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Countries such as Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain are celebrating "Fat Thursday" today. Have you got yourself sweets and treats? Pop a comment below and tell us your favourite one :) #MyBellerbysJourney
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Study Buddy Sasha met some international students to discuss how they found life in the UK when they first arrived. They shared some great tips to help you breeze through the first few weeks of your course #MyBellerbysJourney #Studdybuddies
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Having trouble in deciding what's the best course for you? Let us help >> [ Link ] :)
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This lovely bunch is the catering team at Bellerbys College London, which transformed the cafeteria into a top London restaurant on Valentine's Day! #MyBellerbysJourney
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Did you know there are lots of dialects around the UK? The YouTuber Korean Billy gives you the funniest examples in his videos >> [ Link ]
#MyBellerbysJourney #DidYouKnow

Smashing it! YouTuber Korean Billy's vocab guide for non-UK students
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The Olympic athlete Kate Haywood took part in the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme and became mentor to our students at Bellerbys College Brighton. Listen to her story to find out how she followed our guys through this pathway! #MyBellerbysJourney
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These guys were taking a selfie at Bellerbys College Cambridge during the Safer Internet Day on the 7th of February. An important global event that promotes the safe use of digital technologies #MyBellerbysJourney
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We're so excited to announce that we have a brand new website! Get inspired by this video and visit our fresh homepage >> [ Link ]
Durham University, which was ranked 4th in the University League Tables 2017, will offer a conditional offer to Bellerbys Foundation students! #MyBellerbysJourney
Celebrate Valentine's Day by getting a nice card for your "Valentine"! Our students at Bellerbys College London designed and sold lovely cards to raise funds for Building Futures and had a lot fun :) #MyBellerbysJourney
Last week we talked about homesickness. We've put together a few more tips for our Bellerbys students to make the most of their experience abroad. Check them out >> [ Link ]
It's Sunday and we've got a cool fact about the UK. Did you know that over 200 bridges and 20 tunnels criss cross the river Thames? Tell us how many bridges you know in a comment below! #MyBellerbysJourney #DidYouKnow
Our GCSE students at Bellerbys College Brighton followed the Leadership Programme for Sky Sports Living for Sport a few months ago. Clare, their PE teacher, tells us how it started #MyBellerbysJounrey #LivingForSport
These are the members of our Bellerbys College Oxford football team. On the 28th of January we took them to the Kassam Stadium in Oxford, where they had an amazing day :) #MyBellerbysJourney
On the 2nd of February it was all about conversation at Bellerbys College Cambridge. During the "Time to Talk" Day students get to talk about important issues, including mental health #MyBellerbysJourney
Our lovely students at Bellerbys College London designed 5 different Valentine's Day cards which will be sold to raise funds for Building Futures. make sure you purchase one for your "Valentine" :) #MyBellerbysJourney
A nice time-lapse video that captured the best of the University Fair held at Bellerbys College Brighton on Saturday 4th of February. The event was a real success and many students came to visit us! #MyBellerbysJourney #BellerbysUniFair
Many students experience homesickness when they study abroad. Study Buddy Loic shares his tips to make it as enjoyable as possible. From keeping in touch with your friends and family, to making new friends, this video is packed with useful advice :) #MyBellerbysJourney
English is the third most commonly-spoken language in the world. Do you know which are the first and second? Comment below! #MyBellerbysJourney #DidYouKnow
We've got the student reps from Bellerbys College Brighton here to welcome you at the University Fair. We're looking forward to meet all the students #MyBellerbysJourney #BellerbysUniFair