsor focuses on mental health of international students
“We do talk about things like post-partum depression and anxiety but it's not exclusively for moms with a diagnosis of those conditions. It's anything moms want to talk about related to their mental health.” - Lisa Carmody-Doiron, founder of the group “Out of the Blues” [ Link ]

P.E.I. woman sets up mental health support group for mothers
The physical benefits of exercise can take time to manifest, but the emotional and mental benefits can be almost instantaneous. Check out this article to learn more: [ Link ]

Mental Benefits of Exercise
“We’re looked at as gladiators…to come out and talk about mental illness is perceived as weak and always has been.” – Toronto Argonauts Football Club's Rick Foley shared his story on Bell Let’s Talk Day. [ Link ]

Rick Foley shares his story
New study finds that exercise may help prevent #depression in children. Read more: [ Link ] #BellLetsTalk

For children, exercise may help stave off depression
Two Toronto libraries are participating in a pilot project to help people mitigate the winter blues: [ Link ]

Toronto libraries aim to chase away the winter blues
March is National Social Work month! Has a social worker ever inspired you? Share your stories. [ Link ] Canadian Association of Social Workers

National Social Work Month
New project pairs police with crisis counsellors to support Barrie mental health calls: [ Link ]

Barrie Police & Mental Health
In honour of Bell Let’s Talk Day last month, Moose Jaw Times Herald reporter Jane Gerster and her sister Rebecca opened up about depression, anxiety and family. Read their powerful story here: [ Link ] #BellLetsTalk

Two sisters open up about mental health
We’re cheering on The University of Winnipeg student athletes who are reaching out to support others, on and off the court. #BellLetsTalk