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Sunday British fact! London is one of only two cities in the northern hemisphere with a population of more than five million. Can you tell us what city is the other one? #MyBellerbysJourney #DidYouKnow
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The best moments from the International Evening held at Bellerbys College Cambridge on the 10th of March. Students cooked typical food from different countries, a proper mix of cultures! What's the typical dish from your country? Tell us in a comment :) #MyBellerbysJourney
Doing sport is the best way to keep yourself fit, have fun and improve team work skills at the same time! Our Brighton students had fun at the PACA campus in Portslade last month on a beautiful day :) #MyBellerbysJourney
Today lots of people around the world start celebrating Nowruz. To all our Iranian, Iraqi, Kazakh and Azerbaijani students, we wish you a Happy New Year! #MyBellerbysJourney
Well done to our students at Bellerbys College London. We couldn't be prouder of them, they managed to raise more than £1000 for our charity Building Futures during events such as the Karaoke night and the International Evening #MyBellerbysJourney
A big shout out to Jessie, who managed to achieve 82% in Pure Mathematics at Bellerbys College London. She's now studying Economics at University of Leeds.
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Have you already visit our new website? You'll find all the information about our courses, tailor-made just for you >> [ Link ] :)
This week we talked about how to make your "home away from home" special when studying abroad. Take a look at these nice and cheap ideas for decorations, and tell us what's your favourite one in a commnent >> [ Link ] :) #MyBellerbysJourney #DidYouKnow

26 Cheap And Easy Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room Ever
Our Study Buddies Catriona and Loic bust some more myths about life in the UK. This time they take a look at life outside London, from the great outdoors to the fantastic museums, there is something for everyone! #MyBellerbysJourney
We are celebrating and supporting International Women's Day 2017. Bellerbys champions international women in education, supporting them in STEM careers. Arathi is now studying medicine at the University of St Andrews, and she talked about her experience with us. "The academic culture at Bellerbys Cambridge is relatively informal, allowing me to have direct contact with the academic members of...
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How great to see old students coming back! Joeann, winner of the "Creativity" prize, and now studying Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni, returned to Bellerbys College London to meet teachers and students #MyBellerbysJourney
Can you guess the oldest and shortest word in the English language? We use it everyday and it's quite essential :) Comment below if you know the answer! #MyBellerbysJourney #DidYouKnow
We love this photo taken in Southbank by one of our students while visiting London. Send us more pictures of your journey and we'll share them on Facebook! Don't forget the hashtag #MyBellerbysJourney :)
This is Dasha, a student at Bellerbys College Brighton. She will tell you how she made her college room a welcoming and cozy place, with lots of personal belongings and decorations
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Happy National Pancake Day to all of you! How do you prefer your pancakes? We love them with fruit, and maple syrup is a must #MyBellerbysJourney #Pancakeday
Dasha studies at Bellerbys College Brighton and she shared her experience in the college residence with us. She's always keeping chocolate in her room. What is helping you to go through your course? Keep following us to watch Dasha's video on Wednesday!
The British culture is famous for using many polite words such as "sorry" quite often. Find out how many ways you can apologise in English >> [ Link ]
This snapshot of Brighton's seafront reminded us about how great it is to go for a stroll in the city. Are you enjoying your time at Bellerbys College Brighton? #MyBellerbysJourney
Countries such as Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain are celebrating "Fat Thursday" today. Have you got yourself sweets and treats? Pop a comment below and tell us your favourite one :) #MyBellerbysJourney
Study Buddy Sasha met some international students to discuss how they found life in the UK when they first arrived. They shared some great tips to help you breeze through the first few weeks of your course #MyBellerbysJourney #Studdybuddies