Bella Sarris
Bella Sarris
yesterday at 11:42. Facebook
Bella Sarris
Bella Sarris
06/23/2017 at 22:07. Facebook
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Peter Felski
seshhh ✨
beer with us? ☀ @molly_emeline @samuelmadsen @malin_genie_ @lazarehoche @mrtophatofficial
beer with us ☀️ molly_emeline samuelmadsen malin_genie_ lazarehoche mrtophatofficial
Dirty Hands Tape is a serie of mixtapes, released thru Dirty Hands. On the forth cassette we find stripped and trippy rhythms mixed by Bella Sarris.
Bella Sarris 05/15/2017

Dirty Hands Tape #004 w/ Bella Sarris
Mathew Johnston
hej belli,
hey erik!
Malmö's gonna be rad this weekend
i know right..?
let's get coffee.
cool story i know. you know what else is cool? i made a mix tape for my pal @perhammar2000 link in bio (i've always wanted to say that, sounds so cool ) #mondayhacks #nofrills #dirtyhands #intotheepisode #malmö
hej belli hey erik Malmös gonna be rad this weekend i know
And the best was yet to come.. I'm generally not a big fan of the 'money shot' but fuck it, that was too much fun.. thank you milano, i'm so into you..
And the best was yet to come Im generally not a big
Steven Daniel Mazo Valdez
BLOCK Milano
Wilma Richards
#1 stay classy ✅ #berlin #nofrills
1 stay classy  berlin nofrills
Diego San Martin
Kevin Holt
went looking for couches with @bashgalal
went looking for couches with bashgalal
Bello Reyes
Pierre Constantini
Bello Reyes
it's raining, so i'm drinking tea and listening to this
Jerjes Asdrubal
Richard Moore
Ricardo Coria
Fiorenzo Maestrone